November 18, 2009

Breaking News – Dana Bash and Candy Crowley

The Senate Democrats have unveiled their new health plan.  The bill is long and they’ve just peeked at it.  The highlights of the bill include no discrimination for pre-existing conditions.



The bill is going to cost about $850 billion and will be funded by Cadillac insurance and plastic surgery.    Abortion is not banned from either the public or private options, but there is no federal funding for abortion.



Republicans are going to complain about the spending, of course.

Raw Politics

Sarah Palin’s book is coming out.  How is this raw politics.  She called Hasan’s shooting an act of terrorism, even though he acted independently.  Then, she said that she’s all for profiling if it saves lives.  Sigh.



James Carville was on via videotape.  He couldn’t stop laughing at first.  He thinks the military is more angry at Palin than the democratic party would be.  Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and Freedom coalition, sang her praises, emptily.  Carville is a much better speaker.  Carville said that Palin is good for Democrats.

How much time do we need to dedicate to a pretty face that inspires rednecks to empty their wallets?

Killings at the Canal – The Army Tapes

CNN got hours of confession tapes, including one from Michael Leahy.  His wife, whom he married hastily between deployments, spoke to CNN.  They haven’t had their full wedding…yet.  She’s still hopeful.  A platoon was on patrol.  They took fire and four suspects into custody.  Thirteen soldiers took those four prisoners to a canal, then executed them.  The best part is watching the interrogator, who we don’t get to see much of.  He was convincing.  He was very bro with Leahy.  Leahy confessed to shooting two people.



Leahy was at first given life, but has since had it cut back to 20.  The other shooters received similar clemencies.

Digging Deeper – Abbie Boudreau, Larry James, and David Bellavia

Larry spoke on the interrogation technique, using the word dude, for example.  The interrogator said that Leahy had manned up by confessing.

Bellavia was back.  Talking about military existence. AC asked Bellavia if the punishment fits the crime.  He said no.  The soldiers, he said, ought not be in Leavenworth while Guantanamo detainees get released for want of evidence.



From a Text360 question, we found out that the soldiers were NOT under direct orders to kill the detainees.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Judge rules that the Army Corps of Engineers is culpable in Katrina

Sanford Sanford Sanford

Hillary Clinton says that it is a critical moment in Afghanistan



The director of health and human services speaks out on mammograms, saying that it is between women and doctors

Pirates try to take the Maersk Alabama, but are scared by loud noises.

Breaking News

President Obama is in South Korea and taking questions.  The majority of the questions are on US-South Korea-North Korea relations.  Lee Myung Bak, president of SouthKorea, also spoke.





The coverage continued, but I don’t.


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