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Sickening: AC360 Monday 09 28 09

Welcome to the daily AC360 review and summary

I love the way AC360 opened up today. Anderson Cooper  stood next to a giant screen announcing the different segments of the night with images of stories on screen. It was well labeled and clear to understand. I don’t know if this is new or if they have done this before (I don’t remember this…) but I’ve heard and seen that in France, the way anchors present the news has now changed since last week. They now sit on their desks as they present the news…not on the chair but on the table…and that for the entire show. Ok not important but I just wanted to mention that just because.

Not so great though, Anderson Cooper  tonight reports about the deadly gangs in Chicago schools. A ‘sickening’ scene about teenagers  fighting has been caught on tape, a 16 year old teenager, Derrion Albert, died as he was beaten to death, and no one did anything about it. This will be one of the main stories tonight.

Tonight’s other main stories:

CRIME & PUNISHMENT (sub segment: digging deeper) :Film Director Roman Polanskiwas arrested in Switzerland over the weekend and now faces extradition. He fled to Switzerland 3 decades ago after being convicted of drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old girl.

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Teen fighting violence in Chicago: a deadly beating is caught on tape (see above)…is the system failing ???

EXCLUSIVE: Investigation by CNN of a domestic terrorist’s confessions inside the Earth Liberation Front.

360 RAW POLITICS: Iran’s latest challenge to the world: new missile testing…will President Obama be able to stop this before Israel launches a strike


CRIME AND PUNISHMENT – Lisa Bloom, Jeffrey Toobin, Joel Brodsky

Film Director Roman Polinski faces extradiction to the U.S. for a crime committed 3 decades ago

Film Director Roman Polinski faces extradiction to the U.S. for a crime committed 3 deacades ago

Film Director Roman Polanski was arrested this weekend in Switzerland while on his way to a film festival to receive an award. He was convicted in 1977 for unlawful sex with a 13 year old girl. He fled the United States for Switzerland more than three decades ago after being accused of drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old girl. His accuser no longer wants to see him prosecuted. He now faces extradition to the U.S., AC360 analysts help us see clear in this story in the digging deeper sub segment of crime and punishment.

Sub segment: DIGGING DEEPER – Lisa Bloom, Jeffrey Toobin, Joel Brodsky

Jeffrey Toobins, CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst, says that it is likely he will be extradited as his crime and situation is covered in the extradition treaty. Furthermore, Polanski had pleaded guilty and needs thus to come back to the States.  Lisa Bloomalso agrees with him and says this is a legal matter (and not a political one as Brodsky states below) and that he is guilty and faces at least one year. Bloom further explains that the Swiss authorities have already done the provisional arrest of Polanski which means they will comply with U.S. authorities on extraditing him. The only one who disagrees in the panel is Joel Brodskywho says that this is a political matter and that the government in Switzerland needs to sign off this extradition approval before it can take place, and that he doesn’t think this will happen. Watch the clip:


KEEPING THEM HONEST – Joe Johns, Ronald Holt, Pete Carroll

A very graphic and disturbing video(don’t watch it if you’re very sensitive please…I couldn’t watch more than 2 seconds) was recorded by a student outside a community center. The scene is about a teenager being beaten to death. He was kicked and stomped upon on the pavement until he died. 4 teenagers are now in custody. The victim is a 16 year old sophomore. What should  be done to stop this violence? Why is this being allowed to continue? Why are people responsible for teens in Chicago not doing their part ?

Joe Johns talks to the mother of the victim and reports on this vital issue:

Joe Johns reports on the deadly Chicago teen violence

AC360 has been reporting and doing specials on the ground about this for years…what does the city, the parents and others need to do to fix this? Anderson Cooper talks to Joe Johns who gives us the answer:

Anderson Cooper also talks to Ronald Holt(whose son was killed in 2007) and Pete Carroll (USC Head Football Coach)

What can be done to stop teen violence in Chicago? Anderson Cooper panel

Ronald Holt made a very interesting point in saying that the kids’ violence is to blame on their dysfunctional parents who do not know how to live in society. See video below.

Coach Carroll has an organisation where he walks on the streets of LA and talks to the kids to learn about this issue and also reach out to them…he tells Anderson what he has learned:

EXCLUSIVE – Drew Griffin

Investigation by CNN of a domestic terrorist’s confessions inside the Earth Liberation Front.


