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Still not covering Today’s AC360: So Photo & Video news

Still not feeling well even getting worse actually. Laying on my bed with my Vaio and drinking fluids like crazy in hopes that I get better soon. Was too ill & weak to go the doctor…someone wanted to take me with his car but I don’t feel the energy to get dressed. I have tons of work waiting to be done outside this site. This site doesn’t even feel like ‘work’ as I really enjoy it but trying to focus on the news conversations and analyse what’s being said is a little too much for someone who can barely get up to take a shower (but don’t worry I still took a shower). Good thing someone’s coking for me so I’m not starving myself out too and get even more sick on top of everything else. Ok My three seconds of ‘I’m sick’ fame officially over…and sorry if there are some things in this post that seem off, been taking medication. (Don’t expect shots of naked men running around NYC and buying hot dogs or tachos or whatever else, I’m not that doped up yet.)

I’ll just put some snapshots as a timeline as these are easy and fun to do and help me focus on someting else besides my cough.  I’ve also included the entire podcast for last  night in three parts. That’s the most I can do I’ m afraid…To get all the most recent news of Monday’s AC360, you know the drill yet again: AC360

Too bad, there were TERRIFIC stories last night that I would have given anything to cover…esp. the ‘Why he left the War’ segment of the show. They showed a soldier crying (don’t know if it was a marine or not but probably yes, sorry 1/3 doped up…). I met a lof of marines in my life, a lot of them…very nice guys who are very selfless. Whatever is happening to this marine/soldier is unfair, regardless of the rules. The ‘accordeon’ shot I did not like. Just being honest. AC360 should have put our ‘One Man Band’ video, which also had accordeon and other instruments in it…but well AC360 won’t give me any attention…totally within their rights.




Here are your  NEWS in Photos..


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Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive – 360 Interview: Senator John McCain « – Blogs from

Program Note: Tune in tonight for more of Anderson’s interview with Senator John McCain. AC360° 10 p.m. ET.

via Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive – 360 Interview: Senator John McCain « – Blogs from

Ooh!  A preview of what’s to come tonight.  AC vs. John McCain.  Let’s get ready to rumble.


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Anderson’s First Personal Blog Post from Afghanistan


Anderson Cooper blogged for the first time from Afghanistan at 06:17 AM ET, recounting what’s going on in the Taliban and what the U.S. has accomplished there so far. He talks about the living conditions of the U.S. Marines in the Helmand Province: “If you think U.S. marines are living on huge bases with all the comforts of home here in Helmand Province, you’d be surprised to see the conditions they are facing in these small outposts.”

It’s an absolute wonderful piece and I recommend to everyone to read it. We’ve also commented on the site…we’re third as ‘journalistic adventure’…cool !!! Read it now.

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