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November 11, 2009

Carrie Prejean on Larry King, “Young women can learn from my mistakes.”  This was after she refused to take a phone call because of a deal that Larry King supposedly had with her “publicist.”  Poor Larry King.  He kept stretching for good questions, but Carrie kept shooting out lame answers, but at least she looked good doing it.

Breaking News – Suzanne Malveaux



President Obama rejects all current proposals on Afghanistan.  He’s simply not satisfied with them.  He wants a plan that transfers authority back to the Afghan government.  The problem could with Karzei, who is not acting like a good political partner.  Lastly, the President wants a plan with an inbuilt exit strategy.  Troop increases are not off the table, but specifics are necessary.

The US ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, is arguing against those increases.




They spoke very briefly about the troop level increases.  I was too taken aback by the sheer  power of the BergenGergen.

Inside the Massacre

Sgt. Kimberly Munley, who ended the Fort Hood massacre, spoke to Oprah today.  Saanjay Gupta interviewed a few more shooting victims.  One guy described bullet holes in the back of a friend’s head.  Then he fell silent.



Spc. Logan Burnette, the first speaker, said that Hasan said Allahu Akbar before opening fire.  Burnette is expected to make a full recovery, but with a good deal of rehab.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Alleged Blackwater pribes.  The company may have paid for image protection

Dow up to 10,291!

Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN.  THANK HEAVENS!

Homegrown hate – Up Close – Nic Robertson

This seems like the same clip from last night, but in a different country.  Now it’s a group in London whose plan is to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque.  Anjem Choudary, leader of Islam4UK, listed off all of the things that would be banned.  Whew.



Roberston said that the tactics employed in the UK and Europe are bound to end up on America’s shores.  They’re using the Internet to recruit new, young Muslims for terrorist training.

Peter Bergen was back on to discuss this phenomenon.  He called these groups Al Qaeda support groups.  Bergen said that current radical Islamists might have been memebers of the Weather Underground in a former  life.  I’d argue that religious terror is a great deal different from political terror.

Keeping Them Honest – Randi Kaye

Steven Burton is a bank employee who has been pretending to be a marine.  He’s going to confess to the crime tomorrow.  The crime is the unauthorized wearing of military medals.  He had a purple heart, a bronze star, and a navy cross, ALL AT ONCE.  These cases are called “Stolen Valor” cases.



Randi Kaye said that Burton might have stolen valor in order to get better parking spaces or preferential treatment at a VA hospital.

Raw Politics

Sarah Palin, who loves Facebook, said that she had a good chat with Oprah today.  Seriously, are we going to have to listen to this nonsense for the next 3 years.  If she gets elected President, I’m going rogue.  Seventy-one percent of Americans find Palin unfit for the Presidency.



Two young authors, Shushannah Walshe and Scott Conroy, have written a book about Sarah Palin.  Shushannah said that she resigned because she couldn’t take the daily grind of state politics.  It makes a presidential bid unlikely.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Follow: US Airlines pilot who was pulled off the plane for being drunk is sued

AIG  Chief claims poverty

Roadside Rockslide in Tennessee

The Shot

Whoa, it’s deja vu.  Carrie Prejean almost walking out on Larry King is tonight’s shot.

And the aftermath

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November 4, 2009

What better way to get ready for AC than listening to Larry King serenade the voluptuous Mariah Carey?

mariah carey

mariah carey

Raw Politics – Tom Foreman

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

Nancy Pelosi claimed that last night was a win for the Democratic Party, clearly focusing on the house election in northern New York.  Michael Steele, on the other hand, hailed the dawning of the Republican Renaissance.

Foreman said that the deciding issue is the economy.  People are scared, angry, scared, and stressed about the economy.  A large number of voters in Virginia and New Jersey shifted from independent to Republican.  Tom Foreman’s quote of the night regarding elections: “Turnout can make a huge difference.”  I used to like the magic wall, but tonight made me hate it.

Liz Cheney, GOP strategist, commented on the loss in NY-23.  She blamed the defeat on the Republican candidate, who withdrew from the race and threw her support behind the Democratic candidate and not the “conservative” candidate.  According to CNN, Conservative is now a political party.

liz cheney

liz cheney

Anderson asked Cheney about the big tent and the supposed purge of moderates in the Republican party.  AC kept calling Cheney out, saying that the policies that her idealized conservatives cry out against in the current administration were upheld by her father’s administration (she’s Dick Cheney’s daughter).

Health care reform came onto the table.  AC mentioned the fact that the governor of Virginia is for reform, and Cheney countered by saying that the governor wants tort reform rather than systemic change.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

11th body found in Ohio

H1N1 vaccine slow to reach troops

Fed keeps key rate steady

A 56-year old lady in PA held up a sign to get shamed for stealing from a 9-year old

Interview – David Plouffe

David Plouffe was Obama’s campaign manager and has written a new book called The Audacity to Win.  He said that the NY-23 win was good in that it might be indicative of a move to purge moderates from the Republican party.  Wow, they’re replaying the SAME part of the interview they played 15 minutes ago.

david plouffe

david plouffe

Plouffe also inserted the point that the economy will not reform without health care reform.  Eeeeeenteresting.  AC said that Plouffe created the grassroots movement that got Obama elected.  Plouffe replied that the grassroots movement didn’t get as much coverage as the teabaggers because the teabag leaders were loud and irresponsible.

Nation Divided – Evan Wolfson and Tony Perkins

Oh god.  The pro-marriage equality guy has a lisp.  Maine, as we all now, passed a bill that forbids gay marriage.  Perkins called gay marriage a special-interest agenda.  I’m afraid that I can’t write about this.  They’re arguing about the definition of marriage and applying to unseen authority.

nationdivided panel

nationdivided panel

If I had a dollar for each time Evan said actually, I’d have a lot of dollars.  Perkins said that he wanted to preserve the right to teach his children his values.  Evan called him out for trying to make himself the victim.

Beautiful question from AC: Do you think the tide of history is moving against your position?

Keeping Them Honest – Randi Kaye

Phillip Garrido was on parole for ten years but was largely left alone during that time.  AC called damning the new report on the Garrido case.  Seems like the parole officers even saw a 12-year-old girl on his property when he was visited.  Agents ignored malfunctions in his ankel bracelet more than 200 times.  Had agents paid more attention to his transponder, they might have noticed that he spent a great deal of time in the concealed compound.

randi kaye

randi kaye for some reason not talking about education as promised

Digging Deeper – Jeffrey Toobin and Lisa Bloom

Toobin commented on the ankle bracelet, saying that “you can have all the technology you want, but if people can’t use it then the technology is worthless.  As to legal ramifications, Blooms says the cops are covered.  The parole officers weren’t trained for home visits.

toobin bloom

toobin bloom

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Help for jobless and home buyers

Presidential event cancelled

Carrie Prejean dropped her lawsuit against Ms. California after a sex tape surfaced.



The shot

Animal massages

the shot

the shot

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October 20, 2009

A little pre-show twitter action:

BoniniGirl: And also… I have to admit it -> #igottacrushon @andersoncooper ! ;0)



Breaking News – Gary Tuchman

James Arthur Ray is still on CNN.  Danielle and John, two former Ray followers, gave details of their experience in the sweat lodge.  This was a quick intro segment that got pushed down the agenda because Danielle, the would-be interviewee, decided not to show up.

Keeping them Honest – Joe Johns

joe johnsBank officials gave themselves raises: AC holds them accountable.  The subtitle was “Bailouts and Bonuses; We’re naming names.” These are in ascending order, so the best is last.

3.  Jeffrey Peek – CEO CIT Group

2.  Ken Lewis – CEO Bank of America – most of his perks were private airplanes

1.  Alvaro De Molina – CEL GMAC – 5 million in “perks”

All of these firms received TARP funds, so the salaries were ostensibly cut, but compensation was transmuted to “perks.”  AC asked about capping executive salaries, especially when big banks are considering handing out big bonuses these years.  Johns reported that we ought not expect a maximum wage.

