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Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Does this French sounding name mixed with an Italian and Eastern European touch ring a bell? Ok, there’s no French in the ‘Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’ name. “Carla” is definitely Italian, “Sarkozy” is Hungarian and Bruni could sound French but it could also be Italian. If it was a French name, there would be an ‘e’ at the end of Bruni to form ‘Brunie’. So…let me start from the start…Does the foreign non-French name Carla Bruni-Sarkozy remind you of anyone? If you live in Europe probably so. The mere mention of this name will probably have you gasping for air while drooling: ‘ohhhhh’ trying to sound French but you know you’re not so quit. It’s ‘ohhhhh’, not ‘oooohhhhh’. Everyone has an opinion on Carla whether it’s good or bad. She doesn’t leave people indifferent, that’s one of her strongest assets indeed.  Alfred Adler, a famous psychiatrist once said: “There is always this element of concealed accusation in neurosis, the patient feeling as though he were deprived of his right-that is, of the center of attention – and wanting to fix the responsibility and blame upon someone.”

Not trying to psych-analyse Carla at all. This quote just means that…hmm…Freud…help please….means nothing in fact because I can’t ask Freud since he’s dead and my psychiatrist down the street charges 100$ an hour just to say ‘hi, my name is…’ so I’ll let you interpret this little quote to your own likes.

I love first ladies. I like talking and reading about them. They fascinate me. Especially Michelle Obama.

In North America, you probably remember France’s First Lady from the media coverage about the Obamas on their first official trip to Europe after Barack became president. Ooops, I should have said ‘President Barack Obama’. In France, everyone calls President Sarkozy ‘Sarko’ or ‘Sarkozy’ so I assure you it isn’t disrespect towards Obama. (toward ot towards ?…living in England makes me have bad grammar.) I just like being all friendly and casual with the Big Ones because it makes me feel like I’m their good buddy (whatever that means.)  Back to Carla. Yes that’s her on the left hand side by the way.  Top now since I’ve added some paragraphs. And no, don’t expect an in-depth analytical coverage of her today,  nor a psychological analysis despite my quote above. I could throw up all the political analyses I’ve been listening since watching the news everyday and compile them into an encyclopedia. (sorry, nothing wrong with political analyses…Just being snarky and sarcastic…I know that we need political analyses they are important and I like them when the yelling fanatics aren’t part of it.)  We’ll stick to Healthcare and Obamania-not-so-mania-anymore for political analyses.

I’ll ‘shop-analyze’ Carla though and tell you what she wore today…it was Gucci…and not from the store  down the street in NYC but the one in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower. Anything close to the Eiffel Tower is supposed to be expensive, no? (That’s why I threw this in…don’t tell anyone.)

So there you go, ‘keeping them honest’….keeping Carla-Bruni Sarkozy honest about where she shops and digging deeper on the origins of her name.

If you live in North America, you probably remember her when Michelle and Barack Obama visited Strasbourg in France and there was this huge media frenzy over whether Carla and Michelle would clash. And the fashion of course. Who would be dressed better? Turned out they both wore a similar outfit, only Michelle’s was more colorful expressing her more ‘open’  and ‘comfortable-with-myself’ personality. Aside from petty politics, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is not well liked in France, apparently. Not as much as Michelle Obama in the U.S. and I can tell you that Michelle Obama is even more liked in France than Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is. For starters, Carla used to be a model in the not-so-distant past, and when you type in her name in google, you’ll see naked pictures of her all over the place. No I won’t post these here, remember something about being PG.

People in France resent the President for getting married to a public figure apparently devoid of the kind of substance that is needed to be a proper First Lady.  But is she really? People are so quick to judge any woman who looks thin and pretty as being an ‘airhead’…and if your naked pictures are all over the net, that’s not exactly helping. But this is France, the country of love. Nakedness is seen as beautiful, not anything to be ashamed about so to the French, the fact that their first lady can be seen naked at the touch of a button leaves them cold.

The problem is not the nakedness but the fact that she lacks a certain substance and loves the media way too much.  The Sarkozy couple is branded as being ‘media addicts’ who love to be the centre of attention and will do anything to attain this goal. This is France though, everything is permitted, remember, I just said it, I know.

A president divorcing his wife after not even one year in office and being seen flirting around the world with a pretty brunette, and getting married to her after only three months? Piece of cake. Oh la la. It’s okay to be the First Lady of France and be seen naked all over the internet. Because it’s France. It’s ok to be the First Lady of France with a past as a model and a singer. Imagine if that was Michelle Obama…there would be riots on the streets by now…

Well back to Carla again. (Is it me or is it hard to stay focused on Carla as a subject matter?)

Anyway, it is not for me to judge Carla. I don’t judge others. Naked or not, I think everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. Carla is trying very hard to fit within her First Lady role from all the many articles I’ve read about her. Yes, she seems more ‘submissive’ to her husband than Michelle is to Obama and she seems less indepdendent as she tries hard to fit a mould but France’s human relations are not like in America. So Carla can’t be Michelle. She is French (and italian and hungarian by blood now) and needs to adapt to her own country, not try to be the next Michelle Obama. If wearing gray all the time is what she likes, then so be it. If she started dressing like Michelle, everyone would start saying that she tries to emulate Michelle and doesn’t have her own personality.

 You can tell sometimes she isn’t being herself and you feel for her. Trying hard, she does though, so she still deserves a little bit of a ‘thank you’, if not for giving France the hottest First Lady in the history of France. I wonder if Mary Antoinette was hotter? Sorry Carla, no disrespect, but it’s hard talking about your humanitarian work after seeing all those naked photos of you.

The purpose of this post in the first place was to show you Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s brand new website.

Carla is the First Lady of France, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a singer, a former model, the subject of ridicule in the tabloids at times…that’s a lot to bear. (ok spare the details.) Now she is immortalized online forever; better than ending up at Grevin.

There you can see all the work she’s been doing since becoming first lady, her very own foundation helping victims of AIDS and all the nice things she does for people all around the world through her work. I wonder if she does it just to appear as a good Frist Lady or if she really wants to do those things. Answer: I don’t know. She isn’t Michelle Obama nor Margaret Tatcher nor Angela Merkel…. and that’s normal, there’s only one Michelle, only one Margaret and only one Angela.

Everyone is unique, even Carla…so do check out her website to see the real Carla, because after all there’s more than nakedness to Carla Bruni Sarkozy. Everyone can get naked but not everyone can get naked, have it posted online and still end up as a First Lady. That’s an achievement all by itself. And you’re wondering why, as a President and having a lot of power, Nicolas Sarkozy didn’t get those naked pictures removed…Well maybe he loves to remind people of how seriously good looking his wife is…and that’s the problem.

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