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A Song for Africa: USA for Africa We are the World

I get so emotional when listening to this song by Michael Jackson and other artists. My love for Africa will never grow dim. God bless Africa. God bless America.

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Anderson Cooper wins a News Emmy Award for 60 Minutes Report ‘War Against Women’

Anderson Cooper won a News Emmy award on Monday night for category ‘Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a News Magazine’ for his 60 Minutes report entitled ‘War Against Women’, shot in January 2008.

ACTJ would like to congratulate Anderson Cooper on winning this award, and on raising this very important issue to the world. This report made a huge difference. We would like to voice how much this issue on women is important to us, and should matter to everyone. We truly care about what’s going in the Congo, and the violence against women there is unacceptable and a real crime against their basic human rights.

I grew up with several classmates and friends from the Congo, and I have to say these are some of the bravest and most beautiful women you’ll ever meet.

The first time I saw this report, I almost fainted…I couldn’t believe it. So atrocious.This shouldn’t be allowed to happen in the 21st century. The second time I saw it I was at a dentist’s appointment and they had CNN playing on TV in the waiting area. I was very anxious about my treatment but all of a sudden this report came on with Anderson Cooper reporting, and I realized how lucky I am to be safe, even sitting under a dentists’ atrocious torture tools.

Please go to the Helping Women’s Survivors of War  website to see how you can help. Thank you.

View this report in its entirety now on the CBSNEWS 60 Minutes site.

Here’s a clip of this report:







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