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Facebook Obama Poll is Disgusting BUT…


Facebook users who participated in the recent Obama polls that inquire whether President Obama should die probably took the polls as one of those things that some nut starts at Facebook. It’s stupid however, if not downright hateful. It tells me that someone wishes Obama dead and wishes to express that rather wicked wish by coming up with a POLL on Facebook.

Is something like this covered by the First Amendment and freedom of speech clause? I would say yes.

That also means that the Secret Service have every right to investigate anyone wanting the President of the United States dead. Yet, it frankly does NOT amaze me because .. well, it’s Facebook.

It’s the same social networking network anyway that also allowed sites such as “Israel is NOT a Country”; “I Hate Jews”; “There is NO Israel”, “F**ck Israel” but I didn’t hear any reportage against these groups. There was even a Holocaust denial site at Facebook. That’s exactly what keeps the Jewish Internet Defense Forces busy these days. The JIDF founder , David Appleton (probably not his real name), makes damn sure that every anti-Jewish website is taken noticed by the Facebook community so that those who have some sense of decency can, at least, FLAG and report the group as promoting terrorism, racial conflict and hate.

Personally, I completely support that JIDF after it found out that plans of terrorism are actually being planned by Hezbollah in a Facebook group. Violence is not covered at all by the First Amendment and so is the oppression of any group — be they women, Jews, blacks and gays. Thus, it isn’t surprising that someone wants to kill Barack Obama at Facebook. There are millions of Facebook users and there are terrorists, plain crazies, killers, or plain psychos. The JIDF discovered that there are groups of terrorists who even meet and exchange ideas over at Facebook.

Sure, we should care about Barack Obama. We support the Secret Service in investigating those behind the “polls” asking people if they want him dead. On the other hand, we suggest that these groups be deleted too : * F**k Israel And Their Holocaust Bull**** – 838 members * F**k Israel And Their Holocaust Bull***** – 128 members * Holocaust Revisionists – 52 members * Holohoax – 24 members * Holocaust: A series of lies – 31 members * Holocaust is a Myth – 42 members * How Many People Hate Israel? – 68,000 members * i bet i can find thousands who hate israel, we hate those child killers – 55,000 members * I Wonder How Quickly I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who HATE Israel…- 27,437 members * Invite your friends if u hate “ISRAEL” – 15,228 members * I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who hate Israel -14,051 members * We bet we can find 1.000.000 person hate “Israel” – 11,119 members * We Hate Israel – 4,717 members * Zgnječi Izrael!Destroy Israel!- 1,584 members * I Hate Israel – 1,322 members * HATE ISRAEL – 823 members * Hate Israel! – 416 members * HATE ISRAEL – 337 members * God Destroy all of Israel -172 Members * how to help Gaza = how to destroy Israel ( Join us to Act in your Field ) – 24 members

Isn’t it amazing how one group even has a Do It Yourself group on ways and means to destroy Israel? Okay, we can also please the First Amendment but then again, I am NOT one who wishes to discuss the death and destruction of a people or nation – or a person. Even if it was George W. Bush during his days and there were about a thousand anti-Bush Facebook groups. Or maybe George W. wasn’t sensitive or easily offended. Or it would have cost the government more than two wars to send the Secret Service to investigate every Facebook group that attacked George W.Bush.

For some reason, I miss that guy today and wish him well.



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AC360: Political Analysis of 09 17 09

United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments at a press conference yesterday provided the launching point for an interesting discussion during A slower show than last night. Fewer topics, more detail. Maybe Anderson Cooper 360 read my note at the beginning of yesterday’s post.

Pelosi likened the attacks on President Barack Obama and his health care reform proposal to anti-gay rhetoric she heard in San Francisco during the 1970s that led to the shooting deaths of Mayor George Moscone and gay Councilman Harvey Milk. Pelosi, who was a local Democrat Party leader at the time, appeared on the verge of tears Thursday as she recalled the deaths of Moscone and Milk in 1978 at the hands of Dan White, at the time a member of San Francisco’s board of supervisors.

ACassembled a group of roundtable participants to discuss Pelosi’s claims. The roundtable participants were Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA). Republican David Gergen and author Deepak Chopra.

All the roundtable participants seemed in agreement with Frank when he said the analogy was not a direct one, because White had a personal grievance he was seeking to resolve that led to his shooting of Moscone and Milk. The personal nature of the reason for the shooting made it a bit of a different case, Frank noted.

The background of White’s specific case involved White having resigned his seat on the board of supervisors. He then sought to withdraw the resignation and be reinstated, a move that Milk was in opposition to. It should be noted that White, who committed suicide several years later, was a Democrat.