Digging Deeper – Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Fmr. Comptroller David Walker

keeping them honest

Kaptur, a democratic representative from Ohio, blamed the excess on the culture of greed.  I think she actually used those words.  Thankfully, she shifted from the soft liberal to a hard-nosed accountability maven.

AC pointed out that the major tragedy here is not that the banks received TARP funds, but that they cut down on mortgages while taking in extra funds for themselves.

Some audio problems with Walker, so AC shot to a quick commerical.

Whoa, AC is kicking butt.  He called Obama out by saying that he’s trying to get support from execs while blasting them at the same time.   Here’s a clip:

I’m officially getting sick of the word “perk.”  Walker said that the government needs to create a better system of oversight to ensure that there are no loopholes through which those dreaded perks can travel.

Oh Kaptur.  Don’t be so soft and if you’re going to be hard, be staunch about it.  AC asked her why she thought current leaders should abide by a regulation that wasn’t in place when they took the money, vis a vis a new proposal of hers.  Her reply, “Because America needs it.”  Kaptur then added that she would support legislation that banned any current bank CEO from dealing with the federal government everyday.  I think she was bullied as a child.  “I’m taking my ball and going home!  Nyah nyah nyah!”

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Follow – Eugene Bailey cleared in Derrion Albert beating

Obama met with Iraqi Prime Minister, says he will withdraw combat troops by next August

College cost up 4.4 percent!

Indianopolis cops say that Gregory Smith, the praying robber, has been caught

Raw Politics – Michael ware

Karzai agrees to a run-off election.  The big question is whether or not the run-off will have any more legitimacy than the original election.  In the last one, there were 7,000 observers…and it was still effed up.  There’s a herculean feat to organize an election before the snows come, which gives them about two weeks to get it together.

Ware, speaking for the Afghan people as only an Aussie can do, equated both Karzai and Abdullah as a bunch of crooks.

Paul Begala and Kevin Madden

kevin madden
Begala comes right out of the box calling Karzai corrupt and inept.  Obama is looking for a political partner in Afghanistan, and probably won’t wait two weeks to make any decisions.

Madden agreed that the government has been corrupt from day one.

Afghanistan needs a credible government in order to survive and America needs a credible government in Afghanistan in order to support and eventually complete our mission there.

The Iraq troop surge in Iraq came in the wake of the Sunni Awakening, which made the troop surge viable.  Both Ware and Begala agreed that no such event has occurred in Iraq.

Here’s a tweet I found on the subject:

wluce: @andersoncooper While Obama is waiting for whatever he’s waiting for, it’s costing the lives of our solders.

Crime and Punishment – Gary Tuchman

Danielle (last name withheld) is a former sweat lodge participant.  She had a picture of herself standing next to Ray, while he was wearing a “Death to Death” t-shirt.  Ray told the people in the lodge that they wouldn’t die, but they would feel like it.

This Ray character is something between a charlatan and a false prophet.  I wonder what kind of person would actually give their money to him.

One of the sweat lodge victim was admitted to the hospital as a Jane Doe, meaning that Ray didn’t have the courtesyy to even take her to the hospital and sign her in properly.  He’s still giving seminars, meaning that some people in this country are extremely oblivious.

Interview – Eva Longoria Parker


Since Latino in America is coming on tomorrow, every show is inviting latinos to speak.

AC said that Eva is one of the only latino superstars in Hollywood.  She said you couldn’t name 3 latino (or latina) superstars in Hollywood.  Longoria took on immigration reform.  She believes that states should not be able to enfore their own border/immigration laws.  Why should anybody from Kentucky have a say in what goes on down at the frontier, I want to ask her.

Something woke me up when AC and Longoria talked about her upcoming documentary about latino children doing agricultural labor.  Many of these kids are politically American, and are still treated awfully.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Steve McNair’s mistress was stressed before killing him

Palin and Oprah!!

Carrie Prejean needs to pay back her boob job
they're fake!Balloon Boy 911 call (even though he called the FAA first):

The shot

The agony.  I’m giving you photos AND a video:

erica hill

are we still on

goofy smile[/caption]

are we still on[/caption]

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Tomorrow: Anderson Cooper Interviews Eva Longoria

This is lady’s week ! Drew Barrymore and now Eva Longoria Parker. Anderson Cooper will interview her tomorrow about healthcare, immigration and worker’s rights. I love Eva! She’ so open, talented and strong. She’s very beautiful too. Her hubby Tony Parker is French and of mixed ethnicity. (afro european)  I can’t wait to see the interview as I love anything that has to do with ethnicity. Fantastico.


This is what has been posted on AC36O:

“By 2050, the U.S. Latino population is expected to nearly triple. Next week, CNN’s ‘Latino in America’ explores how Latinos are reshaping our communities and culture and forcing a nation of immigrants to rediscover what it means to be an American.

Don’t miss this special on October 21 and October 22 at 9pm (ET) to watch interviews with Eva Longoria, George Lopez, and Latinos across America to examine issues from immigration to education and the American dream.

On Tuesday, Anderson will speak to Longoria about ‘Latino in America,’ Hispanic Heritage Month and the role of Latinos in Hollywood. Longoria is also the commissioner for the National Museum of the American Latino. Tune in to hear her thoughts on health care, immigration and worker’s rights. Tomorrow, AC360° at 10 p.m. ET.”

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Time Warner Press Release: Anderson Cooper Announces Top Ten 2009 CNN Heroes

Anderson Cooper Announces Top Ten 2009 CNN Heroes October 01, 2009 (picture was added by me)

(Whoever writes press releases at Time Turner, it’s RoSSana Rosado, not RosaNNa Rosado… btw. thanks.)

Beginning at 1 pm ET and continuing hourly through 10 pm on Thursday, October 1, CNN’s Anderson Cooper will announce a Top 10 2009 CNN Hero, culminating in an 11 pm ET special called Change the World, You Vote, CNN Heroes¸ spotlighting all Top 10 CNN Heroes. The Top 10 Heroes announcements will also be featured on CNN.com, HLN, CNNI, CNN Radio and CNN en Espanol.

Culled from over 9,000 submissions – a new record for the CNN HEROES initiative, which began in 2007 – and selected by an esteemed Blue Ribbon Panel, these Top 10 CNN Heroes will each receive a $25,000 award at CNN HEROES: AN ALL-STAR TRIBUTE, airing Thanksgiving, November 26, at 9 pm ET on CNN. One Top 10 CNN Hero will be named CNN HERO OF THE YEAR, as voted upon by the public via cnn.com/Heroes, and will be awarded an additional $100,000. Hosted by Anderson Cooper at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, the November gala is the only awards show of its kind – featuring celebrities honoring everyday people who have made an extraordinary difference in their communities and beyond. The broadcast will air globally on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Espanol. Voting for the CNN Hero of the Year will commence at 11 pm ET on October 1, and continue until 6 am ET on November 19, 2009.

Below is the list of the 2009 Top 10 CNN Heroes. Please note the time at which each Top 10 2009 CNN Hero will be announced; all times are Eastern. The information about each Top 10 CNN Hero is strictly embargoed until the time listed, and may not be posted or reported before then. Please do not report the entire list of Top 10 CNN Heroes until 10 pm ET on October 1.

1pm – JORGE MUNOZ, QUEENS, NY: School bus driver Jorge Munoz is helping hungry New Yorkers make it through tough times. Since 2004, he has handed out more than 70,000 meals from his mobile soup kitchen in Queens — for free.

2pm – JORDAN THOMAS, CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE: Jordan Thomas, 20, lost both of his legs in a boating accident in 2005. Since then, his Jordan Thomas Foundation has raised more than $400,000 to provide prosthetics for children in need.

3pm – BUDI SOEHARDI,SINGAPORE: Budi Soehardi founded a children’s home in one of the poorest areas of Indonesia. Today, Roslin Orphanage in West Timor provides food, shelter and education to more than 45 children.

