Coverage on Mondays and Fridays + CNN Ratings

Hi all? You may have noticed that there has been no AC360 reviews on Mondays and Fridays. I’ve been covering those and have been extremely busy moving into a new place, working for tons of people all at the same time (I’m a freelance writer, translator, journalist, marketing expert and sales person…yah I know plus I own my own SEO/e-marketing business) Without trying to brag here about owning a business but just so you see how CRAZY busy I’ve been. Owning a business is nothing to brag about though. It’s SO much work.

Anyway, I won’t be able to do Mondays and Fridays anymore so I am looking for someone to do them for free, hopefully someone who loves the news and AC360 and wouldn’t mind doing this as a hobby. So bear with me, I may from time to time cover it myself when I’m super into AC360 but I am not now.

You also may have heard that CNN’s ratings have plummeted at the very bottom this past month, that CNN is behind every other news network, even MSNBC. I don’t know the exact stats and time frames so don’t ask…just google that.
But let’s not generalize. Because the fact is that AC360 and CNN have been last in October in only one demographic. It’s the most important demographic to advertisers, sure, but it’s just one single demographic.

AC360 is certainly not last in his time slot (total viewers). It’s also important to note that partisan news shows secure regular viewers much more than other types of news shows. It would be nice for AC360 to move to 8pm or change some of the format of its show to regain its edge, but I’m no producer, so you tell me.

I don’t know what’s been going wrong here but it’s probably a mix of viewers not being interested in compelling stories like wars and conflicts in Africa or not being interested in the segments CNN do; a lot of people love the ‘opinion shouting’ of other news channels. My ex-boyfriend was a CNN junkie but kept watching FOX news a lot…When I asked him why he said “they’re very entertaining…” I also used to watch Fox news a lot bc they make me laugh with some of the ridiculous lies they come up with (sorry Foxies babies) but I stopped watching it altogether after the 2008 presidential election. I was completely disgusted with the lies and racism exposed on this network and I don’t find those funny. I won’t give ratings to a news show that promotes intolerance, hate and lies.

On the other hand, CNN may have its flaws like maybe rehashing some of the same news a little too much or making annoying statements like ‘Latinos have spanish accents’ and I admit I don’t like the “Black in America” and “Latino is America”, it’s too much and it gives me a sick feeling to my stomach plus I’m hyper sensitive about ethnic stuff bc I’m biracial and have been pigeonholed, misunderstood all my life so that’s touchy with me, but even if that wasn’t the case for me I still don’t like those shows. I could give ten reaons but I’ll let you decide why for yourself.

…so I was saying that CNN may have those type of flaws but before being quick to judge, remember that NO other news networks travels so much to other countries to bring a story from the frontlines. While Keith Olbermann and Bill O’reilly are there pointing fingers and screaming ‘murder’, Anderson Cooper actually puts his life on the line and travels to dangerous places like Somalia, Niger, Afghanistan and more.

They say actions speak louder than words.

I hear a lot of people say that CNN is biased. Is it really? Why? Maybe some people believe truth to be biased because they believe in lies so truth will seem biased to them. I’m not saying CNN are saints and always have 100% facst right but I can tell you they’re certainly not the ‘crooks and liars’ some people make them out to be. Far from it.

The problem is that people need to stop caring so much about what they’ll eat for dinner and get for christmas and have a little more interest in other people’s suffering.

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One response to “Coverage on Mondays and Fridays + CNN Ratings

  1. Scott

    Journalism nowadays seems to be concentrating on “who gets there first” instead of “who speaks the truth” and its kind of disconcerting. Maybe it was always that way but more and more people seem to be turning the tube off or flicking to non-information, popcorn channels. I feel I myself have been drifting off lately.. I wish the Internet would be used more – a medium where WE can actually decide what needs to be heard instead of the tube people stuffing what THEY want down our throats all the time

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