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A Sad Aftermath…

Ketsana reportedly killed 250 people in Metro Manila and I have a feeling that the body count is going to go up. Tens of thousands of families were stuck in roofs for days with nothing to eat or drink. Floods reached as high as ten feet and it wasn’t just those who lived in the slum areas who were affected, but even those who lived in what was once called plush subdivisions. Rains still continue and there still are a few flooded areas.

About 80 percent of electricity is back and all may seem normal unless you go to an area where the flood is no more but you smell the stink as you walk through mud, garbage, dead dogs and cats and even bodies. It is a sad site, considering that those affected were generally middle class suburbian houses.

But then again, Ketsana, may have been destructive but she did prove that she was a mean equalizer. In a country where there is an almost horrendous gap between the rich and the poor, perhaps, there is a lesson to be learned here.

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo — contrary to other reports — surged through the flooded streets on the first dawn after the floods gobbled the houses and was visibly shocked at what she saw. Only hours after the flood, Mrs. Arroyo tried (along with her bodyguards and cabinet members) to try and find a way to get to the flooded areas. She rode an army truck at about 2 am Sunday to make damn sure that rescue operations go smoothly and orderly. Her Defense Secretary, Gilbert Teodoro, also wasn’t sleeping because he was with his president figuring out how to rescue thousands of people who were stranded on the roofs. One can hardly say that the Armed Forces of the Philippines didn’t TRY, because five of them lost their lives in the first two days of the rescue operations. They were heroes, of course, but it is always better to have live heroes than dead ones. What went wrong?

CNN reports that it was because water from a dam was released, a report that was denied by the local governments. What went wrong is simply that people were too used to typhoons and Ketsana wasn’t even a huge storm, so most never thought that it could bring so much rain. The local weather bureau had no idea either. It was a Saturday liek no other, when people went out to the malls (and got stranded there) or stayed at home with the hope of enjoying a peaceful weekend, not expecting a deluge.


Another thing that was wrong was that these so-called “grassroots leaders” called the barangays were useless. Go to any barangay chief and ask them what they’ve dome for their community and they’ll show you a basketball court. They should have gone for rubber boats instead. Mayors of the cities were too busy wanting to become the next president to even think that a disaster of this magnitude could occur. On the day the rain started so-called “presidential candidates” were bickering, politicking or “out on a campaign” outside of Metro Manila.If they weren’t, they were too busy attacking Gloria Arroyo who was riding in an army truck trying to pick up people stranded in the flooded streets. President Arroyo wasn’t to blame for anything either, because she didn’t cause the rains. Instead, for the FIRST time since Ferdinand Marcos, she opened the gates of the Presidential Palace to give out food and shelter to those who were hungry and wet and yet unsheltered. Perhaps, the only thing she should have done which she failed to do was to call up Israeli President Bibi Netanyahu for a change and ask for Israeli-made rubber boats.

Later.. very much later.. politicians have emerged again to “invite people” who were unaffected to donate goods, money, or “old clothes” so that they can distribute it to the people who were affected by this disaster. Perhaps, the biggest disaster is that there are politicians who care for NOTHING but their image.

The biggest problem is that the people do not see a working INTELLIGENT president when they see one — instead they only listen to what the media says. Sadly, the biggest media is owned by the “kingmakers” who obviously have their own “pet candidates”. Thus, the biggest disaster than Ketsana is the system. The kind of system which Gloria Arroyo doesn’t belong to because she’s too decent to be in that same league.



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Facebook Obama Poll is Disgusting BUT…


Facebook users who participated in the recent Obama polls that inquire whether President Obama should die probably took the polls as one of those things that some nut starts at Facebook. It’s stupid however, if not downright hateful. It tells me that someone wishes Obama dead and wishes to express that rather wicked wish by coming up with a POLL on Facebook.

Is something like this covered by the First Amendment and freedom of speech clause? I would say yes.

