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September 30, 2009

Back in close-up at the top of the show, Anderson is still at least previewing most of the segments.  It must be lonely in that little box.

Sorry about the shortage of photos/video tonight.  My recorder had a bit of a glitch and I didn’t get to record the whole show.

Breaking News

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake killed at least 100  in Indonesia.  Footage from Padang in Sumatra.  Wayne Ulrich on the phone says that the situation is “not good.”  Thousands may be trapped in the rubble.  Anderson reported that he’s heard about people digging through the rubble with their hands looked for loved ones.  The footage spoke of devastation, catastrophic devastation.  The  Red Cross has established a makeshift refugee shelter.



At  least 111 people killed in Samoan islands, Tonga.  A tsunami rode in on the earthquake and leveled several coastal towns.  President Obama has declared the area an official disaster.

Raw Politics

Is President Obama at risk?  Physically?

Thomas Friedman said that conditions in America now are like the conditions that existed in Israel before Rabin was killed.  Republican party leader Michael Steele called Friedman a nutjob on Morning Edition.

William Bennett said that Thomas Friedman was “nuts, just nuts.”  “The middle west is not the middle east.”  Bennett then commented that the last two presidents to dodge bullets were conservatives.

James Carville gave it a little more credence, saying that there is a little bit of a difficult atmosphere out there.  Bennett replied that the atmosphere was difficult for Bush, as well, but nobody said anything about it.

AC asked Carville if things are worse for Obama than they have been for other presidents.  Carville said that it was a “lowball.”  I love the fact that this guy is a sportscaster.  AC asked about Carville’s reaction to Bill Clinton’s “vast right wing conspiracy.”  Bennett was visibly perturbed by the question.  Carville said that it’s not a conspiracy anymore, but that it’s now out in the open.

This whole debate reminds me of the racism talks of a few weeks past.  This is slightly more grounded in real events (the Facebook poll), but ought CNN give credence to the periphery?

Breaking News

6.8 magnitude earthquake rocks Indonesia.  There’s a journalist on the scene and they were trying to make contact.

360 Bulletin

EPA going over emissions regulations

GM kills Saturn

Bank of America’s CEO steps down

New Dorm Sex Rules: No dorm sex at Tufts University! No sexiling!!  AC said he’d never heard of sexiling.

During the commercials, we got a shot of Anderon’s CNN Heroes show!



Keeping Them Honest

Aftermath of the murder of Derrion Albert in Chicago.  People have been talking and talking about solutions, but with all the talk, kids are still killing kids.



Gary Tuckman reports from Chicago.  There are memorials being erected all over the city (most likely mostly on the south side), in honor of fallen children.  Thirty-seven kids have been killed in Chicago in the past year.  This is more than L.A.  The superintendent (CEO) of Chicago schools said that he’s going to spend stimulus dollars to create programs to help fight violence.

Alderman Carrie Austin, who represents the district with the highest incidence of violence, offers social services and only social services as a solution for youth violence.

Police superintendent, Jody Weis, said that he’s trying to intelligently deploy police officers, not just send them out at random.  AC asked why Chicago schools are particularly violent.  Weis answered by reflecting on the recent tragedy.  Why would an honors student be killed by his peers?  Weis blamed the problem on society and said that the key to changing this attitude is community involvement and conflict resolution classes.

AC pointed out that the first officer on the scene is accused of not intervening in the beating.  Weis deflected wisely by asking why the amateur videographer didn’t call the police.  AC questioned why the  dozens of people who were watching the fight haven’t come forward with the names of the attackers.  Weis said that nobody has called in, but didn’t offer any concrete answers.  He said that there’s a “no snitching” movement that is supported by rappers.

Both the Alderman and the police superintendent said anything they could say that would shift the responsibility from their heads to those of the community at large.  The school superintendent, who apparently calls himself a CEO, said that he’s got ideas for initiatives to fight school violence.  When will someone in the public eye ever stand up for their ideas and own up to responsibility?  All three of the people interviewed completely waffled when it came to individual responsibility for preventing crime in schools, instead shunting responsibility to “the community.”  Yet, we wonder why the crime persists?

Crime and Punishment

Roman Polanski is slowly being reframed as a victim by his Hollywood friends.  Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen have signed a petition demanding Polanski’s release.  Hollywood producer Weinstein said that Polanski is the victim of a judge who did not honor his own agreement.

Polanski apparently cut a plea bargain that included his pleading to unlawful sex with a minor, which is statutory rape.  He would serve no jail time but for a psychological evaluation.  The judge is said to have promised to not honor the plea bargain.



Joy Behar pointed out that the Hollywood community always comes out and circles the wagons for one of their own.  She maked the obvious Woody Allen connection (and I thought I was being original yesterday).  Lisa Bloom jumped in and said that Polanski received a “sweet plea deal” from the judge.  He had been charged for six felonies.  She was absolutely livid.  Maybe the judge was kin to her?

