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AC360 10 10 09: GOP Jealous, Inspiring Others Matters, and it’s never easy to be popular in France? ?

Welcome to the daily AC360 recap. News Machine here. (Strange name I know)

First off explanation of the title: The jealous part you get, the “it’s never easy to be popular in France” was a mistake made by Fareed Zakaria when speaking to Anderson Cooper about President Obama’s Nobel Prize win. I think he meant to say “It’s never easy to be popular in the U.S.” But I’m not complaining, I like France. Or maybe Fareed meant to say: “It’s never easy to be popular in France and since Obama is popular there it tells you something”…I just don’t know. So that intrigues me.

Moving on.

I’ll save you the gory details of my personal life but for what it’s worth, I am healed. Hallelujah. God’s healing power healed me so you won’t have to listen to my  boring rants about the way I cough and sneeze.

I’ll also include just a little bit of Anderson Cooper being on Regis & Kelly, the best parts, later on in a new post. We usually don’t do this but I watched R & K and there were some great parts in it. If you want the whole thing, I’ll get you a link.

Moving on.

I’m also glad I got to cover today as the main news is about President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. I always get to cover the things I like…I find this great. I can’t wait to see what the panel has to say about that. Paul Begala is here tonight and I LOVE Paul.  Needless to say, I don’t agree with Nile Gardiner from the Heritage Foundation. He sounds British. I may live in England (for now) and love it, but I so don’t agree with Nile but I respect his Ph.D. (ha ha) Worth mentioning too is that 82% of the British public approves of President Obama against 17% for George Bush so let’s not stereotype all the British people thinking that Nile Gardiner is their spokesperson.

You know about this award? It’s really not about Obama’s achievements but about giving momentum and attention to some causes. It’s a “call to action” as Obama himself said. About how he’s inspired people and put issues on the table that were before avoided. It’s about the fresh way he sees things. How his new style will move the country forward. Something about International Cooperation…remember that one?

The Nobel Peace Prize was never meant to only recognize someone’s achievements per se but to reward those who inspired others and brought causes on the fore front of the political agenda. It’s always easy to critize someone until you walk in their shoes and see the mess they need to deal with. Patience is a virtue.

And although I’m not making this a race issue at all since we’re all human beings and the same, I love covering big stories on Barack Obama as he is a ‘mutt’ like me. (No disrespect to the Multiethnic community,  know this is a derogatory term but here used unoffensively)

OK I’m done talking, on to the pure raw hard core AC360.

PS: I’ll add daily ‘Photo News Galleries’ from now on (I do recaps for Fridays and Mondays)


FIRST UP/360RAW POLITICS President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and Conservatives are Outraged and say he doesn’t deserve it and should give it back.

KEEPING THEM HONEST How easy is it for criminals to buy guns without a background check? A camera video filmed everything

DIGGING DEEPER How really dangerous is the H1N1 virus? 19 American kids have died this past week alone. AC360 talks to Doctor Sanjay Gupta about the vaccine and about being inocluated.

UNCOVERING AMERICA How underground tunnels in Las Vegas have become a home for the homeless.

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETINS See stories below


First Up/360 RAW POLITICS: President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and the Conservatives aren't happy

First Up/360 RAW POLITICS: President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and the Conservatives aren't happy

Keeping Them Honest: How Easy it is for criminals to buy a gun without a license

Keeping Them Honest: How Easy it is for criminals to buy a gun without a license

Diggin Deeper: How deadly is the H1N1 Virus?

Diggin Deeper: How deadly is the H1N1 Virus?

Uncovering America: The Homless live in underground tunnels in Las Vegas

Uncovering America: The Homless live in underground tunnels in Las Vegas

FIRST UP/360 RAW POLITICS – Fareed Zakaria, Paul Begala, David Gergen and Nile Gardiner


Tom Foreman reports on the reaction of the GOP to President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. President Obama accepted the prize and said it was a “call to action” to confront the global issues of the 21st century. Some conservative had to ruin it a little for him, saying that he does not deserve this prize and should not accept it. Luckily, President Obama did accept it and said the prize was also about the inspiration you bring and not just the achievements. The Nobel Committee says the prize was awarded because the President has given hope for better world relations and fewer nuclear arms. INSPIRATION MATTERS.

PANEL: Fareed Zakaria, Paul Begala, David Gergen and Nile Gardiner joined Anderson to discuss and said that the world really sees this prize as an award for America more so than for Obama.  The United States’ role in the international community is shifting as President Obama took office, and the foreign policy landscape is making some sharp turns for the best. They explored further whether this prize would make it easier or harder for the President to make foreign policies at home in the U.S. and the effect the award will have on him on an international scale.

