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Not going anywhere

Here’ s some of AC’s recent tweets.  Looks like Regis has got a bit of a wrong idea.

From ac: been getting a lot of emails about silly rumors Regis Philbin is retiring in two years and I will start to host with Kelly Ripa…

From ac: this is ridiculous. I think it started in the National Enquirer. I’m bery happy on 360 and though I love filling in on R and K….

Regis is not about to retire, and no one can fill his shoes.

From ac: oops, I think I said bery…I meant very

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Anderson Cooper’s Second and Last Tweet from Afghanistan 2009

Anderson Cooper tweeted about 10 hours ago, this Sunday Morning.


From ac: just got back from afghanistan. Have a hacking cough. Many who go there get it. I think I annoyed lots of people on flight

about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry

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First tweet from Afghanistan

Anderson tweeted from his blackberry:


From ac: in kabul. Got here last night. It’s dawn now and we are heading out. I can’t say where just yet. Not sure what to expect….

5:22 PM Sep 5th from TwitterBerry

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