AC asked Bloom about revisionist history in Hollywood.  She said that the arguments that have come up in support of Polanski were atrocious and disgusting.

Breaking News

Back on the 6.8 earthquake.  This earthquake hit Sumatra Island.

Keeping Them Honest

Given the recent crumbling of the public option, all eyes will now be on private insurers.

Tom Foreman spoke with Yogi Yogan, who tried to get treatment for a broken wrist but was told that she had a pre-existing condition.  She had to go through an insurance jungle to get covered.  Foreman then spoke with a doctor who has chosen to not accept insurance and instead offer a fee for services.  She was sick of seeing her patient lose their wealth and their health.

Robert Zirkelbach, head of America’a Health Insurance Plans (as in, I’ve broken A HIP and nobody will pay for it!) said that insurers, too, are trying to cut through all of the paperwork.

360 Bulletin

John Travolta back in the Bahamas to speak in the extortion trial

Sarah Palin’s book is a #1 bestseller before it’s published

5-year-old kills an alligator

The Shot

Elephant Gone Wild!  I’ll have to link later.

Afterwards, they cued up an older elephant video.  What to do if you don’t have enough material for a full hour because your journalist on the ground in the aftermath of an earthquake isn’t available at the moment?  Funny animal videos!!!


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A Big Interview, Nuclear Secrets, Ahmadinejad’s Grin, SERIOUSLY Silly Crew Dancing, 2 Shots…let me catch my breath…AC360 25 09 09

Anderson Cooper. How are you?

Yes I’m reporting on your reporting/anchoring of yesterday’ show in case you read this. I would like to thank you for bringing us unbiased stories where you make sure that you don’t tell us things that just don’t exist…just like for the Census Worker Mystery Death story. I always thought you did an excellent job at being faithful to bring us the story as it is and not sugarcoat it or lie about it for the sake of making a headline. Although I know it’s not my fault, I’m sorry that people keep saying CNN sugarcoats/sensationalises/makes up stories. I’ve never felt this coming from you and whoever says the opposite is deaf or blind, possibly both. I and everyone who reads this blog truly love your reporting style, even when we joke around about things. At the end of the day, it is so refreshing to have an anchor who is so into his reporting, who visibly cares about the people he reports about but who knows how to stay incredible cool, calm and collected. I’ll end by saying thank you.

About Iranian President Ahmedinejad, I find it hillarious that people never know how to spell and pronounce his name…i once heard someone call him “Ahmadpyjama” on a forum.

This said….on to yesterday’s show and I hope you’re not upset I didn’t post the photo of you and Kelly having dinner. No I don’t have anything, just messing with ya.

Lastly Cooper and everyone else, I’m not Aaron with all his techy top notch material so my photos are not of a quality as high as his…bet ya can’t wait for him to report Tuesday…

Welcome to the daily Friday AC360 09 26 09 recap…

Anderson Cooper 26 09 09

Anderson Cooper announces the stories of the night:

– A shocking new report in the mysterious death of a Kentucky Census Worker.

– Irani leaderAhmedinejad says that he’s done nothing wrong after getting fire from US, France and Britain who say he’s building a secret underground nuclear plant.

– More

Starting with Irans’s Nuclear Secrets Revealed:

(sorry your eyes are closed, Andy…)

Irans Nuclear Weapons




Irans Nuclear Secrets 1

At some point, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is caught off guard at a question from the wife of an Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hezbollah at a news conference at the United Nations, urging him to use his influence over the guerrilla group to allow aid workers to see her husband.

Ahmadinejad ignored her, saying “next question.” and was visibly caught off guard…

Here’s the photo below…I personally think Ahmadwhatever always seems to grin but that’s just me

Amahdinejad's smirks as caught off guard

Amahdinejad's smirks as caught off guard


BREAKING NEWS – Anderson Cooper & David Mattingly

Census Worker was found dead naked and bound with the word ‘Fed’ written on his body. Shocking new details.

census worker found dead 4


David Mattingly in Atlanta reports on Census Worker death 2



Anderson Cooper interviews former U.S. President Bill Clinton about Afghanistan and much more, don’t miss it…

A couple of shots from the interview, much more photos in the other Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton blog post:

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton 7

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton 5


(I’ll let you discover those in images…)

Erica Hill N&B 26 09 09

Travolta case


Pilot used place for stalking


Manson follower atkins dies


Baby born in embryo mix-up


That’s right…not one shot but TWO !!!

1st one…


2nd…is yesterday’s shot (the baby dancing to Beyoncé one that made me laugh to tears)…ok so that’s technically only one shot…sorry I put your hopes up to only let everything crash on the floor. BUT WAIT before you become depressed with sadness, this one shot actually has the 360 crew dancing….and I love dancing so you’ll excuse the hundreds of photos about this :)…can’t stop laughing… STOP MAKING ANDERSON COUGH you naughty crew…yup got the video too…and I’m out of time…


The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 5

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 4

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 3

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 2





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