4pm – BETTY MAKONI,ESSEX, ENGLAND: Zimbabwe native Betty Makoni founded the Girl Child Network to provide a haven for young victims of sexual abuse. The organization has rescued more than 35,000 girls since 2001.

5pm – DOC HENDLEY, BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA: Bartender Doc Hendley is providing clean water to communities worldwide. Through creative fundraising, his nonprofit Wine to Water has brought sustainable water systems to 25,000 people in five countries.

6pm – EFREN PENAFLORIDA, THE PHILLIPINES: Efren Peñaflorida gives Filipino youth an alternative to gang membership through education. His Dynamic Teen Company’s 10,000 members have taught basic reading and writing to 1,500 kids living in the slums.

7pm – DERRICK TABB,NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: Derrick Tabb started The Roots of Music to give young people an alternative to New Orleans’ streets. His music education program provides free tutoring, instruments and music instruction to more than 100 students.

8pm – ROY FOSTER,WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: Army veteran Roy Foster started Stand Down House to help veterans struggling with addiction and homelessness in Florida. Since 2000, his program has provided life-changing services to nearly 900 veterans.

9pm – ANDREA IVORY,MIAMI, FLORIDA: Breast cancer survivor Andrea Ivory is bringing early detection to the doorsteps of uninsured women. With mobile mammography vans, her group has provided more than 500 free screenings.

10pm – BRAD BLAUSER,DALLAS, TEXAS: Brad Blauser, currently residing in Baghdad, is providing hope and mobility to disabled children and their families in Iraq. Since 2005, his Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids program has distributed nearly 650 free pediatric wheelchairs to children in need.

This year’s Blue Ribbon Panel includes retired Retired Gen. Colin Powell, Whoopi Goldberg, Ted Turner, Shakira, Rossana Rosado, Mariane Pearl, Malaak Compton-Rock, and Sir Elton John, among other humanitarians.

More information, including video of the Top 10 CNN Heroes, links to the Heroes’ organizations, and highlights from previous CNN HEROES programming can be found at CNN.com/Heroes. To download art of any of the Top 10 CNN Heroes, please visit:


Contact Info:
Janine Iamunno
New York
(917) 224-5417

Shimrit Sheetrit
Los Angeles
(917) 826.4959

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CNN ‘Heroes’ Tonight at 11pm ET on AC360

Go on the CNN heroes page to find out more and see the list of heroes.

Whatever you do, don’t miss it!!! You can vote for your favorite ‘hero’ from 11pm and on.
It is hosted by Anderson Cooper.

Some of last year’s CNN Heroes 2008 photos:



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September 29, 2009

I also find the new opening format refreshing.  I noticed it on American Morning, too.  The show opened with Anderson Cooper standing and providing a preview of what was coming on the show.  It certainly made getting this review ready that much easier.  Maybe people felt that the show was a bit too rushed.



Raw Politics – Candy Crowley

Crowley on the death of the public option:  “Nothing is ever dead on Capitol Hill, it just goes away to the next session.”  Then she said not to bet on its resurrection.  Dems have to hold onto the public option on the House side in order to have something to bargain with in the Senate.

Health care

Health care

There do not appear to be the votes to pass any legislation with the public option in the Senate.  Anderson asked if the White House is going to try to pass some health care reform, even if it doesn’t include a public option, as long as their are some options for consumers to drive down prices.

In what is an odd trend to consult Hollywood celebrities for political analysis, Anderson Cooper spoke with Michael Moore on this issue.  Moore was standing on a Washington D.C. street at the time.

Moore has threatened to get rid of any Democrat who gets in the way of the public option.  Michael Moore fancies himself a champion of the public option, one who will lead the voters valiantly into the voting booth, all the while chomping on a Whopper.  AC asked Moore if the public option is the bottom line of health care.  Moore answered in the affirmative.  Moore said that every intelligent nation has either a single payer or a national health care plan.  Moore: “Trust me on this one thing.”  Moore claims to have prophetic vision, referenced his predictions regarding GM and the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

I’m only including the first half of the interview.  The second is much the same.

After the break, Moore threatens to campaign against any Democrats who don’t support the public option.  I can imagine he’ll drive around in an ice cream truck.  Seriously, what direct impact has Moore ever had?  He supposedly got a store to stop selling bullets.  I’ve been a hater ever since he digitally edited a copy of my hometown newspaper in one of his movies. Note: I know I just linked to Rush Limbaugh.  I’m sorry, but the truth needs to be told!!!!

Moore to the public: “Turn off Dancing With the Stars.”  Anderson asked why public option supporters haven’t come out with such gusto as the teabaggers.  Moore said that it’s because nobody has rallied the troops.  He plans on using his film’s opening as political leverage.

Democrats who voted no on today’s bill did so out of fear, says Anderson, fear that the bill wouldn’t pass anyway.  “Where is the spine,” asks Moore.  AC asked Moore if he thinks Obama is spineless.  Moore answered that he is rather just a nice guy.

Digging Deeper

Candy Crowley and David Gergen.

Gergen was mystified at Moore’s focus on the public option.  Gergen posited that the dream of universal health care is that every person has health coverage, but not that that coverage is necessarily provided by the government.

Crowley added that President Obama is going to sign a bill that provides universal coverage, by any means necessary.  She said that certain White House aides were surprised that the public option took center stage.

Anderson asked if this new type of reform is health reform or insurance reform.  Gergen answered that the bills major weakness is that it doesn’t do much to bring down care expenses, doesn’t provide preventative treatment, and doesn’t address malpractice issues.  He predicted a health care phase after this insurance phase.

360 Bulletin

Tsunami warning on eastern pacific rim

2 US troops dead in the Philippines

Zazi pleads not guilty to terrorism

Toyota is recalling four million vehichles due to problems with the floor mat

American Girl doll collection adding a homeless doll.  It still costs $95.

Crime and Punishment



Roman Polanski is under arrest in Switzerland for raping a 13-year old girl 32 years ago.  Woody Allen is campaigning for his release.  I can’t make this up.

Jeffrey Berg, Polanski’s agent, reminded the crowd that Pulanski faced justice 32 years ago.  Polanski fled for fear of not getting a straight deal in court.  Jeffrey Toobin answered that the way to challenge things in the American legal system is in the courtroom.

AC asked Berg that if he thinks Polanski has a leg to stand on legally, then why doesn’t he just come back and face the court.  Berg answered that there are other mitigating factors in the decision.  Toobin shamed the L.A. DA’s office for waiting this long to pick Polanski up.  Toobin “argued” that Polanski has been a fugitive for 32 years, even though he has lived an open life this whole time.

iPhone App plug with Erica Hill

iPhone demo

iPhone demo

CNN is really going nuts with its iPhone App, so much that they’re offering tutorials on the air.  Larry King spelled App out when he mentioned it.  AC, it turns out, does not have an iPhone.  Maybe next we’ll have anchors plugging baking soda.

Up Close

Tonight’s Up Close was about the American man who went to Japan to rekidnap his children, which were kidnapped on the first day of school in Tennessee.  Christopher Savoie tried to reclaim his kids from his crazy ex-wife, Noriko, who stole the children away and took them TO JAPAN.

Mom Thief

Look at those eyes! Vicious!

Japan is not party to an international agreement on child abductions, so in order to get his kids back Chris went rogue and picked the kids up at school in Japan and tried to spirit them away to the American consulate, in an action that closely mirrors that of his ex.

Amy Savoie, Christopher’s new wife, was on the show and said that Christopher has been to the hospital since being incarcerated, but she didn’t say why.

Jeremy Morely, Christopher’s attorney, said that his chances of getting the kids back is slim.  Morely says that Japan”s legal system will by default find in favor of a Japanese mother over an American father.

Ms. Savoie came back on and told stories of several American men who’d married Japanese women and were blackmailed for $10,000 in order to receive a Christmas card.  Morely said that Noriko is likely safe if she remains in Japan.  The minute she tries to leave, however, she is likely to be arrested.

