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Sorry for Cussing on the ACTJ Hater Post

…I was seriously amused and annoyed all at the same time at the hater while I wrote my reply to him in the spur of the moment. I now think more rationally and see that there’s no need to cuss even when trying to address a loser. I’ve deleted the cussing in my comment to him (except the very last one that I was itching to say). I won’t waste anymore time on such energy wasters from now on and focus on the news only.

AC360 is a PG rated site and even @**§§!!! are not acceptable. So we’ll do like them and just edit and delete abusive language from now on.

But…it was a good lesson and taught me something…

No Cussing and abusive language on this site

No Cussing and abusive language on this site


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Another Nut: One Man Band

We’ve atually had loads of nuts today on this site…here let’s add one more…only he actually is worth watching (unlike the other nuts and haters of this site) and his music is fun and he is actually very good at what he’s doing… (haters are good at what they do too but I’ll take this guy over them anytime)… AC360 producers, do consider this as a shot too, please 🙂


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Food for thoughts…

The food is on the book’s front cover, no it’s not Anderson nor anywhere on Anderson. 35 dumb things well-intended people say…does the comment about me funding terrorism because I employ a muslim girl count as a dumb thing a well meaning person said to me the other day? Okay joke’s over…enough of this…I say probably 100 dumb things a day…but…I’m not dumb !!! Point taken…saying dumb things doesn’t make you dumb just human and maybe a funny person. (for some people though, I don’t know if that’s true)… 🙂

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Dontcha wish your grin was hot like MINE ? Ahmadinejad CAUGHT on tape

Iranian President Ahmadinejad made headlines everywhere in the world as he was caught off guard and infamously grinned earlier this week. In the video below, he smiles uncomfortably, blinks his eyes a lot and looks visibly embarassed when asked by an American reporter LIVE on camera that his secret nuclear facility in Iran is about to be exposed by President Barack Obama, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Ahmadinejad did not want to answer the questions, simply stating that President Obama is ‘wrong’…

The video below (much better than a photo):



 Ahmadinejad always seems to have a grin to me, look at the photos below…but yes he really had that ‘busted’ grin today, without a shadow of a doubt. I didn’t now Ahmadinejad well but after seeing this video I truly have no respect for him whatsoever (not that I had any before), and he came across as rather immature and childish.





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Anderson Cooper wins a News Emmy Award for 60 Minutes Report ‘War Against Women’

Anderson Cooper won a News Emmy award on Monday night for category ‘Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a News Magazine’ for his 60 Minutes report entitled ‘War Against Women’, shot in January 2008.

ACTJ would like to congratulate Anderson Cooper on winning this award, and on raising this very important issue to the world. This report made a huge difference. We would like to voice how much this issue on women is important to us, and should matter to everyone. We truly care about what’s going in the Congo, and the violence against women there is unacceptable and a real crime against their basic human rights.

I grew up with several classmates and friends from the Congo, and I have to say these are some of the bravest and most beautiful women you’ll ever meet.

The first time I saw this report, I almost fainted…I couldn’t believe it. So atrocious.This shouldn’t be allowed to happen in the 21st century. The second time I saw it I was at a dentist’s appointment and they had CNN playing on TV in the waiting area. I was very anxious about my treatment but all of a sudden this report came on with Anderson Cooper reporting, and I realized how lucky I am to be safe, even sitting under a dentists’ atrocious torture tools.

Please go to the Helping Women’s Survivors of War  website to see how you can help. Thank you.

View this report in its entirety now on the CBSNEWS 60 Minutes site.

Here’s a clip of this report:







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The World Is Amused at “Tea Parties”

We can’t sugarcoat the truth — there are racist Americans, and for some eerie reason, they all seem to be in the so-called Bible belt where they defend Jesus and guns and they hate Barack ObamaJimmy Carter was being polite when he told NBC News :

“I live in the South, and I’ve seen the South come a long way, and I’ve seen the rest of the country that shares the South’s attitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly African-Americans.”

Before Obama was elected there were pretty petty (alliteration!) issues that some people–particularly who vaunted themselves as “real rednecks”; ” Moral Majority Christians”, “Patriots” and other weird phases of referring to themselves — brought up. They banged their keyboards and their heads over their concerns such as :

1. Obama was going to bring about the Apocalypse.

2. Obama was out to kill babies and he was a buddy of abortionists and fanatical Islam.

3. He was born in Kenya. He was also born in Indonesia. He was later again born in the Philippines according to some crackpot named Shelley the Republican :

Shelly, the Republican writes : “Can we allow a negro to occupy the White House? I say it’s our responsibility to check the background of the American Negro. Good patriots often said that Barack’s true allegience lies with his African tribe rather (than) with the American people. The allegience to its heritage is stronger than any ties to countries and flags. Barrack grew up in the Philippines, the largest Islamic nation on earth. In addition to being a negro, he was raised to believe in Allah and Shairia Law”.

