November 17, 2009

Digging Deeper-Daniel Kopans and Kimberly Gregory

Mammogram Controversy.  The US Preventive Services Task Force has changed the regulations for mammograms.   Kopans, who started his segment by tooting his own horn, thinks that that the change, which suggest reducing the number of screenings, is too risky.  Gregory, rocking some sweet yellow glasses, was quite capable at reciting the recommendations, while Kopans was great shooting back with facts.  Gregory’s basic idea is that the largest jump is at age 50 and not age 40.  The Task Force’s key reason for reducing screenings, according to AC, is stress caused over false positives.



It’s about health.  Why is the government involved?

Killings at the Canal – The Army Tapes



Alpha Company 118 in Iraq.  Totally missed the ball on this one and didn’t catch much.  Would post a video but the audio isn’t synced up.

Three men have been arrested for murder.


Digging Deeper – David Bellavia, Scott Silliman, Abbie Boudreau

Bellavia said that the detention facility had a reputation for being a catch and release program for terrorists.  He also said interpretating.  No kidding.  Silliman added that a prisoner taken on the battlefield must be treated humanely and not killed.  It’s very difficult to keep a detainee, Abbie added, due to the extensive paperwork necessary to prove guilt.

Bellavia kept recalling his own experience in the field.  Infantrymen, he said, sometimes think about taking matters into their own hands.  AC asked Silliman for his opinion on the difficulty of detaining prisoners.  He said it creates undue pressure for the soldiers.



360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

More info about Hasan

President Obama in China

Hunger in America

Unfriend  is word of the year

Keeping them Honest – Tom Foreman

Palin interviewed Barbara Walters and expressed unfettered support for Israel.  Walters asked her what the US mission in Afghanistan should be.  Palin’s answer: listen to McChrystal.  She gave Obama a 4 out of 10 and twice used the word dithering.

So she’s got a book coming out.  Why does that lend her any additional credibility.  Of course, there were some minor flipcflops.  On Oprah, she said she didn’t asker her kids about running for VP, but in the campaign she said she polled the kids.

360 Raw Politics – Bill Bennett and Donna Brazile

AC asked Bill, yes I call him Bill, about the rampant fact checking that is going on with Palin’s book.  Donna commented on the pettiness of the minor fact checking.  “A little Lexis Nexis is good for all of us.”

Palin HOTNESS!!!!

hot palin

hot palin

Palin called Newsweek putting the picture on the cover a wee bit degrading.  I call it a wee bit great.

Donna added that Palin should not try to be Hillary Clinton or Ronald Reagan, but only Sarah Palin.

Crime and Punishment

Evidence that Hasan might have had a breakdown in the days before the Ft. Hood massacre.  He wanted to get his patients arrested for war crimes and he spent some extra time on the firing range.  Eugene Fidell spoke on the military version of patient/therapist confidentiality.  While there is a code of silence, imminent threats must be reported.

military psych

military psych

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Guilty Plea in Elizabeth Smart kidnapping

Same-sex marriage in Buenos Aires

Co-ed dorms = risky behavior (THIS IS NEWS?)

Gaddafi’s in Rome and invited a bunch of Italian women to his house.  He gave them religious lessons

The Shot

Goats on a bus

goats on a bus

goats on a bus


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