AC asked Ms. Savoie if she would like to say anything to the world.  She asked men who are 24-years old now to consider what life without a father is like.  I guess she is trying to inspire pity in her husband’s  Japanese jailors.

Lesson to American men: foreign women may be exotic and intriguing, but they bring with them a complete dimension of drama that American women thankfully lack.  Date local and take a cruise on your honeymoon.  You’ll get the best of both worlds.

Keeping Them Honest

Big Scam – Arthur Group Executive Search – Drew Griffin

This company targeted former executives in Minnesota.  Mike Myser, former vice president of a tech firm who had left to pursue an independent business,  found the Arthur Group online.  He was then talked out of $3,000.  The directors’ MO was to stoke the applicant’s ego and then offer resume services.

Arthur Group

Arthur Group

A former employee of the Arthur Group said that people who were looking for jobs online were already vulnerable.

The group’s offices are now empty, with a court summons taped to the door.  So is the home of Barry Trimble, owner of the Arthur Group and convicted sex offender.  Barry called Griffin, but declined an interview.  He said that Arthur Group closed down due to severe economic conditions.

360 Bulletin

American Samoa a disaster zone

U.S. High-level talks with Cuba

A man in Toledo, OH climbs a bridge and stops traffic.

Man on a Bridge

Man on a Bridge

Starting in November, Jon Gosslin is dropping out of the show.  AC was crushed.  I’ve never, ever watched this show.

Happy Ending

Happy Ending

The Shot

Naked guy buys a taco World’s fastest nudist.  Wearing nothing but a fanny pack.  Fancy sound bite.


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Sickening: AC360 Monday 09 28 09

Welcome to the daily AC360 review and summary

I love the way AC360 opened up today. Anderson Cooper  stood next to a giant screen announcing the different segments of the night with images of stories on screen. It was well labeled and clear to understand. I don’t know if this is new or if they have done this before (I don’t remember this…) but I’ve heard and seen that in France, the way anchors present the news has now changed since last week. They now sit on their desks as they present the news…not on the chair but on the table…and that for the entire show. Ok not important but I just wanted to mention that just because.

Not so great though, Anderson Cooper  tonight reports about the deadly gangs in Chicago schools. A ‘sickening’ scene about teenagers  fighting has been caught on tape, a 16 year old teenager, Derrion Albert, died as he was beaten to death, and no one did anything about it. This will be one of the main stories tonight.

Tonight’s other main stories:

CRIME & PUNISHMENT (sub segment: digging deeper) :Film Director Roman Polanskiwas arrested in Switzerland over the weekend and now faces extradition. He fled to Switzerland 3 decades ago after being convicted of drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old girl.

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Teen fighting violence in Chicago: a deadly beating is caught on tape (see above)…is the system failing ???

EXCLUSIVE: Investigation by CNN of a domestic terrorist’s confessions inside the Earth Liberation Front.

360 RAW POLITICS: Iran’s latest challenge to the world: new missile testing…will President Obama be able to stop this before Israel launches a strike


CRIME AND PUNISHMENT – Lisa Bloom, Jeffrey Toobin, Joel Brodsky

Film Director Roman Polinski faces extradiction to the U.S. for a crime committed 3 decades ago

Film Director Roman Polinski faces extradiction to the U.S. for a crime committed 3 deacades ago

Film Director Roman Polanski was arrested this weekend in Switzerland while on his way to a film festival to receive an award. He was convicted in 1977 for unlawful sex with a 13 year old girl. He fled the United States for Switzerland more than three decades ago after being accused of drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old girl. His accuser no longer wants to see him prosecuted. He now faces extradition to the U.S., AC360 analysts help us see clear in this story in the digging deeper sub segment of crime and punishment.

Sub segment: DIGGING DEEPER – Lisa Bloom, Jeffrey Toobin, Joel Brodsky

Jeffrey Toobins, CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst, says that it is likely he will be extradited as his crime and situation is covered in the extradition treaty. Furthermore, Polanski had pleaded guilty and needs thus to come back to the States.  Lisa Bloomalso agrees with him and says this is a legal matter (and not a political one as Brodsky states below) and that he is guilty and faces at least one year. Bloom further explains that the Swiss authorities have already done the provisional arrest of Polanski which means they will comply with U.S. authorities on extraditing him. The only one who disagrees in the panel is Joel Brodskywho says that this is a political matter and that the government in Switzerland needs to sign off this extradition approval before it can take place, and that he doesn’t think this will happen. Watch the clip:


KEEPING THEM HONEST – Joe Johns, Ronald Holt, Pete Carroll

A very graphic and disturbing video(don’t watch it if you’re very sensitive please…I couldn’t watch more than 2 seconds) was recorded by a student outside a community center. The scene is about a teenager being beaten to death. He was kicked and stomped upon on the pavement until he died. 4 teenagers are now in custody. The victim is a 16 year old sophomore. What should  be done to stop this violence? Why is this being allowed to continue? Why are people responsible for teens in Chicago not doing their part ?

Joe Johns talks to the mother of the victim and reports on this vital issue:

Joe Johns reports on the deadly Chicago teen violence

AC360 has been reporting and doing specials on the ground about this for years…what does the city, the parents and others need to do to fix this? Anderson Cooper talks to Joe Johns who gives us the answer:

Anderson Cooper also talks to Ronald Holt(whose son was killed in 2007) and Pete Carroll (USC Head Football Coach)

What can be done to stop teen violence in Chicago? Anderson Cooper panel

Ronald Holt made a very interesting point in saying that the kids’ violence is to blame on their dysfunctional parents who do not know how to live in society. See video below.

Coach Carroll has an organisation where he walks on the streets of LA and talks to the kids to learn about this issue and also reach out to them…he tells Anderson what he has learned:

EXCLUSIVE – Drew Griffin

Investigation by CNN of a domestic terrorist’s confessions inside the Earth Liberation Front.


I haven’t got the Anderson Cooper 360 segment on this, but here’s the CNN video about this so you don’t miss out on the action. CNN’s Octavia Nasr looks at the Iranian missile launch and how it may affect the region:


360 News & Business Bulletin – Erica Hill

Here are the other stories CNN and AC36O are following:

Secret Services are investigating a Facebook Poll which asks people if President Obamashould be killed, they 5secret Services) are taking this serioulsy and Facebook has removed the third party application allowing users to create their own polls. The poll has been taken down on Saturday

Travolta Trial: a video could be played tomorrow (well today now)  in court showing two people trying to extort money from Travolta after his son’s death. They tried to take 25 millions from Travolta.

Sully’s flying again. Remember the pilot who made an emergency landing on the Hudson River in NYC back in January? Well, he’s going back to work and is now a manager on top of a pilot.

Sarah Palin Finishes her Memoir that will go on sale on November 25th. Official title: Going Rogue

I know it’s none of my business, but if you want my honest opinion, I don’t like the title.

Palin's memoir 'going rogue' will be sold on November 25th


thanks AC360, I was getting tired of typing…this will lessen my work…I needed to highlight that in bold red because it’s more important than all the other news…(being sarcastic…okay ??)

No Erica, I won’t set my TEVO or whatever else, you’ll only get pictures tonight. I’m too tired now.

Miss Piggy flies through the air during a pig contest

Miss Piggy flies through the air during a pig contest


1st winner

Second Winner

The Shot

 pig making waves

 Pig flying through the air

See you tomorrow…(tonight actually)

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Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive – Video: Behind-the-scenes in Afghanistan « – Blogs from CNN.com

Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive – Video: Behind-the-scenes in Afghanistan « – Blogs from CNN.com.

I got this from one of Anderson’s tweets.  Behind the scenes footage from Anderson’s week in Afghanistan.


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Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Anderson Cooper and Bill Clinton

These photos are taken from ac360.com



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A Big Interview, Nuclear Secrets, Ahmadinejad’s Grin, SERIOUSLY Silly Crew Dancing, 2 Shots…let me catch my breath…AC360 25 09 09

Anderson Cooper. How are you?