Panel discusses Obama's Nobel Peace Prize: Fareed, Paul, David & Nigel

Panel discusses Obama's Nobel Peace Prize: Fareed, Paul, David & Nile

Anderson & Nile

Anderson & Nile

Anderson & David

Anderson & David

Anderson Cooper & Fareed Zakaria

Anderson Cooper & Fareed Zakaria

Nile on President Obama

Nile on President Obama

FIRST 360 BULLETIN – Erica Hill

1- A deadly suicide attack in Pakistan killed at least 49 people

2- In Haiti 11 died in a UN plane crash

3- A PA mom who brought a loaded gun to her daughter’s soccer game last year was killed by her husband

4- GM signed an agreement to sell Hummer,

5- The mission to crash into the moon to search for water was successful.

Keeping Them Honest – Randi Kaye

Randi Kaye reports on guns being sold without background checks

Randi Kaye reports on guns being sold without background checks

A report on how people and even criminals can buy guns without having their background checked. Sellers at gun shows aren’t required to run background checks but are also not allowed to sell guns to anyone they find suspicious. An undercover video was taken at a gun show showing investigators as buyers admitting to not being able to pass a background check and being sold guns anyway. Mayor Bloomberg called for this investigation to try to encourage Congress to act on two bills that would force a background check on all gun show purchases.

Discussion: John Feinblatt


Anderson speaks with CNN’s chief doctor Sanjay Gupta about the effect of Swine Flu on kids. 76 kids have died from Swine Flu since April and 19 this past week alone. 30% of the kids had been healthy prior to getting the flu. Sanjay said that the vaccine will help to stop the rise in children’s death from the H1N1 virus. Younger kids will need two shots to build up their immune systems. Kids over 10 will only need one. They also talked about the difference between the shot and the spray.


Ted Rowlands reports about underground tunnels in Las Vegas that have become a home for the homeless.Matthew O’Brien, author of the book “Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas” speaks with Ted.

Homeless who live in Las vegas underground tunnels

Homeless who live in Las vegas underground tunnels

Las Vegas Mystery

Las Vegas Mystery


6- The knife was found that was used to attack a UCLA student who is now recovering

7-Flooding and landslides in the Philippines have killed at least 137 people

8-Video of the tsunami that hit American Samoa

9- A former tv host and politician who is accused of ordering killings has surrendered to police

10- Marge Simpson is now on the cover of the November issue of Playboy.

Anderson Cooper & Erica Hill

Anderson Cooper & Erica Hill


Didn’t like either ones.


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Still not covering Today’s AC360: So Photo & Video news

Still not feeling well even getting worse actually. Laying on my bed with my Vaio and drinking fluids like crazy in hopes that I get better soon. Was too ill & weak to go the doctor…someone wanted to take me with his car but I don’t feel the energy to get dressed. I have tons of work waiting to be done outside this site. This site doesn’t even feel like ‘work’ as I really enjoy it but trying to focus on the news conversations and analyse what’s being said is a little too much for someone who can barely get up to take a shower (but don’t worry I still took a shower). Good thing someone’s coking for me so I’m not starving myself out too and get even more sick on top of everything else. Ok My three seconds of ‘I’m sick’ fame officially over…and sorry if there are some things in this post that seem off, been taking medication. (Don’t expect shots of naked men running around NYC and buying hot dogs or tachos or whatever else, I’m not that doped up yet.)

I’ll just put some snapshots as a timeline as these are easy and fun to do and help me focus on someting else besides my cough.  I’ve also included the entire podcast for last  night in three parts. That’s the most I can do I’ m afraid…To get all the most recent news of Monday’s AC360, you know the drill yet again: AC360

Too bad, there were TERRIFIC stories last night that I would have given anything to cover…esp. the ‘Why he left the War’ segment of the show. They showed a soldier crying (don’t know if it was a marine or not but probably yes, sorry 1/3 doped up…). I met a lof of marines in my life, a lot of them…very nice guys who are very selfless. Whatever is happening to this marine/soldier is unfair, regardless of the rules. The ‘accordeon’ shot I did not like. Just being honest. AC360 should have put our ‘One Man Band’ video, which also had accordeon and other instruments in it…but well AC360 won’t give me any attention…totally within their rights.




Here are your  NEWS in Photos..


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Not Covering Last Friday

Sorry guys but I’ve been in bed for the past 3 days. Coughing, swollen eyes, weak, sore muscles, headaches. Who gave this to me? I’m going to the doctor on Monday again. Me typing this is a real miracle and I just need all my energy to just drag my fingers through the keyboard.

I had all the shnapshots ready but now I’m not feeling up to it…can’t push myself, sorry.

Monday will get covered if I’m better and the other days for sure since Aaron is doing them.

Until next time, you know the drill: Go to AC360 or CNN  for all the most recent news.

Also, just for your info Anderson didn’t have Swine Flu, he told so to a politics website just recently, either Politico or Daily Kos I don’t remember.



