The Truth: I only had one hour of sleep and will scream if I have to cover the Ballon Boy (Keeping me Honest)

I’d like to thank Aaron and George for covering all week. You guys did a brilliantly fantastically super duper hyper mega nice greatly AMAZING job.

In keeping in tune with this week’s TRUTH theme on AC360, as George pointed out.

I can’t cover Friday’s AC360 although I’m on duty. I’ve been working on some business application and writing all night for someone applying for a 100,000 contest as well as writing for some other client. I’m still behind on work !!!

One hour of sleep and feeling that disgusting sensation of an empty stomach full of hot coffee (I dont even drink and like coffee but was forced to stay awake as I dont have Coke at home it makes me hyper !)

I will punch someone if I have to hear just for one second the word ‘ballon boy’ and anything that speculates about Obama.

Let me catch some zzzz please and let’s hope I don’t dream about the Ballon Hoax.

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