Yes I’m reporting on your reporting/anchoring of yesterday’ show in case you read this. I would like to thank you for bringing us unbiased stories where you make sure that you don’t tell us things that just don’t exist…just like for the Census Worker Mystery Death story. I always thought you did an excellent job at being faithful to bring us the story as it is and not sugarcoat it or lie about it for the sake of making a headline. Although I know it’s not my fault, I’m sorry that people keep saying CNN sugarcoats/sensationalises/makes up stories. I’ve never felt this coming from you and whoever says the opposite is deaf or blind, possibly both. I and everyone who reads this blog truly love your reporting style, even when we joke around about things. At the end of the day, it is so refreshing to have an anchor who is so into his reporting, who visibly cares about the people he reports about but who knows how to stay incredible cool, calm and collected. I’ll end by saying thank you.

About Iranian President Ahmedinejad, I find it hillarious that people never know how to spell and pronounce his name…i once heard someone call him “Ahmadpyjama” on a forum.

This said….on to yesterday’s show and I hope you’re not upset I didn’t post the photo of you and Kelly having dinner. No I don’t have anything, just messing with ya.

Lastly Cooper and everyone else, I’m not Aaron with all his techy top notch material so my photos are not of a quality as high as his…bet ya can’t wait for him to report Tuesday…

Welcome to the daily Friday AC360 09 26 09 recap…

Anderson Cooper 26 09 09

Anderson Cooper announces the stories of the night:

– A shocking new report in the mysterious death of a Kentucky Census Worker.

– Irani leaderAhmedinejad says that he’s done nothing wrong after getting fire from US, France and Britain who say he’s building a secret underground nuclear plant.

– More

Starting with Irans’s Nuclear Secrets Revealed:

(sorry your eyes are closed, Andy…)

Irans Nuclear Weapons




Irans Nuclear Secrets 1

At some point, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is caught off guard at a question from the wife of an Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hezbollah at a news conference at the United Nations, urging him to use his influence over the guerrilla group to allow aid workers to see her husband.

Ahmadinejad ignored her, saying “next question.” and was visibly caught off guard…

Here’s the photo below…I personally think Ahmadwhatever always seems to grin but that’s just me

Amahdinejad's smirks as caught off guard

Amahdinejad's smirks as caught off guard


BREAKING NEWS – Anderson Cooper & David Mattingly

Census Worker was found dead naked and bound with the word ‘Fed’ written on his body. Shocking new details.

census worker found dead 4


David Mattingly in Atlanta reports on Census Worker death 2



Anderson Cooper interviews former U.S. President Bill Clinton about Afghanistan and much more, don’t miss it…

A couple of shots from the interview, much more photos in the other Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton blog post:

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton 7

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton 5


(I’ll let you discover those in images…)

Erica Hill N&B 26 09 09

Travolta case


Pilot used place for stalking


Manson follower atkins dies


Baby born in embryo mix-up


That’s right…not one shot but TWO !!!

1st one…


2nd…is yesterday’s shot (the baby dancing to Beyoncé one that made me laugh to tears)…ok so that’s technically only one shot…sorry I put your hopes up to only let everything crash on the floor. BUT WAIT before you become depressed with sadness, this one shot actually has the 360 crew dancing….and I love dancing so you’ll excuse the hundreds of photos about this :)…can’t stop laughing… STOP MAKING ANDERSON COUGH you naughty crew…yup got the video too…and I’m out of time…


The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 5

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 4

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 3

The Shot the crew dancing 26 09 09 2





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Anderson Cooper Interviews Former U.S. President Bill Clinton

Hi everyone,

Last night’s show summary coming ! In the mean time…here is Anderson Cooper’s exclusive interview with Bill Clinton discussing essentially about the Iran situation, about not sending more troops to Afghanistan and why he changed his mind about same sex marriage. Bill Clinton seems to now have changed his opinion on the issue and says he is now for legal same sex unions.

Have a great weekend…and be sure to come back to see the details of last night’s show.

NewsMachine/Journalistic Adventure/Site Owner

In this part of the interview below you’ll hear Anderson ask Bill Clinton if he has given any advice to President Barack Obama about getting gray hair and about Boris Yeltsin’s personality (something about being half naked in the story)…


And many, many, many photos for your viewing pleasure…

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton 5

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton

Dontcha love Bill ?

Dontcha love Bill ?

Bill Clinton and Yeltsin

Bill Clinton and Yeltsin

Bill Clinton on giving advice to Obama on going gray

Bill Clinton on giving advice to Obama on going gray

Anderson Cooper interviews Bill Clinton 8


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September 23, 2009

Pretty interesting show tonight.  Lots of talk about the UN General Assembly.



Raw Politics

After his tentscapade yesterday, Moammar Gadhafi followed up with a dazzling performance at the UN General Assembly.  He spoke for 90 or so minutes (6 times the allowed time) and went all over the place from the need to reexamine the JFK assassination to calling President Obama his son.  This was all while carrying on like a tosspot and throwing papers around.  It sounds like sensationalist writing, I know, but he actually did throw his papers around.  Click on the link below and watch the whole excruciating video if you’ve got time.

Gadhafi and Ahmadinejad

Gadhafi and Ahmadinejad

Tom Foreman reports on the UN speeches of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Moammar Gadhafi. Ahmadinejad’s speech was predictably vitriolic and self-congratulatory.  He said that the US should get its nose out of international affairs, while saying that his country should be allowed to intervene in its region.  Not surprisingly, he proudly defended his nation’s elections, even while members of the UN delegations streamed out.

AC called Gadhafi’s address bizarre, capturing understatement of the night.  Bizarre doesn’t cut it.  Loco en la cabeza gets close.  Maybe Gadhafi had to sleep outside since he couldn’t crash in his tent.

Digging Deeper

Tonight’s Digging Depper was focused around the UN General Assembly in Philadelphia.  The panelists were Israeli ambassador to the USA Michael Oren, CNN news anchor Fareed Zakaria, and fast-talking fact-spouting name-calling Rabbi Boteach.

Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper

Oren’s major message was that the government of Israel is quite displeased with Ahmadinejad and quite pleased with Obama.  He said he believes Iran to be a viable nuclear threat in the future.  This is no “existential threat.”

Fareed Zakaria delivered his standard journalistic fare: clean, crisp, and to the point.  He pointed out that Ahamdinejad comes to the UN to gain legitimacy and to hopefully send the international community into such an uproar about his Holocaust denial that nobody will notice the atrocity that was his country’s last election.  Nice try.

And then there was Rabbi Boteach.  First, I have to see if anybody notices the similarity:

Or Better Two?

Or Better Two?

Better One?

Better One?

I’m going to let this guy speak for himself.  Granted, he is very smart.  More words, however, aren’t necessarily better words.  It’s ok for Israel to have nukes because they have democratically elected leaders.  It’s not OK for Iran to have nukes because we all know they are “frightening people.”  Sorry, but ad hominem went out with big hair.

Strategy Session

James Carville and William Bennett.   AC asks the both about Gadhafi, first. The man has had two days of wacky news, so I bet he’s going to hang out.  I wonder if Jimmy Carter will come out with a statement about him.

Raw Politics

Raw Politics

Turning towards the President’s remarks, the two panelists predictably disagreed.  Carville was quick to cut Obama some slack, saying that he inherited a situation in Afghanistan that wasn’t that “nifty.”  Furthermore, he added that it was a good decision to reevaluate the progress of the war in Afghanistan after 7.5 years.

Bennett argued that President Obama is backing the wrong horses all over the world and hurting our friends.  He specified that Obama is backing “the wrong guy” in Honduras.

360 Bulletin

Bizarre death of census worker in Kentucky

Federal Reserve says economy is improving and kept the interest rate low

Robbery in Stockholm – robbers in a helicopter!

Raw Politics

Revisiting last week’s story of the former Bush speechwriter who wrote a book exposing the former President’s ideas about political figures, including wondering out loud whether President Obama was qualified for the job of President.

