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Show me what you have – literally

A young Sarah PalinSo much of life is a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  Andy Warhol predicted a future that would make everyone famous for 15 minutes.  Combine that with the Peter Principle, which tells us in essence that everyone rises to the level of their incompetence, and you have Sarah Palin.

Mayor.  Governor.  Vice-Presidential candidate.  Now, author The erstwhile Republican overachiever has now written a book, largely as a way to make money and keep her name in the public eye as she contemplates her next move.  If achievement were tied to qualifications, her decision would be at which fast-food joint she should seek to flip burgers back in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.  But achievement has nothing to do with ascension in American politics, as the election of Barack Obama showed us, and now Palin is contemplating a run for the same office that Obama currently holds.

Her biggest drawback is also her biggest qualification for success in American politics in 2009:  she has no creditability.  She is polarizing.  You either love her, and believe every word she says, or you hate her, and disparage everything she says and does.  There is no middle ground, and there is no debate about what she says.  You either believe her or you don’t.  Conservatives, who have latched on in love, believe every word that comes from her mouth.  Liberals believe none of it.  The question becomes whether enough conservatives can coalesce to once again foist their opinion on the American population, as they have done in the not-too-distant past.

In a somewhat laughable way, Sarah Palin’s rise through the Republican ranks has mitigated the universal popularity she would have likely enjoyed for eternity if she had remained a small-town mayor.  In towns across America, there are a good number of small-town mayors who are extremely popular because they fit the role they are playing.  They are boosters for their town and do not become immersed in the political quandaries in which people find themselves bogged down at higher levels of the political food chain.

Palin was in the right place at the right time, however, and her small-town popularity as mayor propelled her to the governorship.  There, she encountered some controversy that came with the first signs that she was now in over her head.  Next came the vice-presidential nomination, which showed what an empty suit she is and what an empty head she has.

But her lack of qualification does not really matter.  Politics is as much about personality as it is about true traits of leadership.  And, for many Republican men, there is probably a bit of fantasy that they project as a connection between themselves and Sarah Palin, much in the way we were told women fantasized about Obama after his election.  Evidently, many Americans want politicians to “show me what you have,” but not in a mental way. – George Curcio


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Book Review 2: Michael Curtis’ “The Great Political Theories Vol. 1 and 2”

Michael Curtis is a distinguished Political Science professor in Rutgers University. He also taught in various well-known institutions such as Yale and Cornell University. So far, he has written fifteen books on political philosophies and theories, comparative politics, and others concerning affairs in the Middle East. Among his most celebrated works are his two volumes on The Great Political Theories that is now being used by many students as reference in their study of Political Science.


The political realm is a very interesting area to study. However, being a beginner to the science of politics can get a bit frustrating as one tries to understand its twists and turns. There are several theories and philosophies that have already intertwined with each other, which make it hard to truly grasp and fully understand everything all at once. One theory always leads to or contrasts another.

But, that does not mean that studying politics should necessarily be difficult. As the old saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” And, in the study of political science, there is definitely a way to get through it without too much headache.

What better way to familiarize oneself to politics is through studying its beginnings and its evolution? The Great Political Theories covers just that as it brings its readers through the history of politics, how it evolved, and its attempt to go with the needs of the time. The two volumes spans through how the Greeks understood politics, to Thomas Hobbes, to Immanuel Kant, to Karl Marx, and to other more modern political theorists.

The best thing about the two volumes is that both are written in a manner that the reader seems to be reading a story. It does not feel uninteresting nor dragging as one is taken through time where political philosophies were born. Furthermore, Michael Curtis adds bits of interesting facts about authors and their time, which makes it a rather light for readers yet still full of details.

More than the facts, what makes Michael Curtis’ The Great Political Theories a recommended book by many is that it gives its readers an idea as to how to act as a citizen and as a group. He was able to show the actions of people from the past and all the consequences; then challenges readers to further develop the theories we have now.

As one of the students who were fortunate enough to have been introduced to these two volumes in Political Science class, I can honestly say that The Great Political Theories have really helped me in my study of politics and made me appreciate it even more.

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It’s on like Donkey Kong

Randi Kaye posted to the AC360 blog today and she wrote about education, a topic I hold dear to my heart.  While I see her good intentions, it’s going to take a whole lot more than that to win me over.  Anyone who is outside of education likes to make opinions  about education and we all know what opinions are like.

