Small Break: David Gergen Boogies and party in the parisian subway???

This is a little bit of a break from the serious news.

A Boys2Men style group singing in a parisian subway and getting people to dance along (well almost), Shakira gets nuts, and Gergen shaking it on the dance floor!

The reactions of the people in the subway is too funny and it has had more than 3 million hits. See that video below and skip my rant. I want these guys at my wedding and OMG why haven’t they had a recording contract yet??? hehe

I was browsing youtube videos to relax after a hard day of work and see what’s new. I’ve been watching a lot of old music videos lately and it makes me so nostalgic. Music is such a powerful reminder of a particular era in your life that’s past and that you may miss or regret or both. Nostalgic and going “woohooo” nevertheless. When you hear the tune, you go…yeeeahhh ! Know what I mean? I’m talking about middle nineties and early 2000. I’m really an old school hip hop, R&B person but I listen to really everything. I was so into music back then and it occupied most of my life…now it’s work and responsiblities 🙂 Alicia Keys ‘Falling’, The Fugees, Blackstreet, Bryan Adams, Nas, Old Jay-Z, Eminem ‘lose yourself’, Busta Rhymes, Madonna’s ‘Hung up’, Elton’s “candle in the wind” (and even the shallow 50cent songs ‘remember P.I.M.P ?? I’m laughing when I see that now esp. with that old iPod and blackberry. It also reminds me of 106&Park that I used to watch on BET…Wow, I would never watch that now!!! Grown up a lot since those days. I don’t even know what’s going on the music scene anymore except for the very obvious hits that are hard to miss because they play just everywhere constantly. I love my generation despite being called the Y gens who love their Ipods and youtube clips and can’t communicate properly except through technology!! That’s SO true. haha. But loving and using technology has its advantages that real face interaction can’t bring you. hehe.

Every song is like a treasure chest waiting to be opened and replay in your mind a specific experience. A chocolate memory that can be sweet or bitter (ever tasted that disgusting dark cocoa choc?)
Music really helps people get through a lot. Music is magic and music is deeper and more powerful than logic. (A ‘kill me’ statement) Sorry but it’s true. Music can melt hearts, unify people groups. Music is LARGELY to thank for young people today not caring about ethnicity. Look at hip hop and how it has unified people based on that movement and not on what race you are. I love Hip Hop (old school) and I can’t stop thinking of when I was 16 and hanging on the streets with professional Hip Hop dancers after school. They were breakdancing and taught me everything about Hip Hop. The real Hip Hop that is, not what you see today. I’m nostalgic…where has time gone by? In a racist school full of Nirvana infuated 15 year olds prone to acné, mood swings, and thinking that bullying others, smoking cigarettes and cannabis makes you a cool person, Hip Hop and its followers were radically different and preached tolerance and positivity. That was Hip Hop.

Anyway, I wanted to share a feel-good youtube video or two. It’s a group singing in the Paris subway inside the train. They are soooooo good and there’s FIRE in da house!!!. It’s just nice and makes me smile. I just love how the guy in front of them doesn’t even flinch and move a hair at first but eventually some people start to dance along and clap cheerfully at the end, it probably brought a ray of sunshine to their day like it did for mine. This group is truly not the shy type, that’s for sure.

BTW, I don’t know if you saw Shakira on America’s Got Talent. I know Wolf Blitzer loves her. Well maybe for another post (or google it) but she was simulating a sex act with a… speaker, litterally, yes. No kidding. Funny that the Fcc didn’t fine her ass. She’s nuts…long gone are the days of ‘my hips don’t lie’. I find her ‘shewolf’ horrible. Okay the tune is catchy and I somewhat like it but the ‘Ayooooooo’ she screams out to imitate the scream of a wherewolf, or shewolf is just completely ridiculous and the entire dance routine is not dance at all but almost a porno performance. I’m a little disappointed by Shakira but to each their own, some people may like it. So gfy Shakira…

And lastly….DAVID GERGEN shaking what his mama gave him. I found that too by surfing youtube. Haha…. Too good…anyway enjoy.

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One response to “Small Break: David Gergen Boogies and party in the parisian subway???

  1. Scott

    I don’t know I find shewolf kind of nice. And I almost thought she was nude in that other shot you know before I blinked and the ceiling came down on me 😛 Stupid skin dress. I admit I’ve been listening to it quite a lot……..

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