That also means that the Secret Service have every right to investigate anyone wanting the President of the United States dead. Yet, it frankly does NOT amaze me because .. well, it’s Facebook.

It’s the same social networking network anyway that also allowed sites such as “Israel is NOT a Country”; “I Hate Jews”; “There is NO Israel”, “F**ck Israel” but I didn’t hear any reportage against these groups. There was even a Holocaust denial site at Facebook. That’s exactly what keeps the Jewish Internet Defense Forces busy these days. The JIDF founder , David Appleton (probably not his real name), makes damn sure that every anti-Jewish website is taken noticed by the Facebook community so that those who have some sense of decency can, at least, FLAG and report the group as promoting terrorism, racial conflict and hate.

Personally, I completely support that JIDF after it found out that plans of terrorism are actually being planned by Hezbollah in a Facebook group. Violence is not covered at all by the First Amendment and so is the oppression of any group — be they women, Jews, blacks and gays. Thus, it isn’t surprising that someone wants to kill Barack Obama at Facebook. There are millions of Facebook users and there are terrorists, plain crazies, killers, or plain psychos. The JIDF discovered that there are groups of terrorists who even meet and exchange ideas over at Facebook.

Sure, we should care about Barack Obama. We support the Secret Service in investigating those behind the “polls” asking people if they want him dead. On the other hand, we suggest that these groups be deleted too : * F**k Israel And Their Holocaust Bull**** – 838 members * F**k Israel And Their Holocaust Bull***** – 128 members * Holocaust Revisionists – 52 members * Holohoax – 24 members * Holocaust: A series of lies – 31 members * Holocaust is a Myth – 42 members * How Many People Hate Israel? – 68,000 members * i bet i can find thousands who hate israel, we hate those child killers – 55,000 members * I Wonder How Quickly I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who HATE Israel…- 27,437 members * Invite your friends if u hate “ISRAEL” – 15,228 members * I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who hate Israel -14,051 members * We bet we can find 1.000.000 person hate “Israel” – 11,119 members * We Hate Israel – 4,717 members * Zgnječi Izrael!Destroy Israel!- 1,584 members * I Hate Israel – 1,322 members * HATE ISRAEL – 823 members * Hate Israel! – 416 members * HATE ISRAEL – 337 members * God Destroy all of Israel -172 Members * how to help Gaza = how to destroy Israel ( Join us to Act in your Field ) – 24 members

Isn’t it amazing how one group even has a Do It Yourself group on ways and means to destroy Israel? Okay, we can also please the First Amendment but then again, I am NOT one who wishes to discuss the death and destruction of a people or nation – or a person. Even if it was George W. Bush during his days and there were about a thousand anti-Bush Facebook groups. Or maybe George W. wasn’t sensitive or easily offended. Or it would have cost the government more than two wars to send the Secret Service to investigate every Facebook group that attacked George W.Bush.

For some reason, I miss that guy today and wish him well.


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Time to Call Batman vs The Mad Hatter

There are speeches and there are just speeches. Myriads of speeches, in fact, are cheered and applauded. One however will stand out in history and that was what Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered before the UN a day after Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke before the UN saying nothing new really, except his incessant attack on Israel and the United States. It would be safe to presume that the delegations representing different countries who walked out were too bored or too decent to give lunatic an audience. It was a lot more amusing however the last time, AhMADdinejad gave a speech. At least then, there were two other clowns who joined his party. The two clowns, however, were arrested by UN security that failed to arrest the biggest clown there then, all because he delivering one of his nutty speeches.

Of course, AhMADdinejad made it clear his commitment. Not to commit himself to an insane asylum as he should probably have, but his commitment to destroy Israel. It was also a speech that, once again, denied the Holocaust, which is another of this tyrant’s favorite subject. Oh no, the Holocaust never happened according to this bastard, but he probably believes with all his heart that camels fly and some god talks to him. The nerve of this tyrant whose people he continues to slaughter for twittering what is really happening in his country to once again, deny that the Holocaust never happened. Thus, Netanyahu had to ask those who sat throughout the speech (most of them who believe in flying camels incidentally), “Have you no shame?”. It isn’t hard to disagree with Netanhayu when he inquires what has become of the United Nations, supposedly a forum to promote world peace. Why did it allow this Iranian NUT to use the UN forum to threaten another country?