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Sickening: AC360 Monday 09 28 09

Welcome to the daily AC360 review and summary

I love the way AC360 opened up today. Anderson Cooper  stood next to a giant screen announcing the different segments of the night with images of stories on screen. It was well labeled and clear to understand. I don’t know if this is new or if they have done this before (I don’t remember this…) but I’ve heard and seen that in France, the way anchors present the news has now changed since last week. They now sit on their desks as they present the news…not on the chair but on the table…and that for the entire show. Ok not important but I just wanted to mention that just because.

Not so great though, Anderson Cooper  tonight reports about the deadly gangs in Chicago schools. A ‘sickening’ scene about teenagers  fighting has been caught on tape, a 16 year old teenager, Derrion Albert, died as he was beaten to death, and no one did anything about it. This will be one of the main stories tonight.

Tonight’s other main stories:

CRIME & PUNISHMENT (sub segment: digging deeper) :Film Director Roman Polanskiwas arrested in Switzerland over the weekend and now faces extradition. He fled to Switzerland 3 decades ago after being convicted of drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old girl.

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Teen fighting violence in Chicago: a deadly beating is caught on tape (see above)…is the system failing ???

EXCLUSIVE: Investigation by CNN of a domestic terrorist’s confessions inside the Earth Liberation Front.

360 RAW POLITICS: Iran’s latest challenge to the world: new missile testing…will President Obama be able to stop this before Israel launches a strike


CRIME AND PUNISHMENT – Lisa Bloom, Jeffrey Toobin, Joel Brodsky

Film Director Roman Polinski faces extradiction to the U.S. for a crime committed 3 decades ago

Film Director Roman Polinski faces extradiction to the U.S. for a crime committed 3 deacades ago

Film Director Roman Polanski was arrested this weekend in Switzerland while on his way to a film festival to receive an award. He was convicted in 1977 for unlawful sex with a 13 year old girl. He fled the United States for Switzerland more than three decades ago after being accused of drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old girl. His accuser no longer wants to see him prosecuted. He now faces extradition to the U.S., AC360 analysts help us see clear in this story in the digging deeper sub segment of crime and punishment.

Sub segment: DIGGING DEEPER – Lisa Bloom, Jeffrey Toobin, Joel Brodsky

Jeffrey Toobins, CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst, says that it is likely he will be extradited as his crime and situation is covered in the extradition treaty. Furthermore, Polanski had pleaded guilty and needs thus to come back to the States.  Lisa Bloomalso agrees with him and says this is a legal matter (and not a political one as Brodsky states below) and that he is guilty and faces at least one year. Bloom further explains that the Swiss authorities have already done the provisional arrest of Polanski which means they will comply with U.S. authorities on extraditing him. The only one who disagrees in the panel is Joel Brodskywho says that this is a political matter and that the government in Switzerland needs to sign off this extradition approval before it can take place, and that he doesn’t think this will happen. Watch the clip:


KEEPING THEM HONEST – Joe Johns, Ronald Holt, Pete Carroll

A very graphic and disturbing video(don’t watch it if you’re very sensitive please…I couldn’t watch more than 2 seconds) was recorded by a student outside a community center. The scene is about a teenager being beaten to death. He was kicked and stomped upon on the pavement until he died. 4 teenagers are now in custody. The victim is a 16 year old sophomore. What should  be done to stop this violence? Why is this being allowed to continue? Why are people responsible for teens in Chicago not doing their part ?

Joe Johns talks to the mother of the victim and reports on this vital issue:

Joe Johns reports on the deadly Chicago teen violence

AC360 has been reporting and doing specials on the ground about this for years…what does the city, the parents and others need to do to fix this? Anderson Cooper talks to Joe Johns who gives us the answer:

Anderson Cooper also talks to Ronald Holt(whose son was killed in 2007) and Pete Carroll (USC Head Football Coach)

What can be done to stop teen violence in Chicago? Anderson Cooper panel

Ronald Holt made a very interesting point in saying that the kids’ violence is to blame on their dysfunctional parents who do not know how to live in society. See video below.

Coach Carroll has an organisation where he walks on the streets of LA and talks to the kids to learn about this issue and also reach out to them…he tells Anderson what he has learned:

EXCLUSIVE – Drew Griffin

Investigation by CNN of a domestic terrorist’s confessions inside the Earth Liberation Front.


I haven’t got the Anderson Cooper 360 segment on this, but here’s the CNN video about this so you don’t miss out on the action. CNN’s Octavia Nasr looks at the Iranian missile launch and how it may affect the region:


360 News & Business Bulletin – Erica Hill

Here are the other stories CNN and AC36O are following:

Secret Services are investigating a Facebook Poll which asks people if President Obamashould be killed, they 5secret Services) are taking this serioulsy and Facebook has removed the third party application allowing users to create their own polls. The poll has been taken down on Saturday

Travolta Trial: a video could be played tomorrow (well today now)  in court showing two people trying to extort money from Travolta after his son’s death. They tried to take 25 millions from Travolta.

