Palin lives the dream while many Americans have nightmares

In one of the best summaries today of American politics, it is safe to say the following:  Sarah Palin actually has very little of relevance to say, but everyone wishes she did.  Monday night’s AC360 took a look at the unveiling today of Palin’s newly-written memoir, Going Rogue:  An American Life.

According to public reviews from various sources, the memoir is simply that, a remembrance and review of Sarah Palin’s life, including her unsuccessful 2008 run for the vice-presidency of the United States.  As such, it is not surprising that the book is regarded as rather shallow and not very insightful, according to the reviews.  If that is a true reflection of the book, then it is not surprising, except that it perfectly provides a snapshot of the what has become of the author’s life.

As was alluded to in a previous post, Sarah Palin could have kept her dignity and political mettle had she stayed within her life’s boundaries. She was apparently an effective small-town mayor in her hometown of Wasilla, enough so that it catapulted her to the governorship of , and it was there that she reached her natural zenith.  When John McCain picked her, for political appeal and nothing more, as his vice-presidential candidate, he put her in a position to live a life she likely never thought possible.

As David Gergen pointed out on AC360 last evening, she will likely make about $10 million from her book and other appearances.  It is an amount and an income she likely never thought possible, and now that it’s hers for the taking, it would be rather unexpected not for her to do so.  The problem for the American voter, and for the media as reflected in it’s still never-ending coverage of her, is a wish to deny the truthfulness of the situation.  Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin has now become tantamount to a mascot for the conservatives across the nation, and, as such, a lightning rod for liberal hate and contempt.

Conservatives wish she had more depth when she speaks out on issues that make them say “damn right,” whereas liberals seem to wish she actually had some depth to understand the issues on which she has been ruling during her governorship.  Politicians such as Republican Dede Scozzafava, whose candidacy Palin derailed in the recent 23rd Congressional District of New York, wish Palin would actually resort to minding her own business rather than running around the country interjecting herself into political races beyond her purview.

But races like Scozzafeva’s have become her purview.  She is playing to her base now, political conservatives who are looking for a star, and will continue to do so as long as it is worthwhile.  In an ironic way, Sarah Palin truly has lived the American dream, despite the nightmarish aspects it holds. – George Curcio

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