Time to Call Batman vs The Mad Hatter

There are speeches and there are just speeches. Myriads of speeches, in fact, are cheered and applauded. One however will stand out in history and that was what Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered before the UN a day after Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke before the UN saying nothing new really, except his incessant attack on Israel and the United States. It would be safe to presume that the delegations representing different countries who walked out were too bored or too decent to give lunatic an audience. It was a lot more amusing however the last time, AhMADdinejad gave a speech. At least then, there were two other clowns who joined his party. The two clowns, however, were arrested by UN security that failed to arrest the biggest clown there then, all because he delivering one of his nutty speeches.

Of course, AhMADdinejad made it clear his commitment. Not to commit himself to an insane asylum as he should probably have, but his commitment to destroy Israel. It was also a speech that, once again, denied the Holocaust, which is another of this tyrant’s favorite subject. Oh no, the Holocaust never happened according to this bastard, but he probably believes with all his heart that camels fly and some god talks to him. The nerve of this tyrant whose people he continues to slaughter for twittering what is really happening in his country to once again, deny that the Holocaust never happened. Thus, Netanyahu had to ask those who sat throughout the speech (most of them who believe in flying camels incidentally), “Have you no shame?”. It isn’t hard to disagree with Netanhayu when he inquires what has become of the United Nations, supposedly a forum to promote world peace. Why did it allow this Iranian NUT to use the UN forum to threaten another country?

Have we forgotten those he shot dead in the streets for protesting his cheating in the last Iranian elections? Anyone who did not walk out of this Iranian despot’s speech is a fruitcake or has a penchant for listening to sadists who wish to threaten his own people and the world. Yes, anyone with a wee sense of decency should have left the floor. Netanhayu held THE COPY of the minutes of the meeting of the 1942 Wannsee-Hitler plan to exterminate all Jews, gypsies adn homosexuals and asked : “ Is this protocol a lie?” He then showed the UN the old original architectural plans of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and asked : “Are these plans of the camp where one million Jews were murdered a lie too?” I agree with Netanyahu that there is reason to doubt the United Nations after giving the Mad Hatter of Iran a hearing, It is not a question of the Palestinian people ONLY, people– particularly women — are oppressed at Congo, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. And neither is the answer to the Palestinian problem “baiting Israel”. Thankfully, I am not Mr. Netanyahu lest I give this Iranian fruitcake something that rhymes with cukes.

It isn’t about the Palestinian people MORE than it is a war between the civilization and barbarism.

“What a perversion of truth…“. Indeed.


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5 responses to “Time to Call Batman vs The Mad Hatter

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  3. xys

    they have a country it is called jordan!

  4. Diane Cross

    We all know that Ahmadinejad is insane. He insults the intelligence of everyone on this planet in saying the holocaust never happened. How do you explain the millions of Jews who were were starved, tortured and then murdered at prison camps such as Dachau, Auschwitz and Buchenbwald? What do you tell a child who witnessed his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and other relatives be taken away never to return?

    He does not deserve the RIGHT to address the United Nations forum. Netanhayu was right when questioned whatever became of the United Nations and in promoting peace.

  5. debugs1

    @Diane, thanks for dropping by. Ahmadinejad stands for everything that the UN should stand for. Unfortunately, it seems that the only issue they talk about there is the Palestinian issue not wanting to talk about other stuff like the systematic raping of women at the Congo, hunger at Sudan, Somalia and other countries.
    It is not a matter of liberalism versus conservatism because I think I am a liberal — and that’s exactly why I am appalled that it seems a group of nutty fanatics have hijacked the UN.
    If Ahmadinejad has constipation, he will also most likely blame the Isarelis for it and call it another “zionist plot”.

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