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October 20, 2009

A little pre-show twitter action:

BoniniGirl: And also… I have to admit it -> #igottacrushon @andersoncooper ! ;0)



Breaking News – Gary Tuchman

James Arthur Ray is still on CNN.  Danielle and John, two former Ray followers, gave details of their experience in the sweat lodge.  This was a quick intro segment that got pushed down the agenda because Danielle, the would-be interviewee, decided not to show up.

Keeping them Honest – Joe Johns

joe johnsBank officials gave themselves raises: AC holds them accountable.  The subtitle was “Bailouts and Bonuses; We’re naming names.” These are in ascending order, so the best is last.

3.  Jeffrey Peek – CEO CIT Group

2.  Ken Lewis – CEO Bank of America – most of his perks were private airplanes

1.  Alvaro De Molina – CEL GMAC – 5 million in “perks”

All of these firms received TARP funds, so the salaries were ostensibly cut, but compensation was transmuted to “perks.”  AC asked about capping executive salaries, especially when big banks are considering handing out big bonuses these years.  Johns reported that we ought not expect a maximum wage.

Digging Deeper – Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Fmr. Comptroller David Walker

keeping them honest

Kaptur, a democratic representative from Ohio, blamed the excess on the culture of greed.  I think she actually used those words.  Thankfully, she shifted from the soft liberal to a hard-nosed accountability maven.

AC pointed out that the major tragedy here is not that the banks received TARP funds, but that they cut down on mortgages while taking in extra funds for themselves.

Some audio problems with Walker, so AC shot to a quick commerical.

Whoa, AC is kicking butt.  He called Obama out by saying that he’s trying to get support from execs while blasting them at the same time.   Here’s a clip:

I’m officially getting sick of the word “perk.”  Walker said that the government needs to create a better system of oversight to ensure that there are no loopholes through which those dreaded perks can travel.

Oh Kaptur.  Don’t be so soft and if you’re going to be hard, be staunch about it.  AC asked her why she thought current leaders should abide by a regulation that wasn’t in place when they took the money, vis a vis a new proposal of hers.  Her reply, “Because America needs it.”  Kaptur then added that she would support legislation that banned any current bank CEO from dealing with the federal government everyday.  I think she was bullied as a child.  “I’m taking my ball and going home!  Nyah nyah nyah!”

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Follow – Eugene Bailey cleared in Derrion Albert beating

Obama met with Iraqi Prime Minister, says he will withdraw combat troops by next August

College cost up 4.4 percent!

Indianopolis cops say that Gregory Smith, the praying robber, has been caught

Raw Politics – Michael ware

Karzai agrees to a run-off election.  The big question is whether or not the run-off will have any more legitimacy than the original election.  In the last one, there were 7,000 observers…and it was still effed up.  There’s a herculean feat to organize an election before the snows come, which gives them about two weeks to get it together.

Ware, speaking for the Afghan people as only an Aussie can do, equated both Karzai and Abdullah as a bunch of crooks.

Paul Begala and Kevin Madden

kevin madden
Begala comes right out of the box calling Karzai corrupt and inept.  Obama is looking for a political partner in Afghanistan, and probably won’t wait two weeks to make any decisions.

Madden agreed that the government has been corrupt from day one.

Afghanistan needs a credible government in order to survive and America needs a credible government in Afghanistan in order to support and eventually complete our mission there.

The Iraq troop surge in Iraq came in the wake of the Sunni Awakening, which made the troop surge viable.  Both Ware and Begala agreed that no such event has occurred in Iraq.

Here’s a tweet I found on the subject:

wluce: @andersoncooper While Obama is waiting for whatever he’s waiting for, it’s costing the lives of our solders.

Crime and Punishment – Gary Tuchman

Danielle (last name withheld) is a former sweat lodge participant.  She had a picture of herself standing next to Ray, while he was wearing a “Death to Death” t-shirt.  Ray told the people in the lodge that they wouldn’t die, but they would feel like it.

This Ray character is something between a charlatan and a false prophet.  I wonder what kind of person would actually give their money to him.

One of the sweat lodge victim was admitted to the hospital as a Jane Doe, meaning that Ray didn’t have the courtesyy to even take her to the hospital and sign her in properly.  He’s still giving seminars, meaning that some people in this country are extremely oblivious.

Interview – Eva Longoria Parker


Since Latino in America is coming on tomorrow, every show is inviting latinos to speak.

AC said that Eva is one of the only latino superstars in Hollywood.  She said you couldn’t name 3 latino (or latina) superstars in Hollywood.  Longoria took on immigration reform.  She believes that states should not be able to enfore their own border/immigration laws.  Why should anybody from Kentucky have a say in what goes on down at the frontier, I want to ask her.

Something woke me up when AC and Longoria talked about her upcoming documentary about latino children doing agricultural labor.  Many of these kids are politically American, and are still treated awfully.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Steve McNair’s mistress was stressed before killing him

Palin and Oprah!!

Carrie Prejean needs to pay back her boob job
they're fake!Balloon Boy 911 call (even though he called the FAA first):

The shot

The agony.  I’m giving you photos AND a video:

erica hill

are we still on

goofy smile[/caption]

are we still on[/caption]

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