Sully’s flying again. Remember the pilot who made an emergency landing on the Hudson River in NYC back in January? Well, he’s going back to work and is now a manager on top of a pilot.

Sarah Palin Finishes her Memoir that will go on sale on November 25th. Official title: Going Rogue

I know it’s none of my business, but if you want my honest opinion, I don’t like the title.

Palin's memoir 'going rogue' will be sold on November 25th


thanks AC360, I was getting tired of typing…this will lessen my work…I needed to highlight that in bold red because it’s more important than all the other news…(being sarcastic…okay ??)

No Erica, I won’t set my TEVO or whatever else, you’ll only get pictures tonight. I’m too tired now.

Miss Piggy flies through the air during a pig contest

Miss Piggy flies through the air during a pig contest


1st winner

Second Winner

The Shot

 pig making waves

 Pig flying through the air

See you tomorrow…(tonight actually)

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A Big Interview, Nuclear Secrets, Ahmadinejad’s Grin, SERIOUSLY Silly Crew Dancing, 2 Shots…let me catch my breath…AC360 25 09 09

Anderson Cooper. How are you?

Yes I’m reporting on your reporting/anchoring of yesterday’ show in case you read this. I would like to thank you for bringing us unbiased stories where you make sure that you don’t tell us things that just don’t exist…just like for the Census Worker Mystery Death story. I always thought you did an excellent job at being faithful to bring us the story as it is and not sugarcoat it or lie about it for the sake of making a headline. Although I know it’s not my fault, I’m sorry that people keep saying CNN sugarcoats/sensationalises/makes up stories. I’ve never felt this coming from you and whoever says the opposite is deaf or blind, possibly both. I and everyone who reads this blog truly love your reporting style, even when we joke around about things. At the end of the day, it is so refreshing to have an anchor who is so into his reporting, who visibly cares about the people he reports about but who knows how to stay incredible cool, calm and collected. I’ll end by saying thank you.

About Iranian President Ahmedinejad, I find it hillarious that people never know how to spell and pronounce his name…i once heard someone call him “Ahmadpyjama” on a forum.

This said….on to yesterday’s show and I hope you’re not upset I didn’t post the photo of you and Kelly having dinner. No I don’t have anything, just messing with ya.

Lastly Cooper and everyone else, I’m not Aaron with all his techy top notch material so my photos are not of a quality as high as his…bet ya can’t wait for him to report Tuesday…

Welcome to the daily Friday AC360 09 26 09 recap…

Anderson Cooper 26 09 09

Anderson Cooper announces the stories of the night:

– A shocking new report in the mysterious death of a Kentucky Census Worker.

– Irani leaderAhmedinejad says that he’s done nothing wrong after getting fire from US, France and Britain who say he’s building a secret underground nuclear plant.

– More

Starting with Irans’s Nuclear Secrets Revealed:

(sorry your eyes are closed, Andy…)

Irans Nuclear Weapons




Irans Nuclear Secrets 1

At some point, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is caught off guard at a question from the wife of an Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hezbollah at a news conference at the United Nations, urging him to use his influence over the guerrilla group to allow aid workers to see her husband.

Ahmadinejad ignored her, saying “next question.” and was visibly caught off guard…

Here’s the photo below…I personally think Ahmadwhatever always seems to grin but that’s just me

Amahdinejad's smirks as caught off guard

Amahdinejad's smirks as caught off guard


BREAKING NEWS – Anderson Cooper & David Mattingly

Census Worker was found dead naked and bound with the word ‘Fed’ written on his body. Shocking new details.

census worker found dead 4


David Mattingly in Atlanta reports on Census Worker death 2



Anderson Cooper interviews former U.S. President Bill Clinton about Afghanistan and much more, don’t miss it…

A couple of shots from the interview, much more photos in the other Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton blog post:

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton 7

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton 5


(I’ll let you discover those in images…)

Erica Hill N&B 26 09 09

Travolta case


Pilot used place for stalking


Manson follower atkins dies


Baby born in embryo mix-up


That’s right…not one shot but TWO !!!

1st one…


2nd…is yesterday’s shot (the baby dancing to Beyoncé one that made me laugh to tears)…ok so that’s technically only one shot…sorry I put your hopes up to only let everything crash on the floor. BUT WAIT before you become depressed with sadness, this one shot actually has the 360 crew dancing….and I love dancing so you’ll excuse the hundreds of photos about this :)…can’t stop laughing… STOP MAKING ANDERSON COUGH you naughty crew…yup got the video too…and I’m out of time…


The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 5

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 4

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 3

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 2





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