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November 10, 2009


AC Intro

AC Intro

Motives for Murder – Drew Griffin

The first family was in Fort Hood today for the memorial service.  About the killer, Obama said that no faith justifies murderous acts.






The question is whether or not this is an individual act of violence or a jihadist terror attack.  According to a federal source, most terrorists hide their religion to try to blend in with their environment.  Pat Brown, a criminologist, likened him to a mass murderer.

In his classes, Hasan (the shooter) argued against the United States and was found to possess a Powerpoint presentation with jihadist inklings.

Griffin commented on the thorough investigation.  People are digging through dumpsters to find any shred of evidence.

Upclose – Drew Griffin


Griffin and Hasan

Griffin and Hasan



Radical Islam in the United States in New York City.

Outside of a mosque in New York, a radical sect called the Brothers of Revolution Muslim (or something like that) is trying to recruit people for terrorist activities.  The leader of the group said that the Quran requires that Muslims terrorize non-Muslims.  He quibbled over the definition of terrorism. Younes Abdu

llah Mohammed, this leader, was born and raised in America, lives in New York, and hates America with a passion.

Drew Griffin spoke with Yousef Al Khattab, a member of Brotherhood Muslim, said that he loves Osama bin Laden with a passion.  He also says he would love to see Israel wiped off of the face of the planet.

Digging Deeper – Jeffrey Toobin and Peter Bergen






Toobin began by talking about the line between free speech and inciting violence.  AC brought up the fact that the Brotherhood Muslim is being watched intensely by the FBI and local police.  Toobin talked about how the Justice Department is now in the buisiness of preventing crime.

“Leaders of terrorist group have a track record of not carrying out suicide attacks.”  Another wonderful statement of the obvious, but even Bergen isn’t perfect.

Yowzers, that was a short digging  deeper.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Clinton presses lawmakers trying to get health care passed before next year

Nowak, the ex-astronaut, makes a plea deal

Michael Jackson’s mom drops her court case re: Michael’s will

Facebook hacked

AC’s already plugging tonight’s shot.  Yikes.

DC Sniper Executed






John Muhammad was executed at 9:11 EST.  His killing spree lasted 3 weeks back in the autumn of 2002.

For those who don’t remember, this guy drove around Washington D.C. in an old car randomly killing ordinary citizens.

OMG.  AC on AC.

Jeanne Meserve spoke about her interview with Muhammad.  Muhammad apparently tried to intimidate her with random bits of knowledge.  She called it intellectual bullying.  The one thing that he refused to talk about in the interview was the murder.

The Shot

I missed most of it.  A drunk woman fell in front of a train and the train stopped.  Nothing like Wesley Autrey, however.

AC Follow – Randi Kaye

So sick or Randi Kaye.  So sick of Carrie Prejean.  Prejean has a book out now.  Prejean dropped a suit against the Miss America pageant due to the “coming out” of her sex tape.  In the book, Prejean wrote about how mainstrream pornography has become.  “Outer beauty can only get you so far in life.”






Lisa Bloom came on to talk about it!  What does a legal analyst have to do with Carrie Prejean.  AC only asked her about the allure of Prejean.  Lisa Bloom, socialite!!  The question now is whether or not Prejean’s privacy was violated.  Be careful before you track down Prejean’s tape, she was only 17 at the time.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

United Airlines pilot pulled from a plane for being drunk on duty

A Florida judge finds against two teens arrested for burning another boy

The Letterman extortion plot begins to unravel!

Madoff’s personal belongings are being auctioned off on Saturday, including an $87k watch


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November 4, 2009

What better way to get ready for AC than listening to Larry King serenade the voluptuous Mariah Carey?

mariah carey

mariah carey

Raw Politics – Tom Foreman

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

Nancy Pelosi claimed that last night was a win for the Democratic Party, clearly focusing on the house election in northern New York.  Michael Steele, on the other hand, hailed the dawning of the Republican Renaissance.

Foreman said that the deciding issue is the economy.  People are scared, angry, scared, and stressed about the economy.  A large number of voters in Virginia and New Jersey shifted from independent to Republican.  Tom Foreman’s quote of the night regarding elections: “Turnout can make a huge difference.”  I used to like the magic wall, but tonight made me hate it.

Liz Cheney, GOP strategist, commented on the loss in NY-23.  She blamed the defeat on the Republican candidate, who withdrew from the race and threw her support behind the Democratic candidate and not the “conservative” candidate.  According to CNN, Conservative is now a political party.

liz cheney

liz cheney

Anderson asked Cheney about the big tent and the supposed purge of moderates in the Republican party.  AC kept calling Cheney out, saying that the policies that her idealized conservatives cry out against in the current administration were upheld by her father’s administration (she’s Dick Cheney’s daughter).