Matt Latimer talked about his book and said that the White House is quite like The Office rather than The West Wing.  This guy is clearly skeezy.  AC read a few reviews of the book, none positive, and asked Latimer to respond.  He asked Latimer if this book wouldn’t make presidents uncomfortable about thinking out loud, a possible detriment to the position.  Latimer weaseled out of the question by eventually saying that, and I paraphrase, “All I want to do is tell the truth.”  Give me a break.

That guy

That guy

This guy seems like an English major who saw a quick shot at a few bucks and took it.  Turns out he’s a lawyer.  Whatever he is, I don’t think this really deserves a spot on a news show.  This isn’t newsworthy stuff.  Such meta-analysis makes me remember last week’s Carter craze.  Matt Latimer is a little worm who drops down from a tree and carries away a little piece of your dignity while running in a frenzy towards the bank.  Run away!

Prime Suspect



This was news to me.  Randi Kaye reports on the extortion being visited on the head of John Travolta.  Apparently, Travolta signed a form that forbade the transport of his son while in the Bahamas.  His ambulance driver got a hold of that form and tried to secure $25 million for its release.

From the Associated Press:

Ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne and former Bahamas senator Pleasant Bridgewater, a co-defendant who allegedly acted as an intermediary, have pleaded innocent to extortion charges.

Steve Helling, who is covering the story for People, said that Travolta was very intense when retelling the events in the Bahamian court.  The exact contents of the release form are unknown, even to Travolta.  He signed the paper thinking it was a simple release and claims to have not read it.  Helling promised that this story might follow us around for a few days.

I went to Afghanistan and all I got was this lousy H1N1

Sanjay Gupta got the swine! Sanjay said that the swine flu was circulating quite a bit in the area of Afghanistan where he and AC were.  Sanjay then added that it was possible that Anderson himself had swine flu.  AC said that he was coughing very heavily, so bad that it hurt his heart to cough.  He’s STILL coughing, though.  Quote: “I just learned that I might have had swine flu from you, via satellite.”  That’s just how good Sanjay Gupta is.

Sanjay’s symptons were a fever, a heavy cough, the chills, and lightheadedness.  AC asked Gupta if he should get it checked, two weeks after the fact.  Gupta: “Testing doesn’t really matter.”  Part of the way through the interivew, both men started coughing.  Am I going to catch swine flu from blogging about Anderson Cooper?

360 Bulletin

Sarah Palin went to Hong Kong and spoke for 90 minutes.  Now, switch Sarah Palin for Moammar Gadhafi and Hong Kong for New York…

Mackenzie Phillips had a sexual affair with her father, of The Mamas and the Sick, Sick Papas

The luckiest child in the Pacific northeast doesn’t get hit by a car

Lucky girl

Lucky girl

The Shot

If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that we all love a dancing baby.  You could hear Anderon laugh and coo during the whole clip.  The clip was from youtube, anyway, so I’m just going to post the original.  You’ll have to imagine the giggles.


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September 22, 2009

Sorry, but I had to include this. Larry King, you old dog!

Larry King and Tyra Banks

Larry King and Tyra Banks

Thankfully, tonight’s show stuck to analysis of events instead of analysis of Jimmy Carter’s analysis.  It’s a welcome break, really.  Today, on the other hand, we had a tent-pitching dictator, a computer killer, a philandering politician, and some bowling cops.

Breaking News

Libyan dictator pitches tent on Donald Trump’s property in Bedford, NY.

Moammar Gadhafi has set up a tent at Donald Trump’s Seven Springs in Westchester County, New York.  It is his first time on American soil in 40 years.

Tent in Question

Tent in Question

Erica Hill reported the Trump organization said that the land was leased on a short-term basis to a business partner in the Middle East.  A stop work order was placed on the tent because it might require a building permit.  Locals are displeased with the tent, to say the least.

Brian Flynn, whose brother was killed on Pan Am 103, said that Gadhafi ordered the attack that killed his brother.  He was outraged that we would be welcomed back into the country.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a community leader from Englewood, NJ, which managed to expunge Gadhafi, called Gadhafi’s presense on American soil a reprehensible..  He called for the locals  to protest the tent and to make noise.  “We drown our morals in a giant vat of oil.”

AC asked the men whether they were surprised that Donald Trump hasn’t gotten in front of this issue.  Boteach claimed that Trump knows exactly what is going on.  He said that Trump’s statement was pure obfuscation and that Trump needs to issue a mea culpaBoteach, then, called for a boycott of Trump products if he does not kick Gadhafi off of his land.

Boteach, Flynn, AC

Boteach, Flynn, AC

Flynn mentioned a protest at the UN.

The town attorney in Bedford, Joel Sachs, said over the phone that the tent was in violation of the city’s zoning laws and issued a stop work order on the tent (temporary residence).  AC asked whether the tent could be occupied since it is nearly finished and Sachs replied in the negative.

Boteach chimed in by saying that a stop work order is not enough to stop people from occupying a tent.  AC asked what could happen if they violate the work order.  Sachs, in a wonderfully unchanging voice, said that it could be punishable as a criminal offense.

Here’s the whole thing in two parts

Breaking News 2

David Mattingly reported from Cobb County Georgia about the massive flooding in the South.  He was wearing some pretty awesome mudboots.  The footage showed waterlines that were at least three feet high.  Cars now completely useless were lying all over the neighborhood.

Floodwater reflecting floodlights

Floodwater reflecting floodlights

There was over a quarter of a billion dollars in damages.  David spoke with Hattie Marcell, who did not have flood insurance.  She may have to move and sell the house for a loss.

360 Bulletin

President Obama spoke to the UN summit on climate change

President Obama also met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.  Compare with this one

I've seen this somewhere before...

I've seen this somewhere before...

A bill was passed in the MA senate that would allow for a replacement for Ted Kennedy

GM adds jobs!

Jenny Sanford, wife of Mark Sanford, to write her memoirs.

Raw Politics

Edwards’ Love Child Confession

John Edwards has come forward about his possibly being the father of his former mistress’s baby.

John Edwards said that he didn’t come forward with news about the pregnancy because his vice-presidential campaign made him feel invincible.  Maybe it was due to the fact that his mistress, Rielle Hunter, was also his travel partner and videographer?

Edwards is alleged to have promised to marry Rielle Hunter on a rooftop in New York while the Dave Matthews Band played.  These plans, however, were contingent upon his wife dying (she has cancer).  To cover up his paternity, Edwards asked former staffer Andrew Young to step in as father.

360 Interview – Sen Lindsey Graham (R) South Carolina

Pentagon has told General McChrystal to hold off asking for more troops.  Senator Graham said that there won’t be any improvement without security.  We need more capacity to fight the Taliban.  AC brought up the issue of counterinsurgency requiring a civilian component, but that there are no civilians on the ground.

Talking with Graham

Talking with Graham

AC asks about trying to find Al Qaeda in Afghanistan while they are in Pakistan.  Graham said that the current strategy is to prevent Al Qaeda from spreading by increasing security in Afghanistan.  The only way to beat Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan is to make sure it doesn’t fall into the hands of the Taliban.

Should we be nation-building in Afghanistan, AC asked Graham.  Graham answered that the surge was not to build nations, but to fill a vacuum.  Were it not for the US military, he said, the Taliban would take over the country.

Prime Suspect – Randi Kaye

Craiglist Killer Ads

Craiglist Killer Ads

Anderson took a list at some of the letters sent by the Craigslist Killer.  Philip Markoff left an electronic trail.  Morgan’s lawyer

Kaye talked to Maureen Orth, who wrote about Markoff on Vanity Fair.  Mark Rasch, an internet forensics expert, helped the Boston police track Markoff.  Once he had tracked down Markoff’s IP address, the Boston Police conducted a virtual stake-out, googling Markoff and finding out about him.

Breaking Bews

A river in Georgia

360 Bulletin

Major L.A. gang crackdown on the Avenue gang

Doctors gave Anna Nicole Smith many dangerous drugs in the 3 years prior to her death

Burress behind bars on a weapons charge for SHOOTING HIMSELF IN THE THIGH

Tom Delay on Dancing With the Stars doing an offensive cha-cha.  “There really aren’t words, frankly.”

