Facebook Obama Poll is Disgusting BUT…


Facebook users who participated in the recent Obama polls that inquire whether President Obama should die probably took the polls as one of those things that some nut starts at Facebook. It’s stupid however, if not downright hateful. It tells me that someone wishes Obama dead and wishes to express that rather wicked wish by coming up with a POLL on Facebook.

Is something like this covered by the First Amendment and freedom of speech clause? I would say yes.

That also means that the Secret Service have every right to investigate anyone wanting the President of the United States dead. Yet, it frankly does NOT amaze me because .. well, it’s Facebook.

It’s the same social networking network anyway that also allowed sites such as “Israel is NOT a Country”; “I Hate Jews”; “There is NO Israel”, “F**ck Israel” but I didn’t hear any reportage against these groups. There was even a Holocaust denial site at Facebook. That’s exactly what keeps the Jewish Internet Defense Forces busy these days. The JIDF founder , David Appleton (probably not his real name), makes damn sure that every anti-Jewish website is taken noticed by the Facebook community so that those who have some sense of decency can, at least, FLAG and report the group as promoting terrorism, racial conflict and hate.

Personally, I completely support that JIDF after it found out that plans of terrorism are actually being planned by Hezbollah in a Facebook group. Violence is not covered at all by the First Amendment and so is the oppression of any group — be they women, Jews, blacks and gays. Thus, it isn’t surprising that someone wants to kill Barack Obama at Facebook. There are millions of Facebook users and there are terrorists, plain crazies, killers, or plain psychos. The JIDF discovered that there are groups of terrorists who even meet and exchange ideas over at Facebook.

Sure, we should care about Barack Obama. We support the Secret Service in investigating those behind the “polls” asking people if they want him dead. On the other hand, we suggest that these groups be deleted too : * F**k Israel And Their Holocaust Bull**** – 838 members * F**k Israel And Their Holocaust Bull***** – 128 members * Holocaust Revisionists – 52 members * Holohoax – 24 members * Holocaust: A series of lies – 31 members * Holocaust is a Myth – 42 members * How Many People Hate Israel? – 68,000 members * i bet i can find thousands who hate israel, we hate those child killers – 55,000 members * I Wonder How Quickly I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who HATE Israel…- 27,437 members * Invite your friends if u hate “ISRAEL” – 15,228 members * I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who hate Israel -14,051 members * We bet we can find 1.000.000 person hate “Israel” – 11,119 members * We Hate Israel – 4,717 members * Zgnječi Izrael!Destroy Israel!- 1,584 members * I Hate Israel – 1,322 members * HATE ISRAEL – 823 members * Hate Israel! – 416 members * HATE ISRAEL – 337 members * God Destroy all of Israel -172 Members * how to help Gaza = how to destroy Israel ( Join us to Act in your Field ) – 24 members

Isn’t it amazing how one group even has a Do It Yourself group on ways and means to destroy Israel? Okay, we can also please the First Amendment but then again, I am NOT one who wishes to discuss the death and destruction of a people or nation – or a person. Even if it was George W. Bush during his days and there were about a thousand anti-Bush Facebook groups. Or maybe George W. wasn’t sensitive or easily offended. Or it would have cost the government more than two wars to send the Secret Service to investigate every Facebook group that attacked George W.Bush.

For some reason, I miss that guy today and wish him well.


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11 responses to “Facebook Obama Poll is Disgusting BUT…

  1. The News Machine

    I totally agree with you, debugs1…this is such a double standard here, I guess the President of the U.S. is the President of the U.S. !!! But is this really the issue here…hmmm ?

    I’ve always been SHOCKED at all the racist nonsense on places like Facebook, myspace and other social networks. They will delete your spam in no time but will allow utterly filthy racist speech to dwell on their sites forever. There’s even a KKK group on myspace. I don’t know if it’s still there ?

    I bet if this wasn’t brought up by secret services and the media, they couldn’t have cared any less.

    I’ve heard that Obama gets 30 death threats a day…wow…I actually thought it was more like hundreds a day. But it’s still 210 a week, 840 a month and 10,950 a year…by the end of his term, President Obama will have gotten 43800 threats. I hope he got good body guards.

    So they’re taking ONE poll seriously now?

    Maybe we should petition Facebook to take down all the racist/antisemitic groups down…I would sign it. There is a site that allows you to start petitions. I will check it out.

  2. steve

    Good job in posting this.

  3. RC

    Great post. You’ll find fan pages for Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other fascists on Facebook. Some of the Hezbollah groups have gone as far as to possibly plan terror attacks– using Facebook, a social networking site used predominately bu college students– as a tool.

    That said, while I don’t fully support Obama, I am glad to hear that federal authorities are making sure the person who created that asinine poll is fully investigated. Free speech- yes. But who knows who is behind it. Could be a violent fool. Presidents have been targeted in the past and it’s just no joke.

  4. It is great to see a renowned reporter standing and supporting Israel and JIDF.
    Thank you!

  5. Jonathan

    I love the cause of the JIDF and always will..

  6. I want to say – thank you for this!,

  7. Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!,

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