Health care reform came onto the table.  AC mentioned the fact that the governor of Virginia is for reform, and Cheney countered by saying that the governor wants tort reform rather than systemic change.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

11th body found in Ohio

H1N1 vaccine slow to reach troops

Fed keeps key rate steady

A 56-year old lady in PA held up a sign to get shamed for stealing from a 9-year old

Interview – David Plouffe

David Plouffe was Obama’s campaign manager and has written a new book called The Audacity to Win.  He said that the NY-23 win was good in that it might be indicative of a move to purge moderates from the Republican party.  Wow, they’re replaying the SAME part of the interview they played 15 minutes ago.

david plouffe

david plouffe

Plouffe also inserted the point that the economy will not reform without health care reform.  Eeeeeenteresting.  AC said that Plouffe created the grassroots movement that got Obama elected.  Plouffe replied that the grassroots movement didn’t get as much coverage as the teabaggers because the teabag leaders were loud and irresponsible.

Nation Divided – Evan Wolfson and Tony Perkins

Oh god.  The pro-marriage equality guy has a lisp.  Maine, as we all now, passed a bill that forbids gay marriage.  Perkins called gay marriage a special-interest agenda.  I’m afraid that I can’t write about this.  They’re arguing about the definition of marriage and applying to unseen authority.

nationdivided panel

nationdivided panel

If I had a dollar for each time Evan said actually, I’d have a lot of dollars.  Perkins said that he wanted to preserve the right to teach his children his values.  Evan called him out for trying to make himself the victim.

Beautiful question from AC: Do you think the tide of history is moving against your position?

Keeping Them Honest – Randi Kaye

Phillip Garrido was on parole for ten years but was largely left alone during that time.  AC called damning the new report on the Garrido case.  Seems like the parole officers even saw a 12-year-old girl on his property when he was visited.  Agents ignored malfunctions in his ankel bracelet more than 200 times.  Had agents paid more attention to his transponder, they might have noticed that he spent a great deal of time in the concealed compound.

randi kaye

randi kaye for some reason not talking about education as promised

Digging Deeper – Jeffrey Toobin and Lisa Bloom

Toobin commented on the ankle bracelet, saying that “you can have all the technology you want, but if people can’t use it then the technology is worthless.  As to legal ramifications, Blooms says the cops are covered.  The parole officers weren’t trained for home visits.

toobin bloom

toobin bloom

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Help for jobless and home buyers

Presidential event cancelled

Carrie Prejean dropped her lawsuit against Ms. California after a sex tape surfaced.



The shot

Animal massages

the shot

the shot

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November 3, 2009

It’s a special election night show, but there’s a few non-political items on the agenda (I hope).  On another note, my video is back!!


OK, maybe not the most flattering pic of Anderson Cooper

New York – District 23

John King is at the big wall showing Virginia.  It’s a red sea unlike in 2008 when Barack  Obama fared reasonably well there.  The question is: could this be a referendum on Barack Obama.  Midterm elections are never a good measuring stick, in my opinion, because none of the regular people show up; it’s just the extremists.

john king at the wall

john king at the wall

New Jersey is still up in the air.

The House seat in New York is leaning Democratic, but just by a narrow margin.  The margin is razor thin in the New York mayoral race.  Bloomberg is up by only 4,300 votes.

Digging Deeper – David Gergen, Ari Fleischer, James Carville, Pamela Gentry

the panel

the panel

James Carville opened up by saying that he really has his eye on New Jersey, but the NYC mayoral race is particularly surprising, especially considering how much money Bloomberg put into this campaign.

Fleischer said that the Democrats’ 3-year cycle is at an end, but that it’s too early to look forward to 2010.  He called this a significant check on Obama’s 1st year in office.

Gergen called many of these votes “against the incumbents.”

Pamela Gentry, political analyst for BET, thinks that tonight’s results might deflate Obama’s influence on the hill.

AC asked Gergen about the possibility that there won’t be a health care bill until next year at the soonest.  Gergen expressed disdain for such dallying.

Gentry brought up the very obvious point that this was not a national election night so the younger voters, who largely vote democratic, aren’t coming out.

Soledad O’Brien showed some startling numbers.  While now only about 37% of people say that they think the country is going well, a little less than twice that amount think that the country will be going well one year from now.

After the break, the Republican candidate for governor of New Jersey is winning.  Bloomberg has inched farther ahead in the NYC mayoral race, and Bill Owens is pretty soundly ahead in the House 23 race.