Have we forgotten those he shot dead in the streets for protesting his cheating in the last Iranian elections? Anyone who did not walk out of this Iranian despot’s speech is a fruitcake or has a penchant for listening to sadists who wish to threaten his own people and the world. Yes, anyone with a wee sense of decency should have left the floor. Netanhayu held THE COPY of the minutes of the meeting of the 1942 Wannsee-Hitler plan to exterminate all Jews, gypsies adn homosexuals and asked : “ Is this protocol a lie?” He then showed the UN the old original architectural plans of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and asked : “Are these plans of the camp where one million Jews were murdered a lie too?” I agree with Netanyahu that there is reason to doubt the United Nations after giving the Mad Hatter of Iran a hearing, It is not a question of the Palestinian people ONLY, people– particularly women — are oppressed at Congo, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. And neither is the answer to the Palestinian problem “baiting Israel”. Thankfully, I am not Mr. Netanyahu lest I give this Iranian fruitcake something that rhymes with cukes.

It isn’t about the Palestinian people MORE than it is a war between the civilization and barbarism.

“What a perversion of truth…“. Indeed.


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The World Is Amused at “Tea Parties”

We can’t sugarcoat the truth — there are racist Americans, and for some eerie reason, they all seem to be in the so-called Bible belt where they defend Jesus and guns and they hate Barack ObamaJimmy Carter was being polite when he told NBC News :

“I live in the South, and I’ve seen the South come a long way, and I’ve seen the rest of the country that shares the South’s attitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly African-Americans.”

Before Obama was elected there were pretty petty (alliteration!) issues that some people–particularly who vaunted themselves as “real rednecks”; ” Moral Majority Christians”, “Patriots” and other weird phases of referring to themselves — brought up. They banged their keyboards and their heads over their concerns such as :

1. Obama was going to bring about the Apocalypse.

2. Obama was out to kill babies and he was a buddy of abortionists and fanatical Islam.

3. He was born in Kenya. He was also born in Indonesia. He was later again born in the Philippines according to some crackpot named Shelley the Republican :

Shelly, the Republican writes : “Can we allow a negro to occupy the White House? I say it’s our responsibility to check the background of the American Negro. Good patriots often said that Barack’s true allegience lies with his African tribe rather (than) with the American people. The allegience to its heritage is stronger than any ties to countries and flags. Barrack grew up in the Philippines, the largest Islamic nation on earth. In addition to being a negro, he was raised to believe in Allah and Shairia Law”.

Here’s that horrendously dumb blog entry – CLICK.

4. Obama would start another Holocaust.This was an email sent by so-called Evangelical Christians to 70,000 Jewish voters. Fortunately, most Jews seem to have a sense of humor and dismissed the letter as spam.

5. Obama’s birth cerificate is a fake. His Hawaiian buddies made it up for him.

Jimmy Carter was correct, but what he didn’t add was that most of these racists are hardly educated, though that is no justification for being forever stupid.

Obama, seems to be their “anti-thesis” — a black man who went to Harvard, was elected to the Senate and made it to the Presidency. Now, that hurts the feelings of Shelley the Republican and many people like her. Tragically, there are hundred of thousands who THINK like her – not that they were born retarded – just that they take pride in their being THE “real” Americans because they happen to be white. Aside from that, most of them breathe and live on these words : “patriotic”,” The Second Amendment”, “Moral and Family Values”…. and all of these phases are GOOD, unless the same words are “twisted” to suit their “Obama-hatred”.