I’m excited.  See you in a few hours.

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Coverage on Mondays and Fridays + CNN Ratings

Hi all? You may have noticed that there has been no AC360 reviews on Mondays and Fridays. I’ve been covering those and have been extremely busy moving into a new place, working for tons of people all at the same time (I’m a freelance writer, translator, journalist, marketing expert and sales person…yah I know plus I own my own SEO/e-marketing business) Without trying to brag here about owning a business but just so you see how CRAZY busy I’ve been. Owning a business is nothing to brag about though. It’s SO much work.

Anyway, I won’t be able to do Mondays and Fridays anymore so I am looking for someone to do them for free, hopefully someone who loves the news and AC360 and wouldn’t mind doing this as a hobby. So bear with me, I may from time to time cover it myself when I’m super into AC360 but I am not now.

You also may have heard that CNN’s ratings have plummeted at the very bottom this past month, that CNN is behind every other news network, even MSNBC. I don’t know the exact stats and time frames so don’t ask…just google that.
But let’s not generalize. Because the fact is that AC360 and CNN have been last in October in only one demographic. It’s the most important demographic to advertisers, sure, but it’s just one single demographic.

AC360 is certainly not last in his time slot (total viewers). It’s also important to note that partisan news shows secure regular viewers much more than other types of news shows. It would be nice for AC360 to move to 8pm or change some of the format of its show to regain its edge, but I’m no producer, so you tell me.

I don’t know what’s been going wrong here but it’s probably a mix of viewers not being interested in compelling stories like wars and conflicts in Africa or not being interested in the segments CNN do; a lot of people love the ‘opinion shouting’ of other news channels. My ex-boyfriend was a CNN junkie but kept watching FOX news a lot…When I asked him why he said “they’re very entertaining…” I also used to watch Fox news a lot bc they make me laugh with some of the ridiculous lies they come up with (sorry Foxies babies) but I stopped watching it altogether after the 2008 presidential election. I was completely disgusted with the lies and racism exposed on this network and I don’t find those funny. I won’t give ratings to a news show that promotes intolerance, hate and lies.

On the other hand, CNN may have its flaws like maybe rehashing some of the same news a little too much or making annoying statements like ‘Latinos have spanish accents’ and I admit I don’t like the “Black in America” and “Latino is America”, it’s too much and it gives me a sick feeling to my stomach plus I’m hyper sensitive about ethnic stuff bc I’m biracial and have been pigeonholed, misunderstood all my life so that’s touchy with me, but even if that wasn’t the case for me I still don’t like those shows. I could give ten reaons but I’ll let you decide why for yourself.

…so I was saying that CNN may have those type of flaws but before being quick to judge, remember that NO other news networks travels so much to other countries to bring a story from the frontlines. While Keith Olbermann and Bill O’reilly are there pointing fingers and screaming ‘murder’, Anderson Cooper actually puts his life on the line and travels to dangerous places like Somalia, Niger, Afghanistan and more.

They say actions speak louder than words.

I hear a lot of people say that CNN is biased. Is it really? Why? Maybe some people believe truth to be biased because they believe in lies so truth will seem biased to them. I’m not saying CNN are saints and always have 100% facst right but I can tell you they’re certainly not the ‘crooks and liars’ some people make them out to be. Far from it.

The problem is that people need to stop caring so much about what they’ll eat for dinner and get for christmas and have a little more interest in other people’s suffering.

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Small Break: David Gergen Boogies and party in the parisian subway???

This is a little bit of a break from the serious news.

A Boys2Men style group singing in a parisian subway and getting people to dance along (well almost), Shakira gets nuts, and Gergen shaking it on the dance floor!

