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‘News Networks ‘Surge’ in Afghanistan’ by Broadcasting & Cable

Interesting story I found today. It’s from the news site Broadcasting & Cable talking about how news networks seek out dangerous news stories on purpose…and how Afghanistan is now their cherished target. There’s an Anderson Cooper quote somewhere in there, but frankly the whole article is just interesting.

  By Marisa Guthrie

“Oct. 7 marks the eighth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, and with the White House facing critical choices on troop augmentation, news organizations have begun their own surge in coverage.

For cash-strapped networks emerging from intense multi-year coverage of the Iraq war, Afghanistan is a minefield of risk, not the least because news personnel have been repeatedly kidnapped by the Taliban and their civilian cohorts.

“Baghdad was a civil war and it was very easy to get caught in the middle of that,” says NBC News’ Richard Engel during a phone call from Kabul. “Here, it’s an insurrection. You can’t just get into a car and drive up to Kunar province. You probably wouldn’t come back. It would be a one-way trip.”

Indeed, reporters are increasingly getting caught in the crossfire. An Associated Press reporter lost a foot in an IED attack in August, the same month that CBS News Radio correspondent Cami McCormick was seriously injured during an attack in Logar province that killed an American soldier.”

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