Here’s that horrendously dumb blog entry – CLICK.

4. Obama would start another Holocaust.This was an email sent by so-called Evangelical Christians to 70,000 Jewish voters. Fortunately, most Jews seem to have a sense of humor and dismissed the letter as spam.

5. Obama’s birth cerificate is a fake. His Hawaiian buddies made it up for him.

Jimmy Carter was correct, but what he didn’t add was that most of these racists are hardly educated, though that is no justification for being forever stupid.

Obama, seems to be their “anti-thesis” — a black man who went to Harvard, was elected to the Senate and made it to the Presidency. Now, that hurts the feelings of Shelley the Republican and many people like her. Tragically, there are hundred of thousands who THINK like her – not that they were born retarded – just that they take pride in their being THE “real” Americans because they happen to be white. Aside from that, most of them breathe and live on these words : “patriotic”,” The Second Amendment”, “Moral and Family Values”…. and all of these phases are GOOD, unless the same words are “twisted” to suit their “Obama-hatred”.

Thus, Obama MUST be that beast set out by aliens/the devil/terrorists/tooth fairy to destroy America. If you ask them WHY they THINK this way, they’ll tell you that you’re an unpatriotic immigrant totally undeserving of ALL the “benefits of America.” Yet, they’re MAD over health care – not realizing most of them need the mental cure. But the TRUTH is that it is Not about health care. Carter was right : “It’s deeper than that”. He clinched it when he said : ”  I think it’s based on racism. There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.. ”

So they go to “tea-parties” (how British!) calling the President a Nazi, a socialist (as if it were an evil word) and a chum of abortionists.

As the world watches this comedy with amusement, they begin to have second thoughts about the claim that America is the haven of democracy. Canadians are finding it funny that “socialism” has become an EVIL word.


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First cup of coffee since 1999


You’re going to really laugh, and I don’t know what this post has to do with this blog…but I today drank my first cup of coffee since 1999. Oh Happy Day !!

That’s right. I don’t drink coffee. I hate coffee. Before 1999, I used to binge on coffee during school exams to keep me awake to study all night. I mean, those exams were tough. It’s not that I liked coffee back then…I just did it out of necessity, duty and to fit in with everyone else. Boarding schools are crazy during exam weeks. Everyone is doped up on coffee and walks around like zombies trying to remember their latest trigonometry lesson simultaneously while trying to figure out if scrambled eggs should be considered as an option for breakfast. I mean…with all those gallons of coffee in the gut, it’s no time to start compulsively vomiting all over books and papers. What’s that for a grade? you passed with an ‘A+’ and a paper full of a brownish/yellowish substance all over it. yikes.

I should use past tense since those days are long gone, oh well…I love using present tense, puts me back in ‘the moment’

What prompted me to drink coffee today? Cynthia. One of our staff member. She told me something I should have known in an email, and I replied: “I’m slow today”, to which she replied: “coffee”. That word intrigued me. Now I hadn’t tasted coffee since 1999.

So I’ve had my first cup of coffee on 09-09-09…maybe it’s my own pathetic way of making today meaningful. It’s supposed to be a special day because of all the ‘9’…supposed to mean something along the lines of longevity. For now, coffee will give me some much needed longevity as I need to stay awake. So perhaps today is truly a magical day. A coffee magical day that is. I don’t even know what that means. It’s truly a miracle I’m drinking coffee.

Is coffee the new ‘alcohol’ ? This is what people say…and it’s true that coffee can make you feel as though you’re drunk especially when you get those pounding headaches after a long sleepless night filled with black coffee cups to get your adrenaline going. Why do I need to bring up the word ‘alcohol’ in a coffee post? Go figure. Someone should try mixing vodka with coffee, and make a new drink out of it. But maybe this type of drink already exists? I wouldn’t know…I don’t drink bizarre concoctions and shady mixtures except wine mixed with milk on ice. Do try that. A real little poison.

Update: Not that we care but this drink really exists…I googled it… on the other hand wine and milk on ice needs to yet find an entrepreneur with curageous or alien taste buds. Here’s the coffee and vodka drink below:

But I’m not the worst offender when it comes to coffee virginity.

Yes, this is a blog about Anderson Cooper so you knew his name was going to come up at some point or another.

Turns out Anderson Cooper has never had coffee…in his life. Or so he says. I found this on youtube, it’s absolutely hillarious…it was from 3 years ago when Anderson co-hosted (is there a ‘-‘ between co-hosted ???) live with Regis and Kelly and subbed for Regis.

Now back to the serious stuff and let’s go to Aaron reporting live from his living room about tonight’s AC360, Aaron ?

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