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Anderson Cooper- A Man Who Loves Dogs

I watch Anderson Cooper360, maybe not as much as I watch Fox News “The Red Eye” because I have a penchant for rude people who aren’t reporters but news commentators. Yes, I am talking about Greg who could have been the love of my life if he wasn’t gay. It would definitely be domestic bliss to be married to someone like Greg. I imagine all our domestic disagreements would end with : “And if you don’t agree with me, then YOU, are worst than Hitler!”Thus all domestic disagreements would come to a halt, married life would ergo be peaceful because no one wants to be worst than Hitler right? Dang, but he’s gay!

Once in a while though, when I want to sing Kumbaya and get a feel of the normal world I listen to Anderson Cooper who is a reporter and not a news commentator. Cooper is like the anti-thesis of Sean Hannity because he isn’t into converting the world to his religion…now, that makes me wonder what Cooper’s religion is. In the face of REAL REPORTAGE, with all those pleasant fireworks exploding all around him, he has always remained super cool, calm and objective. I mean how pleasant can a human being be? What is wrong with this guy who seems in love with everyone amidst a rather sickening world, which is soon going to end if you believe Huckabee?

Today, I have video proof that there Anderson Cooper may not be so cool after all and it makes me merry to know that. Like myself, Cooper is a dog-lover! This is one video when he expresses his disgust over a report of an alleged “monster” that a fruitake allegedly captured to save the world (or something like that). I, on the other hand, want to capture THAT fruitcake to save the dogs. I also want to mummify that nut and display him in some Chinese restaurant that serves dog meat in their menu. Yes, I am MAD as I write this. Extremely angry!

But so was Anderson Cooper, but being gifted with “polite” genes, he doesn’t rant as mean as I do about the man who did THIS to the poor defenseless canine. Instead he says :

“.. to me he killed a dog and he’s now passing it as a demon!!!! I hope anyway he found it dead before he did THAT…. (or) THAT would make me ANGRY!”

Anderson Cooper is right when he suddenly remembers that even showing THIS video shows what nuts would do to innocent creatures for some few minutes of fame. He blurts: “I’m not even sure why we’re showing this video!!! ”

Now, that’s the Cooper I like, showing his emotions and daring to ask the producer WHY display the gristly warped alleged work of an extremely sick mind. Aha! now we know that Cooper loves dogs and if there is anything he can’t stand — despite his polite genes — it’s blatant cruelty against animals.

After all, isn’t it true that the evidence that the human specie is truly civilized is the manner by which mankind treats other species? Cooper said that made him angry and I sure am glad.

I like him a lot now!

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