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Heated Debate: “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”…Thanks Anderson

Lots of debating concerning the segment below. I heard lots of people say they did not like Anderson’s style of moderating the discussion. Listen to it to know what I’m talking about. It’s late at night and I don’t have the energy to give you all the tiny details. Or just see last night’s AC369 summary. Don’t be lazy…scroll down 🙂

After listening to this part, I really cannot understand who in their right mind would think Anderson did anything wrong in this segment. I mean, did you hear that woman Elaine speak? She doesn’t need ‘moderating’ but mouth shuting. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, obviously, and Anderson and Choi’s ‘approach was justified. If I had so many crazy words coming out of my mouth in less than 10 seconds, I’d want someone to put me in check. I have zero tolerance for people like Elaine, she should not even be given a platform. Freedom of speech what? Excuse me. She greatly ANNOYED me and I cannot believe Anderson didn’t shut her up sooner. The LGBT community must be tired of getting discriminated against on a constant basis and be portrayed as savage beasts ready to prey on anything that moves. There is just so much one can take. At some point, some people need to shut up.

Anderson, your approach was GREAT, if you and Choi weren’t so tough on her maybe she would have had the last word but she didn’t…to tell you the truth all I heard coming from her was blah blah blah blah blah after awhile…I cannot believe that it is okay to discriminate against a whole group of people like this and use such nonsensical and old cavemen’s rhetorics.

What happened to respect and tolerance? This is beyond me.

I’m sure Elaine will have a lot of thinking to do after this little encounter on AC360.

Anderson, great that you said:”have you been to Afghanistan”…and you see there lies the sad secret of people who discriminate against others: They will never walk in your shoes yet tell you how to live.

Listening to people like Elaine makes me want to scream…

Feelings. The fact is that after all the facts are said and re-said, people have FEELINGS. You cannot put a fact ahead of someone’s human and normal feelings. (not talking about petty, arrogant or immature feelings here I don’t have time to give you a course in human relations…so don’t start attacking at me).

So much for freedom of speech…people are dying, lives are lost. And all that some people do is talk and talk utter nonsense without any conscience at all for the suffering that’s happening. “As long as I’m right, who cares about the rest because after all I am saying all this to stroke my ego and not to help others

People should stop analysing things so much they lose all touch with their own inner conscience. Intellect is powerful but if you use it to discriminate against others, you are putting God’s gift into bad use.

Anderson, next time just shut her mic, will ya ?


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