I haven’t got the Anderson Cooper 360 segment on this, but here’s the CNN video about this so you don’t miss out on the action. CNN’s Octavia Nasr looks at the Iranian missile launch and how it may affect the region:


360 News & Business Bulletin – Erica Hill

Here are the other stories CNN and AC36O are following:

Secret Services are investigating a Facebook Poll which asks people if President Obamashould be killed, they 5secret Services) are taking this serioulsy and Facebook has removed the third party application allowing users to create their own polls. The poll has been taken down on Saturday

Travolta Trial: a video could be played tomorrow (well today now)  in court showing two people trying to extort money from Travolta after his son’s death. They tried to take 25 millions from Travolta.

Sully’s flying again. Remember the pilot who made an emergency landing on the Hudson River in NYC back in January? Well, he’s going back to work and is now a manager on top of a pilot.

Sarah Palin Finishes her Memoir that will go on sale on November 25th. Official title: Going Rogue

I know it’s none of my business, but if you want my honest opinion, I don’t like the title.

Palin's memoir 'going rogue' will be sold on November 25th


thanks AC360, I was getting tired of typing…this will lessen my work…I needed to highlight that in bold red because it’s more important than all the other news…(being sarcastic…okay ??)

No Erica, I won’t set my TEVO or whatever else, you’ll only get pictures tonight. I’m too tired now.

Miss Piggy flies through the air during a pig contest

Miss Piggy flies through the air during a pig contest


1st winner

Second Winner

The Shot

 pig making waves

 Pig flying through the air

See you tomorrow…(tonight actually)

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The Associated Press: 40 dead after flooding in northern Philippines

The Associated Press: 40 dead after flooding in northern Philippines.

Major flooding in Metro Manila.  There are some pictures at the article linked above, but the BBC also has some.

Comparisons to Katrina sure to bubble over.

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Anderson’s Second Personal Blog Post from Afghanistan

FRESH Anderson Cooper blog post. Posted 5 minutes ago on the CNN sites. Anderson Cooper blogged a second time from Afghanistan

One common goal

Posted: 11:15 AM ET
Program Note: Tune in tonight for Anderson’s live coverage from Afghanistan. He is joined by Peter Bergen, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Michael Ware. AC360° tonight at 10 p.m. ET.
U.S. Marines listen to a brief before heading out on patrol in Helmand Province.
U.S. Marines listen to a brief before heading out on patrol in Helmand Province.

Anderson Cooper | BIO
AC360° Anchor

“What’s your blood type?”

It’s the question you’re asked around here a lot. Before getting into a helicopter, before going out on patrol with a new unit. “What’s your blood type?”

The Marines have their blood type sewn into the patches they wear along with their name and rank. Many write it in black marker on the band of their goggles. I know some guys who even have it tattooed on their chests, just above their heart. At first, the question surprised me, now it’s just a routine part of the introduction.


READ MORE AT THE ac360 blog

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Thriller Report From Moondust Camp


Cooper Anderson reported from Helmand Province, zeroing in on Camp Patrol Base Jaker. US Marines stationed at this camp have very little to be happy about. Temperatures are high and there is no air conditioning. Anderson attempts a walk in the dust he  called “moondust” and inquires how US Marines are coping with what he calls “primitive conditions”. To illustrate this point, he points to the makeshift bathroom and plumbing and a “human”  manure dump for some 50 US Marines who have been there for two months. The road to the Camp is perilous. On the way, Anderson points out that they may have to come back from the Camp with a huge envoy because ” the Talibans know they’ve taken that road.” While reporting inside the camp, he reports that he heard some gunfire coming from the same road. Anderson makes it a point to emphazise the difficulties of the US Marines in this makeshift camp. Diffucut as it may seem however, one young member of the US Marines declares that he has no choice but to be happy and proud that he’s a a Marine.

anderson cooper MOON DUST

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Anderson Cooper reporting from Afghanistan

Anderson Cooper will be traveling to Afghanistan and reporting from there all this coming week. He is going to cover the war against the Taliban. We are hopefully going to cover his trip and all the news right here so be sure to check in… Read more about this on Anderson’s blog at the CNN website.

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