November 11, 2009

Carrie Prejean on Larry King, “Young women can learn from my mistakes.”  This was after she refused to take a phone call because of a deal that Larry King supposedly had with her “publicist.”  Poor Larry King.  He kept stretching for good questions, but Carrie kept shooting out lame answers, but at least she looked good doing it.

Breaking News – Suzanne Malveaux



President Obama rejects all current proposals on Afghanistan.  He’s simply not satisfied with them.  He wants a plan that transfers authority back to the Afghan government.  The problem could with Karzei, who is not acting like a good political partner.  Lastly, the President wants a plan with an inbuilt exit strategy.  Troop increases are not off the table, but specifics are necessary.

The US ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, is arguing against those increases.




They spoke very briefly about the troop level increases.  I was too taken aback by the sheer  power of the BergenGergen.

Inside the Massacre

Sgt. Kimberly Munley, who ended the Fort Hood massacre, spoke to Oprah today.  Saanjay Gupta interviewed a few more shooting victims.  One guy described bullet holes in the back of a friend’s head.  Then he fell silent.



Spc. Logan Burnette, the first speaker, said that Hasan said Allahu Akbar before opening fire.  Burnette is expected to make a full recovery, but with a good deal of rehab.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Alleged Blackwater pribes.  The company may have paid for image protection

Dow up to 10,291!

Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN.  THANK HEAVENS!

Homegrown hate – Up Close – Nic Robertson

This seems like the same clip from last night, but in a different country.  Now it’s a group in London whose plan is to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque.  Anjem Choudary, leader of Islam4UK, listed off all of the things that would be banned.  Whew.



Roberston said that the tactics employed in the UK and Europe are bound to end up on America’s shores.  They’re using the Internet to recruit new, young Muslims for terrorist training.

Peter Bergen was back on to discuss this phenomenon.  He called these groups Al Qaeda support groups.  Bergen said that current radical Islamists might have been memebers of the Weather Underground in a former  life.  I’d argue that religious terror is a great deal different from political terror.

Keeping Them Honest – Randi Kaye

Steven Burton is a bank employee who has been pretending to be a marine.  He’s going to confess to the crime tomorrow.  The crime is the unauthorized wearing of military medals.  He had a purple heart, a bronze star, and a navy cross, ALL AT ONCE.  These cases are called “Stolen Valor” cases.



Randi Kaye said that Burton might have stolen valor in order to get better parking spaces or preferential treatment at a VA hospital.

Raw Politics

Sarah Palin, who loves Facebook, said that she had a good chat with Oprah today.  Seriously, are we going to have to listen to this nonsense for the next 3 years.  If she gets elected President, I’m going rogue.  Seventy-one percent of Americans find Palin unfit for the Presidency.



Two young authors, Shushannah Walshe and Scott Conroy, have written a book about Sarah Palin.  Shushannah said that she resigned because she couldn’t take the daily grind of state politics.  It makes a presidential bid unlikely.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Follow: US Airlines pilot who was pulled off the plane for being drunk is sued

AIG  Chief claims poverty

Roadside Rockslide in Tennessee

The Shot

Whoa, it’s deja vu.  Carrie Prejean almost walking out on Larry King is tonight’s shot.

And the aftermath

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