Delay booty

Delay bootay

Beat 360

This girl, walking on water in her little bubble, just wanted to get away from it all.

Girl in a bubble

Girl in a bubble

The Shot

Police raided a home in Floridaa, but get a bit distracted by the Wii bowling on the big screen.   The officers’ supervisors promised to discipline the officers.

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AC360 09 18 09: Move on Already!

Welcome to the Anderson Cooper 360 daily summary.

Sorry this is late, the site was down due to maintenance/fixing and I couldn’t post Friday’s show summary earlier.

Before we start, I would like to wish Anderson a speedy recovery. It seems he came down with something as he kept coughing and his voice was hoarse. I’m sick as well since a couple of days and feel completely congested and I can’t stop wanting to sleep, and don’t tell me about those sore muscles…thank God for ‘Nurofen’ (Tylenol/Advil in America)…now that, Miss Prejean, was God ‘choosing’ me to comfort Anderson and all the sick people out there 🙂


– Authorities questioning a man who admits having ties to Al Qaeda…was he part of a plot to attack parts of NYC ?

President Obama trying to focus on healthcare and ‘push past race’

Show tonight not too ‘heavy’ and  a very good mix of stories…the Soledad O’Brien piece was really great and eye opening. Last night’s AC360 was really enjoyable and very informative. Anderson, although a little sick, seems rested and very serene.

Let’s get started…


The show opened up with the breaking news that terrorists attacks may have been planned against America. A young Aghan national of 24 has admitted having ties to Al Qaeda and is undergoing his third day of questioning. It is probable but not 100% sure that he was connected to the alleged planned attacks against New York City. There is still a lot not known. Anderson talks to Jean Reserve from Denver,  who says there are now 2 pieces of evidence possibly substantiating that the young man is in fact related to the plotted NYC attacks. Najibullah Zazi is at the center of this investigation…CNN’s National Security Analyst Peter Bergen jumps in and talks about what is known in this investigation so far.

Here’s the complete interview…don’t miss it:

DIGGING DEEPER – Joe Johns, Jennifer Palmieri, Tony Perkins

Panel Race Claims

The race discussion again. President Obama wants to get over this ‘race’ debate and finally focus on Healthcare…and how do I agree with him. Although I’m very weary about discussions on ‘race’, I can’t help but feel there is such an enormous subconscious attraction to fit into one race or another for most people today. I don’t think it’s bad and I don’t think it’s good. It’s just how we human beings are…the need to label ourselves…that’s how we form identity…this said…race is so embedded in our cultures that we don’t even recognize when we’re pushing too far. It’s been so common to act a certain way that it’s become the norm and no one should question the ‘norm’, right?

I’ll leave you with the panel discussion of tonight’s AC360’s digging deeper segment…discover for yourself why I’m exhausted of the ‘race’ discussion…and President Obama is very right to want to move on.

By the way, I went to check the AC360 LIVE BLOG and there was some anger over the term ‘mutt’ in there…I totally agree with this. The way multiracial people such as President Obama are viewed and referred to in the Western World is completely retarded. We should take example on places like Brazil when it comes to not forcing people into one race or another…hello…white and black is mixed…and I should be able to fit into anything I choose (whether that’s white, black or mixed)…society’s views on mixed race people comes from the Jim Crow system(yes google that)…One drop of black blood makes you only black…how narrow minded…thus completely denying you of one of your parent’s heritage…but hey…it’s not politically correct to talk about that so I’ll shut up.Some mixed people are seen as white because their phenotypical attributes make them look that…never you’ll hear people call them ‘black’…yet they are in fact mixed ethnically….what does that tell you about us as humans? Yes…we’re very focused on outward appearance.

The term ‘RACE’ is outdated, everyone….MOVE ON !!!


Very disturbing news tonight again about Annie Le’s murderRandy kaye talks to anderson cooper

 The killer was found and is held on 3 million bond. There are still questions surrounding this investigation. Randy Kaye answers them for you:


CNN’s Soledad O’Brien talks to a young boy who wants to find his roots and registers in a program run by Malaak Compton Rock (comedian Chris Rock’s wife) called The Angel Rock Project. This program allows you to trace your ancestry by taking a  DNA test. Very touching.

soledad O'brien

Teen discover his roots


Malaak Compton-Rock

Chris's Rock Ancestry

Chris's Rock Ancestry 2


360 BULLETIN – Erica Hill

Erica Hill brings us the latest news:

-Bone found on Garrido’s property, maybe linked to other kidnappings in the 80’s.

-Miss California Carrie Prejean says ‘God chose me’…(I won’t elaborate on this, google it)

The Shot anderson and erica


THE SHOT – Wolf Blitzer on Jeopardy


Wolf  Blitzer missed a ‘pasta’ question…ouch!!!

Wolf Blitzer is not so good at Jeopardy it seems…at least not as good as Anderson Cooper !! Enjoy:

Anderson Cooper on Jeopardy

Anderson Jeopardy Champion



I won’t tell you it’s creepy but there’s something about hearing voices from other realms. Cool.

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AC360: Political Analysis of 09 17 09

United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments at a press conference yesterday provided the launching point for an interesting discussion during A slower show than last night. Fewer topics, more detail. Maybe Anderson Cooper 360 read my note at the beginning of yesterday’s post.

Pelosi likened the attacks on President Barack Obama and his health care reform proposal to anti-gay rhetoric she heard in San Francisco during the 1970s that led to the shooting deaths of Mayor George Moscone and gay Councilman Harvey Milk. Pelosi, who was a local Democrat Party leader at the time, appeared on the verge of tears Thursday as she recalled the deaths of Moscone and Milk in 1978 at the hands of Dan White, at the time a member of San Francisco’s board of supervisors.

ACassembled a group of roundtable participants to discuss Pelosi’s claims. The roundtable participants were Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA). Republican David Gergen and author Deepak Chopra.

All the roundtable participants seemed in agreement with Frank when he said the analogy was not a direct one, because White had a personal grievance he was seeking to resolve that led to his shooting of Moscone and Milk. The personal nature of the reason for the shooting made it a bit of a different case, Frank noted.

The background of White’s specific case involved White having resigned his seat on the board of supervisors. He then sought to withdraw the resignation and be reinstated, a move that Milk was in opposition to. It should be noted that White, who committed suicide several years later, was a Democrat.

Interestingly, however, Gergen drew what he saw as more of a parallel to Abraham Lincoln, noting that Lincoln’s critic`s drew pictures of him as a monkey and dehumanized him, leading, in Gergen’s view, to Lincoln’s assassination in 1865.

Frank’s analysis of the issue at hand drew itself back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, when Newt Gingrich rose to leadership of the Republican Party in the House and declared war on Democrats, who responded in turn. As a result, acrimony has become more prevalent within each party towards the other, leading to the present situation of minimal discussion and openness to ideas originating from the other party. Frank says the situation in the Senate is much friendlier than in the House as a result.

All seemed in agreement that there are radical elements in both parties that need to be identified and eliminated from being considered as part of their “base.” Frank sees Republicans as having made a mistake by initially associating themselves initially with anyone who opposed President Obama. This has led, in Frank’s view, to conservatives now being associated with fringe elements such as supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, long seen as being on the political fringe. A reluctance to pull back from such associated protesters, in Frank’s view, is hurting the Republican Party overall.

Rep. Rogers did not necessarily agree with Frank’s assessment, saying democrats did not pull back from association with Code Pink protesters during George Bush’s administration, and Republicans are not going to pull back from grass-roots protesters who are trying to pay their bills and do not see a way out of the economic mess they find themselves in, especially with increased government profligacy.