Thus, Obama MUST be that beast set out by aliens/the devil/terrorists/tooth fairy to destroy America. If you ask them WHY they THINK this way, they’ll tell you that you’re an unpatriotic immigrant totally undeserving of ALL the “benefits of America.” Yet, they’re MAD over health care – not realizing most of them need the mental cure. But the TRUTH is that it is Not about health care. Carter was right : “It’s deeper than that”. He clinched it when he said : ”  I think it’s based on racism. There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.. ”

So they go to “tea-parties” (how British!) calling the President a Nazi, a socialist (as if it were an evil word) and a chum of abortionists.

As the world watches this comedy with amusement, they begin to have second thoughts about the claim that America is the haven of democracy. Canadians are finding it funny that “socialism” has become an EVIL word.


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AC360 September 10, 09

AC Anderson Cooper initially reports from the poorest country in the planet. Ironically, the first report is about the speech of the President of the richest country in the world assuring every American that ” his health plan” shall go on despite what his Republican critics say. Obama tells the joint session of Congress that the time for bickering is OVER. Health care cost of his plan is 900 billion which Obama defends as : ” less than the cost of the Afghanistan and Iraq war..”

Anderson Cooper polls his viewers about Obama’s Health Care Plan : 72% say that they understand Obama’s plan while 26% percent say that they did not comprehend the plan. Another poll shows that 56% of AC360 viewers reacted postively to the Obama speech on Health Care; 21% were “somewhat positive” and 21% were negative.

His secondary report is about Aghanistan where he reports from a US Patrol Base Jaker. He tells us that he woke to the sound of gunshots and illumination (flare)”. He goes on saying however that this seems “the kind of thing you hear a lot these days…” His report touches on the “raid” carried a day or two ago out by NATO to rescue British Journalist Stephen Farell. Cooper says that about 90 civilians were killed in the commando rescue including Farell’s translator and a woman. Later he continues to tell us about what’s REALLY happening at Helmand province where Dr Sanjay Gupta and US army medical doctors based at Camp Dwyer try and help wounded troops “within 60 minutes”. Cooper is quick to add that casualties are mounting from both sides : US soldiers and Afghan civilians.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta tells us that once a soldier is wounded there is only 60 minutes to act and save his/her life. “That’s it, once we get a call, we only have an hour.. we don’t know how bad they’re wounded, we don’t know what they need..” Gupta reports as he joins an elite medical team (called Battlefield Doctors). While most missions are about saving the lives of American military men and women this one with Gupta is a case of saving one local Afghan life. Gupta also interviews Combat Flight Medic Sgt. Nate Dabney.

Cooper inquires about the case of a wounded Afghan boy named “Malik”. Gupta informs him that “Malik” is back at home with his parents and has started to walk despite what doctors predict that the boy would be paralyzed for life.

We can only hope that “Malik” may one day climb peaceful mountains free from Taliban guerrillas and relatively enjoy a more comfortable life despite the fact that he continues to live in the poorest country in the planet.

Anderson Cooper’s report this time may not be as perfect as expected, but he’s one brave soul out there telling us all what’s really happening.

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Thriller Report From Moondust Camp


Cooper Anderson reported from Helmand Province, zeroing in on Camp Patrol Base Jaker. US Marines stationed at this camp have very little to be happy about. Temperatures are high and there is no air conditioning. Anderson attempts a walk in the dust he  called “moondust” and inquires how US Marines are coping with what he calls “primitive conditions”. To illustrate this point, he points to the makeshift bathroom and plumbing and a “human”  manure dump for some 50 US Marines who have been there for two months. The road to the Camp is perilous. On the way, Anderson points out that they may have to come back from the Camp with a huge envoy because ” the Talibans know they’ve taken that road.” While reporting inside the camp, he reports that he heard some gunfire coming from the same road. Anderson makes it a point to emphazise the difficulties of the US Marines in this makeshift camp. Diffucut as it may seem however, one young member of the US Marines declares that he has no choice but to be happy and proud that he’s a a Marine.

anderson cooper MOON DUST

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