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Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive – Video: Behind-the-scenes in Afghanistan « – Blogs from

Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive – Video: Behind-the-scenes in Afghanistan « – Blogs from

I got this from one of Anderson’s tweets.  Behind the scenes footage from Anderson’s week in Afghanistan.


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New AC Photo in Afghanistan


This photo can be seen on Flickr

(DoD photo by Lance Cpl. Jeremy Harris, U.S. Marine Corps/Released) 
090907-M-5751H-209 by U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos.

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Anderson Cooper’s Second and Last Tweet from Afghanistan 2009

Anderson Cooper tweeted about 10 hours ago, this Sunday Morning.


From ac: just got back from afghanistan. Have a hacking cough. Many who go there get it. I think I annoyed lots of people on flight

about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Go to Anderson Cooper’s Twitter Page.

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AC360 Friday 09 11 09


Welcome to the daily AC360 recap of Friday, 09/11/2009

I apologize for the watermarks on the videos as I’m using a new software and testing it to see if I’ll keep it. The marks will be gone this week. We’ll also have a much higher video quality.

Friday’s AC360 begins with John King filling in for Anderson Cooper.

John King snapshot


John King announces today’s big stories:

– New doubts at home about the war in Afghanistan

– Big money for the congressman who shouted at President Obama

Let’s get started !


The program opens up with the strategy session segment. John King interviews Michael Ware and David Gergen:

Michael Ware talks about sending in more troops in Afghanistan

Michael Ware: “They (The Afghan people) want more from America, and they want it quick and then they want you out.”


On to the raw politics segment of the show, ‘two words, big bucks’. Congressman Wilson picked up 700000 millions plus one million for a total of 1.7 millions for shouting ‘you lie’ at President Obama during a Congress speech. Joe Johns reports, and says Wilson isn’t sorry and uses this money as funds for ‘re-election’.

Joe Johns reports and talks to John King:

Here’s the specific video clip when congressman shouts ‘you lie’ at President Obama:

The next story is an interview by Jonathan Landae who is a correspondent for a newspaper. He talks about his account of being with the troops during deadly attacks in Afghanistan. As everyone knows, August was the deadliest month for American troops in Afghanistan.

Here’s Jonathan Interview in its integrality:


Moving on to the next segment of the AC360 show. Anderson Cooper and Peter Bergen discuss about Khandahar, the birth place of the taliban. Peter Bergen is one of the few journalists who’s ever spoken in person with Osama Bin Laden. You can view more about this at I think this makes Peter Bergen’s reporting the more interesting.

Anderson and Peter discuss about how the mission in Afghanistan has changed over the past 8 years. 2001 was all about overthrowing the taliban and getting rid of AL Qaeda. The base where Anderson and Peter are reporting from used to be an AL Qaeda base. Now, it has a population of 9000, and has places like Pizza Hut and Burger King. Clearly the place has drastically changed and the taliban has lost most of its power there. AL Qaeda is not today’s priority, in fact no marines ever spoke about it during all of AC360’s trip to Afghanistan. Peter Bergen says that in his opinion, the possibility of an eventual attack of Al Qaeda against America is low.

anderson cooper and peter bergen report from Khadaran


Anderson Cooper reports about the life of the Marines in Patrol Base Jaker. This is the 1st Batalion, 5th regiment and there are 50 of them in this base. Anderson reveals that their living conditions is less than glamourous and talks to a few marines there. For example, the temperature can go as high as 120 degrees and there is no air conditioning. There is dust all over the place, and food is pre-packaged. One sergeant describes life as being: “work all day and then sleep and then work again in the morning.”

A couple of photos from his report:

afghanistan map

anderson cooper afghanistan

anderson cooper afghanistan 3

anderson cooper afghanistan 4

anderson cooper speaks to a marine

anderson cooper MOON DUST

anderson cooper TALKS TO A MARINE afghanistan 2009



360 bulletin

Erica Hill brings us the news and business bulletin

I apologize but this video doesn’t want to upload to youtube…sorry ! I tried 3 times I don’t know what the problem is.

BEAT 360

Here are tonight’s winners:

Beat360  AC360


Tonight’s shot is a clip about Anderson’s journey in Afghanistan all throughout the past week. In his Reporter’s Notebook, Anderson Cooper remembers vividly and a little painfully his week spent in Afghanistan close to the combat and on patrol with the troops.

Here are a few pictures of his Reporter’s Notebook:

Anderson Cooper Reporter's notebook 1

Anderson Cooper Reporter's notebook 2

Anderson Cooper Reporter's notebook 3

Anderson Cooper reporter's notebook 4

Anderson Cooper Reporter's notebook 5

Anderson Cooper Reporter's notebook 6

Anderson Cooper Reporter's notebook 7

Anderson Cooper Reporter's notebook 8


Thanks for tuning in and have a great weekend !!!

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The Weekend

I just wanted to wish everyone reading this a good weekend.

Here’s a photo of Anderson in Afghanistan found on Flickr:


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Anderson’s Second Personal Blog Post from Afghanistan

FRESH Anderson Cooper blog post. Posted 5 minutes ago on the CNN sites. Anderson Cooper blogged a second time from Afghanistan

One common goal

Posted: 11:15 AM ET
Program Note: Tune in tonight for Anderson’s live coverage from Afghanistan. He is joined by Peter Bergen, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Michael Ware. AC360° tonight at 10 p.m. ET.
U.S. Marines listen to a brief before heading out on patrol in Helmand Province.
U.S. Marines listen to a brief before heading out on patrol in Helmand Province.

Anderson Cooper | BIO
AC360° Anchor

“What’s your blood type?”

It’s the question you’re asked around here a lot. Before getting into a helicopter, before going out on patrol with a new unit. “What’s your blood type?”

The Marines have their blood type sewn into the patches they wear along with their name and rank. Many write it in black marker on the band of their goggles. I know some guys who even have it tattooed on their chests, just above their heart. At first, the question surprised me, now it’s just a routine part of the introduction.


READ MORE AT THE ac360 blog

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Thriller Report From Moondust Camp


Cooper Anderson reported from Helmand Province, zeroing in on Camp Patrol Base Jaker. US Marines stationed at this camp have very little to be happy about. Temperatures are high and there is no air conditioning. Anderson attempts a walk in the dust he  called “moondust” and inquires how US Marines are coping with what he calls “primitive conditions”. To illustrate this point, he points to the makeshift bathroom and plumbing and a “human”  manure dump for some 50 US Marines who have been there for two months. The road to the Camp is perilous. On the way, Anderson points out that they may have to come back from the Camp with a huge envoy because ” the Talibans know they’ve taken that road.” While reporting inside the camp, he reports that he heard some gunfire coming from the same road. Anderson makes it a point to emphazise the difficulties of the US Marines in this makeshift camp. Diffucut as it may seem however, one young member of the US Marines declares that he has no choice but to be happy and proud that he’s a a Marine.

anderson cooper MOON DUST

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