Interestingly, however, Gergen drew what he saw as more of a parallel to Abraham Lincoln, noting that Lincoln’s critic`s drew pictures of him as a monkey and dehumanized him, leading, in Gergen’s view, to Lincoln’s assassination in 1865.

Frank’s analysis of the issue at hand drew itself back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, when Newt Gingrich rose to leadership of the Republican Party in the House and declared war on Democrats, who responded in turn. As a result, acrimony has become more prevalent within each party towards the other, leading to the present situation of minimal discussion and openness to ideas originating from the other party. Frank says the situation in the Senate is much friendlier than in the House as a result.

All seemed in agreement that there are radical elements in both parties that need to be identified and eliminated from being considered as part of their “base.” Frank sees Republicans as having made a mistake by initially associating themselves initially with anyone who opposed President Obama. This has led, in Frank’s view, to conservatives now being associated with fringe elements such as supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, long seen as being on the political fringe. A reluctance to pull back from such associated protesters, in Frank’s view, is hurting the Republican Party overall.

Rep. Rogers did not necessarily agree with Frank’s assessment, saying democrats did not pull back from association with Code Pink protesters during George Bush’s administration, and Republicans are not going to pull back from grass-roots protesters who are trying to pay their bills and do not see a way out of the economic mess they find themselves in, especially with increased government profligacy.

Chopra raised the most interesting point but was almost totally ignored by the others in what he said. Chopra, a supporter of President Obama’s health-care plans, noted that much of what we call end-of-life “care” does not improve life at all – it simply extends it. Chopra’s recognition of this was a call to center the debate on health care and its associated insurance concerns, but he received no recognition for his statement from the others on the roundtable. His comments, however, would provide the basis for a future thoughtful discussion.

Instead, we are concerned with charges of racism and fears of violence when the focus should be on rational debate about the health-care issue. It should be noted that of all the cable news talk programs, Cooper’s would seem the best suited to address the debate. There is rationality to the discussions on his program – whether it is because of the host itself or the late-night hour of its airing – that is does not deteriorate into the yelling and argumentative nature that makes itself prevalent on other talk offerings.

Anderson Cooper 360

Written by political analyst George Curcio

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September 17, 2009

A slower show than last night.  Fewer topics, more detail.  Maybe Anderson read my note at the beginning of yesterday’s post.

Intro 9/17

Intro 9/17

Raw Politics – Candy Crowley

All emotion – No action?  The main idea here is that there we’re getting so mired in talk of racism that we’ve forgotten to discuss healthcare.  John Legend spoke about this last night quite eloquently.

Nancy Pelosi was asked about how she perceived the current political atmosphere.  She answered, “I have concerns about some of the language that has been used…I saw this kind of rhetoric in the 70’s in San Francisco.  It created a climate in which violence took place.” She was comparing the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk (go see Milk if you haven’t) to the current anti-Obama rhetoric.  To be honest, this seemed like Pelosi struggling to be relevant.  While one can compare homophobia to racism at a very basic level, I think one could argue that the scope of one and the invisibility of the other renders the two incomparable.  It’s something like white people trying to say they understand racism because they once walked into a store filled with black people.

Pelosi, fervant

Pelosi, fervant

Rep. John Boehner (R) Ohio: “I reject this resoundly.”  Big surprise.

Following a replay of Nancy Pelosi, Robert Gibbs, and Joe Biden were both briefly displyed on screen.  As previously mentioned, Nancy just tried to stay relevant.  Gibbs said that President Obama is not buying the notion that racism is fueling the opposition to his plan.  Joe Biden, from Iraq, concurred.

You know, since Carter invoked racism, everyone has jumped into this ring and left the healthcare debate unmanned.  Everybody is now so filled with rhetoric and supplied talking points from politicized media outlets that there is no conversation left, just a great deal of shouting.

360 Interview – Rep. Barney Frank (D) Mass

Barney Frank is fantastic.  I have to admit that I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him on TV much.  He seems to me like a combination of Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill. When asked whether he agreed with Pelosi, he astutely pointed out that those murders were committed by ONE person and not a group of people.  They weren’t due to generalized homophobia, but a specifc grievance.  Frank continued to say that the House is becoming more partisan and the Senate less.  He blamed the polariziation of the country on Newt Gingrich, who supposedly thought it necessary to really demonize the Democrats in order to assure Republican victory.  Furthermore, the American public no longer receives its news from centrist source.  Rather, we have politically polarized media outlets (at this poitn Frank nodded politely at Anderson and said that CNN was more in the middle).

Just to get a taste of Rep. Frank, here’s a clip from later in the show of Frank’s exchange with a constituent.  You’re a table!

