Sarah, oh Sarah

Sarah Palin, go away

Please don’t come back another day.

Here it is Wednesday, and for yet another day, AC360 remains obsessed with Sarah Palin, giving tremendous gratis publicity to her new memoir.  It’s a funny thing about Sarah.  The more you see her, the less you care that you do, unless you are in the small minority of conservatives who swoon at her every word.  No matter how empty of meaning and thought it may be.

The memoir contradicts much that Palin has said before ye no one really seems to care.  Liberals roll their eyes while conservatives open theirs even wider, reacting as if she had said something profound with each “You betcha” or the equivalent.

Now, Sarah, the former beauty queen, is aghast because Newsweek used on its cover a picture of her for which she willingly posed for Runner’s World magazine.  Palin posted to her Twitter account that she views the cover as beneath the standards to which Newsweek should he held.

It seems, Ms. Palin, that doth protest too much.  Palin posed for the picture willingly – whether it appears on the cover of Newsweek or as a feature within Runner’s World, the context does not change the subject of the picture.  Somehow, though, in Sarah’s twisted mind – the same mind that spews endless platitudes with no deeper meaning than what appears on the surface –  there is something wrong with the picture gracing the cover a newsweekly and not being contained within the pages of a runner’s magazine.

Therein lies the problem that Sarah Palin evidently fails to recognize and therefore will likely never overcome if she is serious about furthering her political career, which, incidentally, may not even be a goal of her’s.  Sarah Palin has shown herself to be an unrepentant complainer, one who has never acknowledged wrongdoing or mistaken action on her part without ascribing actual fault to someone else.  The John McCain camp.  The news media.  Anyone, in short, who has not bowed before her and declared her a goddess of the Republican Party specifically and America in general.

The same applies with the Newsweek cover with which Palin is now upset.  She had no reluctance to pose for Runner’s World in an image that seems more closely akin to a Playboy cover than anything else.  But now that the image is getting widespread attention, she seeks to find fault with the publication that is publicizing it.  Not, most likely, because she is really upset with the image, but because she wants to bash the established media of which Newsweek is a part.  Sarah, unfortunately, is more glitz than substance, and when it works for her, she is more than willing to show it.  At the same time, she seeks to make it work for her in a completely opposite way, hopefully, in her aim, giving her the best of both worlds. – George Curcio

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