360 Bulletin

Bones in Ohio

Madoff’s accountant pleads guilty

The Louisiana judge who didn’t give a marriage to an inter-racial couple has resigned

Swine Flu hits Boys 2 Men…making him miss the Soul Train awards.


CNN projects that Chris Christie will take the gubernatorial election in New Jersey.  This is a strong blow to the Democrats, as the president himself campaigned in New Jersey.

With five political minds on the ball, nobody seems to sense that people might vote for president differently than they vote for governor.  Maybe it’s just me.

Oh no!  Roland Martin.

the martin

the martin

John King was back at the wall playing with the states again.  Rather than comment on what the colors represent, he frames everything in terms of red and blue.

There’s a referendum in Maine about gay marriage.

Sorry, snoozed off there for a minute.  This really is a snooze fest.  I feel like CNN has been running the same stuff all day.  Sorry, AC, but I’m just not feeling you.

Next Tuesday, we’ll have a special report about an army murder.  Sweet, sweet next week when midterm election madness will be at an end!  Hey, at least we’re not talking about Nicolas Cage.

Bloomberg is projected to win the mayoral race.  I can see why this is important to AC, but what about the rest of the country?  Bill Owens is still a few inches ahead in the NY-23 race.



Back at the wall with John King.  Third time this hour.  I’m so glad this thing exists.

360 Bulletin

A 23-year old woman in Iran has died.  Her father ran her over with a car because she was too Westernized

7th suspect arrested in after-dance gang rape

Phoenix baggage bandits!!

World’s sexiest accent: Irish

The Shot

Vodka implosion and AC calls all Russians alcoholics!  I’ve only got the vodka video for you, though, straight from the source.  Youtube

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October 20, 2009

A little pre-show twitter action:

BoniniGirl: And also… I have to admit it -> #igottacrushon @andersoncooper ! ;0)



Breaking News – Gary Tuchman

James Arthur Ray is still on CNN.  Danielle and John, two former Ray followers, gave details of their experience in the sweat lodge.  This was a quick intro segment that got pushed down the agenda because Danielle, the would-be interviewee, decided not to show up.

Keeping them Honest – Joe Johns

joe johnsBank officials gave themselves raises: AC holds them accountable.  The subtitle was “Bailouts and Bonuses; We’re naming names.” These are in ascending order, so the best is last.

3.  Jeffrey Peek – CEO CIT Group

2.  Ken Lewis – CEO Bank of America – most of his perks were private airplanes

1.  Alvaro De Molina – CEL GMAC – 5 million in “perks”

All of these firms received TARP funds, so the salaries were ostensibly cut, but compensation was transmuted to “perks.”  AC asked about capping executive salaries, especially when big banks are considering handing out big bonuses these years.  Johns reported that we ought not expect a maximum wage.

Digging Deeper – Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Fmr. Comptroller David Walker

keeping them honest

Kaptur, a democratic representative from Ohio, blamed the excess on the culture of greed.  I think she actually used those words.  Thankfully, she shifted from the soft liberal to a hard-nosed accountability maven.

AC pointed out that the major tragedy here is not that the banks received TARP funds, but that they cut down on mortgages while taking in extra funds for themselves.

Some audio problems with Walker, so AC shot to a quick commerical.

Whoa, AC is kicking butt.  He called Obama out by saying that he’s trying to get support from execs while blasting them at the same time.   Here’s a clip:

I’m officially getting sick of the word “perk.”  Walker said that the government needs to create a better system of oversight to ensure that there are no loopholes through which those dreaded perks can travel.

Oh Kaptur.  Don’t be so soft and if you’re going to be hard, be staunch about it.  AC asked her why she thought current leaders should abide by a regulation that wasn’t in place when they took the money, vis a vis a new proposal of hers.  Her reply, “Because America needs it.”  Kaptur then added that she would support legislation that banned any current bank CEO from dealing with the federal government everyday.  I think she was bullied as a child.  “I’m taking my ball and going home!  Nyah nyah nyah!”

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Follow – Eugene Bailey cleared in Derrion Albert beating

Obama met with Iraqi Prime Minister, says he will withdraw combat troops by next August

College cost up 4.4 percent!

Indianopolis cops say that Gregory Smith, the praying robber, has been caught

Raw Politics – Michael ware

Karzai agrees to a run-off election.  The big question is whether or not the run-off will have any more legitimacy than the original election.  In the last one, there were 7,000 observers…and it was still effed up.  There’s a herculean feat to organize an election before the snows come, which gives them about two weeks to get it together.