Chopra raised the most interesting point but was almost totally ignored by the others in what he said. Chopra, a supporter of President Obama’s health-care plans, noted that much of what we call end-of-life “care” does not improve life at all – it simply extends it. Chopra’s recognition of this was a call to center the debate on health care and its associated insurance concerns, but he received no recognition for his statement from the others on the roundtable. His comments, however, would provide the basis for a future thoughtful discussion.

Instead, we are concerned with charges of racism and fears of violence when the focus should be on rational debate about the health-care issue. It should be noted that of all the cable news talk programs, Cooper’s would seem the best suited to address the debate. There is rationality to the discussions on his program – whether it is because of the host itself or the late-night hour of its airing – that is does not deteriorate into the yelling and argumentative nature that makes itself prevalent on other talk offerings.

Anderson Cooper 360

Written by political analyst George Curcio

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September 17, 2009

A slower show than last night.  Fewer topics, more detail.  Maybe Anderson read my note at the beginning of yesterday’s post.

Intro 9/17

Intro 9/17

Raw Politics – Candy Crowley

All emotion – No action?  The main idea here is that there we’re getting so mired in talk of racism that we’ve forgotten to discuss healthcare.  John Legend spoke about this last night quite eloquently.

Nancy Pelosi was asked about how she perceived the current political atmosphere.  She answered, “I have concerns about some of the language that has been used…I saw this kind of rhetoric in the 70’s in San Francisco.  It created a climate in which violence took place.” She was comparing the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk (go see Milk if you haven’t) to the current anti-Obama rhetoric.  To be honest, this seemed like Pelosi struggling to be relevant.  While one can compare homophobia to racism at a very basic level, I think one could argue that the scope of one and the invisibility of the other renders the two incomparable.  It’s something like white people trying to say they understand racism because they once walked into a store filled with black people.

Pelosi, fervant

Pelosi, fervant

Rep. John Boehner (R) Ohio: “I reject this resoundly.”  Big surprise.

Following a replay of Nancy Pelosi, Robert Gibbs, and Joe Biden were both briefly displyed on screen.  As previously mentioned, Nancy just tried to stay relevant.  Gibbs said that President Obama is not buying the notion that racism is fueling the opposition to his plan.  Joe Biden, from Iraq, concurred.

You know, since Carter invoked racism, everyone has jumped into this ring and left the healthcare debate unmanned.  Everybody is now so filled with rhetoric and supplied talking points from politicized media outlets that there is no conversation left, just a great deal of shouting.

360 Interview – Rep. Barney Frank (D) Mass

Barney Frank is fantastic.  I have to admit that I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him on TV much.  He seems to me like a combination of Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill. When asked whether he agreed with Pelosi, he astutely pointed out that those murders were committed by ONE person and not a group of people.  They weren’t due to generalized homophobia, but a specifc grievance.  Frank continued to say that the House is becoming more partisan and the Senate less.  He blamed the polariziation of the country on Newt Gingrich, who supposedly thought it necessary to really demonize the Democrats in order to assure Republican victory.  Furthermore, the American public no longer receives its news from centrist source.  Rather, we have politically polarized media outlets (at this poitn Frank nodded politely at Anderson and said that CNN was more in the middle).

Just to get a taste of Rep. Frank, here’s a clip from later in the show of Frank’s exchange with a constituent.  You’re a table!

Digging Deeper

War of Words: Is heated talk preventing progress.

Tonight’s Digging Deeper was not about politics, not about racism, but about the impact of racism on politics.  Barney Frank and Mike Rogers were the major talkers, but David Gergen and Deepak Chopra made some notable contributions.  Deepak Chopra, really?

The panelists from Digging Deeper.  What's up with Barney Frank?

The panelists from Digging Deeper. What's up with Barney Frank?

Rep Mike Rogers (R) Michigan: Pelosi is blowing it out of proportion.

AC asked David Gergen if the current torrent of negativity towards the president is just the typical game of dissidents demonizing presidents.  Gergen referenced the cartoons that were drawn about Abraham Lincoln and drew attention to the end of that presidency.

Deepak Chopra spoke in his sleep-inducing montotone voice about the tyranny doctors.  He called Obama’s healthcare a “plan for social justice.”  After a few minutes of smooth talking, he ended with, “I think that Obama’s plan is really a good one.”

Barney Frank and Mike Rogers got into it here at the end of the discussion.  Frank said that the Republican party was at first happy to have the teabaggers in their fold because they didn’t have anything better to put on the table.  Once they developed some rational arguments, they tried to distance themselves from the bus-riding beverage wasters.

Nope.  No racism here.

Nope. No racism here.

Rogers countered by asking Frank why he didn’t censure the Code Pink demonstrators who spoke out against former President Bush.  Frank immediately jumped in and called Rogers out for “partisan diversion.”

Bulletin – Erica Hill

Obama changing plans on the missile defense shield in CENTRAL and eastern Europe, though they forgot the central and only said eastern.

Terror suspect killed in Indonesia

House voted to deny funding to ACORN.  Pimps and prostitutes no longer allowed in government buildings.

Raptorex discovered.  A baby T-Rex.  I want one as a pet.

Crime and Punishment

Raymond Clark has finally been arrested.  He got upraded from being a mere person of interest.  Annie Le (now described as a brilliant student).  Clark was asked if he understood his rights.  Clark’s response, “Yes, sir.”

"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

Some old classmates talking about how fun-loving and athletic Clark was.  Apparently, Clark was accused years ago of forcing his girlfriend to have sex with him.  One of the former classmates chalked it up to relationship problems.

Tom Foreman reported that Clark took the fifth and that he was taken into custody in order to to get a DNA sample.

Panel Discussion: Lisa Bloom and Rhonda Saunders

Lisa Bloom and Rhonda Saunders teamed up to discuss Clark’s possible motive.  Saunders, a criminal psychologist, was intent on framing this as a workplace incident.  Bloom, on the other hand, was sure that this goes beyond a small dose of violence and was a premeditated attack.  She said that she thought that Yale was just trying to cover up the fact that there was a killer on their campus.  Furthermore, Clark was in the Asian Awareness club in high school, so that might point to an Asian fixation.

A lawyer and a psychologist

A lawyer and a psychologist

Border Crossing Pork Payout

Keeping Them Honest – Drew Griffin

Drew Griffin reported from Montana, where two remote border posts are due to receive $15 million in upgrades.  Combined, the posts see about 22 cars each day.  Senators Baucus and Tester from Montana both said that the upgrades were crucial for security purposes.  A lisping representative from DHS chimed in his approval.

Just to let you know what they’re dealing with out there:

On the road in Montana

On the road in Montana

Janet Napolitano has put the upgrades on hold.  Due to media coverage and a senator from North Dakota wrote a letter.

Medical Malpractice – Gary Tuchman

Dr. Lester Dyke, a heart surgeon in McAllen, blames other  doctors for the increase in medical costs, not malpractice insurance.  He is aware that by speaking out he is committing professional suicide.  Referrals are already way down.

McAllen is in one of the poorest counties in America, but health care costs are among the highest.  Dyke claims that this is due to doctors sending patients to their privately owned facilities.  Dr. Cardenas, speaking from the clinic in which he owns a stake, disagreed.

This is a PRIVATE clinic

This is a PRIVATE clinic

36o Bulletin

Shots from inside the house of Phil and Nancy Garrido.  Cadaver dogs.  Garridos pled not guilty.  Human remains found on property plus a toilet shot.  Priceless.

Human Remains + Toilet Seat

Human Remains + Toilet Seat

Madoff’s beach house sold.

Michael Jackson’s mom gets 86k every month to support her grandchildren.

The Shot

Susan Boyle sings Wild Horses.  She’s got an album coming out.

No second hour due to Money & Main Street.

Money and Main Street

Money and Main Street

Anderson Cooper 360

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Anderson Cooper’s Second and Last Tweet from Afghanistan 2009

Anderson Cooper tweeted about 10 hours ago, this Sunday Morning.


From ac: just got back from afghanistan. Have a hacking cough. Many who go there get it. I think I annoyed lots of people on flight

about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Go to Anderson Cooper’s Twitter Page.

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