Book Review 2: Michael Curtis’ “The Great Political Theories Vol. 1 and 2”

Michael Curtis is a distinguished Political Science professor in Rutgers University. He also taught in various well-known institutions such as Yale and Cornell University. So far, he has written fifteen books on political philosophies and theories, comparative politics, and others concerning affairs in the Middle East. Among his most celebrated works are his two volumes on The Great Political Theories that is now being used by many students as reference in their study of Political Science.


The political realm is a very interesting area to study. However, being a beginner to the science of politics can get a bit frustrating as one tries to understand its twists and turns. There are several theories and philosophies that have already intertwined with each other, which make it hard to truly grasp and fully understand everything all at once. One theory always leads to or contrasts another.

But, that does not mean that studying politics should necessarily be difficult. As the old saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” And, in the study of political science, there is definitely a way to get through it without too much headache.

What better way to familiarize oneself to politics is through studying its beginnings and its evolution? The Great Political Theories covers just that as it brings its readers through the history of politics, how it evolved, and its attempt to go with the needs of the time. The two volumes spans through how the Greeks understood politics, to Thomas Hobbes, to Immanuel Kant, to Karl Marx, and to other more modern political theorists.

The best thing about the two volumes is that both are written in a manner that the reader seems to be reading a story. It does not feel uninteresting nor dragging as one is taken through time where political philosophies were born. Furthermore, Michael Curtis adds bits of interesting facts about authors and their time, which makes it a rather light for readers yet still full of details.

More than the facts, what makes Michael Curtis’ The Great Political Theories a recommended book by many is that it gives its readers an idea as to how to act as a citizen and as a group. He was able to show the actions of people from the past and all the consequences; then challenges readers to further develop the theories we have now.

As one of the students who were fortunate enough to have been introduced to these two volumes in Political Science class, I can honestly say that The Great Political Theories have really helped me in my study of politics and made me appreciate it even more.


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