Ware, speaking for the Afghan people as only an Aussie can do, equated both Karzai and Abdullah as a bunch of crooks.

Paul Begala and Kevin Madden

kevin madden
Begala comes right out of the box calling Karzai corrupt and inept.  Obama is looking for a political partner in Afghanistan, and probably won’t wait two weeks to make any decisions.

Madden agreed that the government has been corrupt from day one.

Afghanistan needs a credible government in order to survive and America needs a credible government in Afghanistan in order to support and eventually complete our mission there.

The Iraq troop surge in Iraq came in the wake of the Sunni Awakening, which made the troop surge viable.  Both Ware and Begala agreed that no such event has occurred in Iraq.

Here’s a tweet I found on the subject:

wluce: @andersoncooper While Obama is waiting for whatever he’s waiting for, it’s costing the lives of our solders.

Crime and Punishment – Gary Tuchman

Danielle (last name withheld) is a former sweat lodge participant.  She had a picture of herself standing next to Ray, while he was wearing a “Death to Death” t-shirt.  Ray told the people in the lodge that they wouldn’t die, but they would feel like it.

This Ray character is something between a charlatan and a false prophet.  I wonder what kind of person would actually give their money to him.

One of the sweat lodge victim was admitted to the hospital as a Jane Doe, meaning that Ray didn’t have the courtesyy to even take her to the hospital and sign her in properly.  He’s still giving seminars, meaning that some people in this country are extremely oblivious.

Interview – Eva Longoria Parker


Since Latino in America is coming on tomorrow, every show is inviting latinos to speak.

AC said that Eva is one of the only latino superstars in Hollywood.  She said you couldn’t name 3 latino (or latina) superstars in Hollywood.  Longoria took on immigration reform.  She believes that states should not be able to enfore their own border/immigration laws.  Why should anybody from Kentucky have a say in what goes on down at the frontier, I want to ask her.

Something woke me up when AC and Longoria talked about her upcoming documentary about latino children doing agricultural labor.  Many of these kids are politically American, and are still treated awfully.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Steve McNair’s mistress was stressed before killing him

Palin and Oprah!!

Carrie Prejean needs to pay back her boob job
they're fake!Balloon Boy 911 call (even though he called the FAA first):

The shot

The agony.  I’m giving you photos AND a video:

erica hill

are we still on

goofy smile[/caption]

are we still on[/caption]

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Not Covering Last Friday

Sorry guys but I’ve been in bed for the past 3 days. Coughing, swollen eyes, weak, sore muscles, headaches. Who gave this to me? I’m going to the doctor on Monday again. Me typing this is a real miracle and I just need all my energy to just drag my fingers through the keyboard.

I had all the shnapshots ready but now I’m not feeling up to it…can’t push myself, sorry.

Monday will get covered if I’m better and the other days for sure since Aaron is doing them.

Until next time, you know the drill: Go to AC360 or CNN  for all the most recent news.

Also, just for your info Anderson didn’t have Swine Flu, he told so to a politics website just recently, either Politico or Daily Kos I don’t remember.



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This is what Anderson Cooper’s Official Site Looks like…

Loads of readers mistook us, ACTJ, for Anderson Cooper. Although we’re really flattered (no really), we all know that Anderson Cooper’s only official site is AC360. That’s how it looks like. See below.

AC360 Anderson Cooper's Official Blog and Site

AC360 Anderson Cooper's Official Blog and Site


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October 1, 2009

Many apologies if I come across as a bit snarky tonight.  I’m really exhausted.  It’s a good thing I’m not blogging the Heroes show.



Breaking News

David Letterman the victim of blackmail.



David Letterman “dropped a bombshell” during his show’s taping today, reported Randi Kaye.  Letterman admitted that he has been the victim of blackmail, and he further admitted that he’s had sex with members of his show’s staff.  This was a very bold way of defeating blackmail.   Questions still abound whether or not he was having an affair with his new wife.  This is a late-breaking story, so the coverage cut off for a bit.

Keeping Them Honest

Joe Johns reports from Chicago on the beating death of Derrion Albert.  As of this moment, not one person has come forward with information about his death, even though there were dozens of witnesses.  Anderson thinks that this has something to do with the “no snitching” movement, as mentioned in yesterday’s show.

I get really riled up about education, as I myself am a teacher.  In urban school districts, there is an unwritten code of behavior that dictates that students can not share information about crimes they witness.  As an urban teacher myself, I can attest to the verity of this claim.  I have often walked up on fights of all sorts and the hardest thing to do is to get information from anybody, even the kid getting beaten up.