Digging Deeper

War of Words: Is heated talk preventing progress.

Tonight’s Digging Deeper was not about politics, not about racism, but about the impact of racism on politics.  Barney Frank and Mike Rogers were the major talkers, but David Gergen and Deepak Chopra made some notable contributions.  Deepak Chopra, really?

The panelists from Digging Deeper.  What's up with Barney Frank?

The panelists from Digging Deeper. What's up with Barney Frank?

Rep Mike Rogers (R) Michigan: Pelosi is blowing it out of proportion.

AC asked David Gergen if the current torrent of negativity towards the president is just the typical game of dissidents demonizing presidents.  Gergen referenced the cartoons that were drawn about Abraham Lincoln and drew attention to the end of that presidency.

Deepak Chopra spoke in his sleep-inducing montotone voice about the tyranny doctors.  He called Obama’s healthcare a “plan for social justice.”  After a few minutes of smooth talking, he ended with, “I think that Obama’s plan is really a good one.”

Barney Frank and Mike Rogers got into it here at the end of the discussion.  Frank said that the Republican party was at first happy to have the teabaggers in their fold because they didn’t have anything better to put on the table.  Once they developed some rational arguments, they tried to distance themselves from the bus-riding beverage wasters.

Nope.  No racism here.

Nope. No racism here.

Rogers countered by asking Frank why he didn’t censure the Code Pink demonstrators who spoke out against former President Bush.  Frank immediately jumped in and called Rogers out for “partisan diversion.”

Bulletin – Erica Hill

Obama changing plans on the missile defense shield in CENTRAL and eastern Europe, though they forgot the central and only said eastern.

Terror suspect killed in Indonesia

House voted to deny funding to ACORN.  Pimps and prostitutes no longer allowed in government buildings.

Raptorex discovered.  A baby T-Rex.  I want one as a pet.

Crime and Punishment

Raymond Clark has finally been arrested.  He got upraded from being a mere person of interest.  Annie Le (now described as a brilliant student).  Clark was asked if he understood his rights.  Clark’s response, “Yes, sir.”

"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

Some old classmates talking about how fun-loving and athletic Clark was.  Apparently, Clark was accused years ago of forcing his girlfriend to have sex with him.  One of the former classmates chalked it up to relationship problems.

Tom Foreman reported that Clark took the fifth and that he was taken into custody in order to to get a DNA sample.

Panel Discussion: Lisa Bloom and Rhonda Saunders

Lisa Bloom and Rhonda Saunders teamed up to discuss Clark’s possible motive.  Saunders, a criminal psychologist, was intent on framing this as a workplace incident.  Bloom, on the other hand, was sure that this goes beyond a small dose of violence and was a premeditated attack.  She said that she thought that Yale was just trying to cover up the fact that there was a killer on their campus.  Furthermore, Clark was in the Asian Awareness club in high school, so that might point to an Asian fixation.

A lawyer and a psychologist

A lawyer and a psychologist

Border Crossing Pork Payout

Keeping Them Honest – Drew Griffin

Drew Griffin reported from Montana, where two remote border posts are due to receive $15 million in upgrades.  Combined, the posts see about 22 cars each day.  Senators Baucus and Tester from Montana both said that the upgrades were crucial for security purposes.  A lisping representative from DHS chimed in his approval.

Just to let you know what they’re dealing with out there:

On the road in Montana

On the road in Montana

Janet Napolitano has put the upgrades on hold.  Due to media coverage and a senator from North Dakota wrote a letter.

Medical Malpractice – Gary Tuchman

Dr. Lester Dyke, a heart surgeon in McAllen, blames other  doctors for the increase in medical costs, not malpractice insurance.  He is aware that by speaking out he is committing professional suicide.  Referrals are already way down.

McAllen is in one of the poorest counties in America, but health care costs are among the highest.  Dyke claims that this is due to doctors sending patients to their privately owned facilities.  Dr. Cardenas, speaking from the clinic in which he owns a stake, disagreed.

This is a PRIVATE clinic

This is a PRIVATE clinic

36o Bulletin

Shots from inside the house of Phil and Nancy Garrido.  Cadaver dogs.  Garridos pled not guilty.  Human remains found on property plus a toilet shot.  Priceless.

Human Remains + Toilet Seat

Human Remains + Toilet Seat

Madoff’s beach house sold.

Michael Jackson’s mom gets 86k every month to support her grandchildren.

The Shot

Susan Boyle sings Wild Horses.  She’s got an album coming out.

No second hour due to Money & Main Street.

Money and Main Street

Money and Main Street

Anderson Cooper 360

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