The reactions of the people in the subway is too funny and it has had more than 3 million hits. See that video below and skip my rant. I want these guys at my wedding and OMG why haven’t they had a recording contract yet??? hehe

I was browsing youtube videos to relax after a hard day of work and see what’s new. I’ve been watching a lot of old music videos lately and it makes me so nostalgic. Music is such a powerful reminder of a particular era in your life that’s past and that you may miss or regret or both. Nostalgic and going “woohooo” nevertheless. When you hear the tune, you go…yeeeahhh ! Know what I mean? I’m talking about middle nineties and early 2000. I’m really an old school hip hop, R&B person but I listen to really everything. I was so into music back then and it occupied most of my life…now it’s work and responsiblities 🙂 Alicia Keys ‘Falling’, The Fugees, Blackstreet, Bryan Adams, Nas, Old Jay-Z, Eminem ‘lose yourself’, Busta Rhymes, Madonna’s ‘Hung up’, Elton’s “candle in the wind” (and even the shallow 50cent songs ‘remember P.I.M.P ?? I’m laughing when I see that now esp. with that old iPod and blackberry. It also reminds me of 106&Park that I used to watch on BET…Wow, I would never watch that now!!! Grown up a lot since those days. I don’t even know what’s going on the music scene anymore except for the very obvious hits that are hard to miss because they play just everywhere constantly. I love my generation despite being called the Y gens who love their Ipods and youtube clips and can’t communicate properly except through technology!! That’s SO true. haha. But loving and using technology has its advantages that real face interaction can’t bring you. hehe.

Every song is like a treasure chest waiting to be opened and replay in your mind a specific experience. A chocolate memory that can be sweet or bitter (ever tasted that disgusting dark cocoa choc?)
Music really helps people get through a lot. Music is magic and music is deeper and more powerful than logic. (A ‘kill me’ statement) Sorry but it’s true. Music can melt hearts, unify people groups. Music is LARGELY to thank for young people today not caring about ethnicity. Look at hip hop and how it has unified people based on that movement and not on what race you are. I love Hip Hop (old school) and I can’t stop thinking of when I was 16 and hanging on the streets with professional Hip Hop dancers after school. They were breakdancing and taught me everything about Hip Hop. The real Hip Hop that is, not what you see today. I’m nostalgic…where has time gone by? In a racist school full of Nirvana infuated 15 year olds prone to acné, mood swings, and thinking that bullying others, smoking cigarettes and cannabis makes you a cool person, Hip Hop and its followers were radically different and preached tolerance and positivity. That was Hip Hop.

Anyway, I wanted to share a feel-good youtube video or two. It’s a group singing in the Paris subway inside the train. They are soooooo good and there’s FIRE in da house!!!. It’s just nice and makes me smile. I just love how the guy in front of them doesn’t even flinch and move a hair at first but eventually some people start to dance along and clap cheerfully at the end, it probably brought a ray of sunshine to their day like it did for mine. This group is truly not the shy type, that’s for sure.

BTW, I don’t know if you saw Shakira on America’s Got Talent. I know Wolf Blitzer loves her. Well maybe for another post (or google it) but she was simulating a sex act with a… speaker, litterally, yes. No kidding. Funny that the Fcc didn’t fine her ass. She’s nuts…long gone are the days of ‘my hips don’t lie’. I find her ‘shewolf’ horrible. Okay the tune is catchy and I somewhat like it but the ‘Ayooooooo’ she screams out to imitate the scream of a wherewolf, or shewolf is just completely ridiculous and the entire dance routine is not dance at all but almost a porno performance. I’m a little disappointed by Shakira but to each their own, some people may like it. So gfy Shakira…

And lastly….DAVID GERGEN shaking what his mama gave him. I found that too by surfing youtube. Haha…. Too good…anyway enjoy.

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The Truth: I only had one hour of sleep and will scream if I have to cover the Ballon Boy (Keeping me Honest)

I’d like to thank Aaron and George for covering all week. You guys did a brilliantly fantastically super duper hyper mega nice greatly AMAZING job.

In keeping in tune with this week’s TRUTH theme on AC360, as George pointed out.

I can’t cover Friday’s AC360 although I’m on duty. I’ve been working on some business application and writing all night for someone applying for a 100,000 contest as well as writing for some other client. I’m still behind on work !!!

One hour of sleep and feeling that disgusting sensation of an empty stomach full of hot coffee (I dont even drink and like coffee but was forced to stay awake as I dont have Coke at home it makes me hyper !)

I will punch someone if I have to hear just for one second the word ‘ballon boy’ and anything that speculates about Obama.

Let me catch some zzzz please and let’s hope I don’t dream about the Ballon Hoax.