Steve Perry, CNN Education contributor, says that when a kid in an urban school district can’t make it home safely, urgent action needs to be taken.  Steve Perry has activated his pseudo-urban dialect in order to appear authentic.  Epic failure.  Almost as bad as when Anderson Cooper tries to connect with hip hop by saying that he likes a variety of artists, while trying to either justify or ingratiate himself.

The artist, Common, was on the show.  AC asked him why Tyson Beckford would record a video telling kids not to talk to the police.  Common, of course, is not Tyson Beckford.  Common replied by going back to the roots of hip hop, to the time when it was about emancipation and self-improvement.  Common said that kids need to know that they’re being listened to and loved, which sounds great, but is this the best thing he can say?  Fighting war with love sounds great, but the 60’s are over.  We need to think of something a bit more concrete that involves both positive and negatives for all stakeholders.

AC brought parents up.  There’s nothing more comfortable than blaming parents. Teachers, especially, love to blame parents.  Anybody who doesn’t have a real solution loves to blame parents.

AC got off the parent train and brought up Busta Rhymes, who didn’t snitch when his bodyguard was shot.  Perry responded by saying that ignorance has no zip code. What these two things have in common, I just do not know.

This was all a great deal of carping.  Urban education is such an exasperating cause that people find it difficult to do  anything else.  I find it amazing that nobody mentioned the threat of retaliation that runs strong through many urban gangs.  Not snitching becomes a matter of self-preservation.

360 Bulletin

Indonesia earthquakes

Samoan islands picking up the pieces after Tuesday’s tsunami

Ken Lewis is leaving Bank of American with $53 million

Communist China marks 60 years.  Not one person cracks a smile in Tiannamen Square

Breaking News

For some reason, the WWF has been running polar bear commercials on AC360 all week long!  Look how cute they are, though…


Breaking News

Back to LettermanLisa Bloom was on the phone.  Her legal definition of extortion is the threat to reveal embarrassing information and the demand of large sums of money to keep that information secret.  AC said that Letterman did the right thing.  Bloom answered that he did the write thing in terms of the extortion, but not in his personal life (Letterman slept with at least 2 staff members).

Howard Kurtz, of the Washington Post, said that Letterman did the right thing by telling the authorities.

All throughout the segment, they showed Letterman at a restaurant with Madonna.  Maybe she’s one of the staffers in questions.  Go Dave!

Maybe I’m just grumpy, but how is this news?  Sure, it stinks for David Letterman, but there’s not much to be gained by dragging this out into the open.

Breaking News

Nuclear talks with Iran and other nations may lead to inspections.

Candi Crowley, Reza Aslan, and Abbas Milani

Reza pointed out that 8 years of giving the cold shoulder to Iran yielded 8 years of uranium enrichment.  Milani cautioned us not to get too optimistic.  AC asked Crowley about whether or not this is a political win for President Obama.  Crowley answered that right now it’s just talk.

Reza reported that there is room for more talks throughout the year.  Milani thought the big issue was the amount of enrichment occurring in Iran.

Crime and Punishment

David Wells, prosecutor in the original Polanski case, is in the studio with AC and Jeffrey Toobin.  In the film, Wells admitted that he never coached the judge in the case to change Polanski’s verdict.

Wells, who appeared on a documentary about the Polanski case, said that he spoke on the documentary because he never thought it would be shown in the United States.  Toobin couldn’t speak to the “psycho drama” that Wells is trying to elicit, but he did say that Polanski pled guilty, full stop.



Toobin even questioned whether or not there ever was a plea bargain.

Hero Retrospective

Former CNN Hero, Peter, who started a clinic in Kenya, spoke about how his country plunged into war two weeks after he received the award.  He said that he has received so much support after becoming a CNN hero that he has been able to open an additional clinic.  Some patients walk up to 100 miles for care.



360 Bulletin

Chris Savoie gave an interivew to CNN from prison.

Elizabeth Smart, kidnapping victim, testifies in the case against Brian Mitchell

Michael Jackson was relatively healthy when he died.

Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, has a picture of her in a red jacket staring off into what must be the Alaska wilderness, or maybe she’s just squinting to see Russia.

The Shot

New York store owner risks his own life to rescue a boy from a burning apartment.  The apartment is above his store.  He climbed up the fire escape and was in perfect position to receive the boy from a firefighter.

The man, Horia Cretan, found out about the boy from the boy’s grandfather.  Cretan said that he got his first responder skills from watching television.   Riding the rush, Cretan proposed to his girlfriend on Good Morning America.


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