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October 15, 2009

I thought I would title this one, “24 minutes of balloon boy, and some other news,” but I decided to stick with convention.

anderson cooper

anderson cooper

Breaking News

Balloon boy.  AC called the dirigible a love child of a helium balloon and a jiffy pop.  Richard Heene, Falcon’s dad, from Wife Swap, seemed genuinely concerned about his son’s welfare and on Larry King got very angry when asked if the balloon ride was a publicity stunt.  Enjoy this clip of Heene (who is not at all defensive) :

In case you weren’t paying attention to the news today, the world held its breath while a makeshift inflatable craft drifted across the great plains of ….., seemingly with 6-year-old Falcon on board.  When the craft landed and was found empty, Falcon was found hiding in a box in the attic, prompting this trending tweet:

“Hey Balloon Boy, I’m real happy for you and Ima letchoo finish, but Anne Frank had the best attic hideout of all time.”

balloonboy fam

balloonboy fam

Digging Deeper – Marc Friedland and Garry Haruska

balloonboy panel

balloonboy panel

Friedland, Heene’s neighbor and deathly afraid of national television, commented on the nature of the aircraft.  Haruska commented on the technical nature of the balloon, saying that it was built from a kit.

Fifteen minutes in and the story is still running.  AC just asked the Haruska, a balloon expert, whether or not the balloon could possibly carry a 6-year-old child in it and he said it wasn’t likely.  Now, for a break, a clip of Heene on Wife Swappers:

Eighteen minutes and it’s time for the media analysis.

Now they’re playing the footage where Falcon said, “We did this for a show.”  Now, unlike the Twitterverse that hinges on every word on television, I don’t ascribe a great deal of truth to what kids say.

Please, no, no, no.  They’ve brought the big wall into the story!!  This is the same wall that got Obama elected.  Now it’s analyzing homemade flying saucers.  Thankfully, the wall brought some numbers.  Looks like the rescue mission cost about $28,000.

balloonboy wall

balloonboy wall


360 Bulletin

Pakistan attacks kill dozens

Murder probe in sweat lodge deaths

The stimulus is working, according to new jobs data

A justice of the peace in Louisana refused an inter-racial marriage license

Developing Story-Randi Kaye

Randi Kaye

Randi Kaye

Randi spoke with a juror in the Cameron Todd Wilingham case.

Randi Kaye spoke with one of the jurors, who was friends with the lead investigator in the case.  Lawyers today say that her friendship with the investigator is enough to claim a mistrial.  Randi Kaye rubbed salt in the wounds by reminded the juror that arson science has evolved drastically in the past 10 years or so.

Perry again defended his choice to remove four members from the panel investigating the case.  Perry suggested that the former member who issued a report on the case was pursuing a political agenda.

David Martin, Wilingham’s attorney, believes that Wilingham was guilty.  AC asked him about the arson evidence.  Martin, with an affected drawl, read from the report into the case.  Martin read passages not related with the science, but with the writer’s prose.

Steve Mills, an investigative reporter from the Chicago Tribune, spoke more about the arson evidence.  Furthermore, he reported that fire experts have turned their opinions around.  Unfortunately, David Martin couldn’t shut his trap.

Martin said that a defense attorney’s job is to test the prosecution’s evidence.  Even if the defendant is guilty, he said, he can be proclaimed not guilty.  How guilt is ascertained, initially, is apparently a matter of interpretation.  Martin, for a lawyer, has shaky logic.  He said that if you pour lighter fluid on a carpet and light it, it will look like the carpet in Wilingham’s house.  If A, then B.  He goes on to say that if B, then A.  My last word on this guy: whenever he heard something he didn’t like, he cocked his head to the side and groaned loudly, sometimes saying, “I don’t know about that,” or, “I’m absurd.”  “I WAS THE TRIAL ATTORNEY!”

Raw Politics-Candy Crowley

President Obama visited New Orleans today for the first time as president.  Residents of New Orleans are unhappy and frustrated with Obama for spending only four hours on the ground.

Candy Crowley

Candy Crowley

The administration has sent lots of people to New Orleans, but the president is aware of the power of his own presence.  He heard some of the local frustrations, including the red tape necessary to receive funding for building projects.

Gupta Book Plug aka Up  Close

Swank Norweigan

Swank Norweigan

Sanjay Gupta reported on Anna Bagenholm, who was dead for 2 hours and found frozen.  Dr. Mads Gilbert, whose English is amazingly idiomatic (doubled-edged sword), spoke on the resuscitation.  Anna is now a doctor, herself.

What what what what what?  No Shot?  No Politicians Behaving Badly?

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