November 10, 2009


AC Intro

AC Intro

Motives for Murder – Drew Griffin

The first family was in Fort Hood today for the memorial service.  About the killer, Obama said that no faith justifies murderous acts.






The question is whether or not this is an individual act of violence or a jihadist terror attack.  According to a federal source, most terrorists hide their religion to try to blend in with their environment.  Pat Brown, a criminologist, likened him to a mass murderer.

In his classes, Hasan (the shooter) argued against the United States and was found to possess a Powerpoint presentation with jihadist inklings.

Griffin commented on the thorough investigation.  People are digging through dumpsters to find any shred of evidence.

Upclose – Drew Griffin


Griffin and Hasan

Griffin and Hasan



Radical Islam in the United States in New York City.

Outside of a mosque in New York, a radical sect called the Brothers of Revolution Muslim (or something like that) is trying to recruit people for terrorist activities.  The leader of the group said that the Quran requires that Muslims terrorize non-Muslims.  He quibbled over the definition of terrorism. Younes Abdu

llah Mohammed, this leader, was born and raised in America, lives in New York, and hates America with a passion.

Drew Griffin spoke with Yousef Al Khattab, a member of Brotherhood Muslim, said that he loves Osama bin Laden with a passion.  He also says he would love to see Israel wiped off of the face of the planet.

Digging Deeper – Jeffrey Toobin and Peter Bergen






Toobin began by talking about the line between free speech and inciting violence.  AC brought up the fact that the Brotherhood Muslim is being watched intensely by the FBI and local police.  Toobin talked about how the Justice Department is now in the buisiness of preventing crime.

“Leaders of terrorist group have a track record of not carrying out suicide attacks.”  Another wonderful statement of the obvious, but even Bergen isn’t perfect.

Yowzers, that was a short digging  deeper.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

Clinton presses lawmakers trying to get health care passed before next year

Nowak, the ex-astronaut, makes a plea deal

Michael Jackson’s mom drops her court case re: Michael’s will

Facebook hacked

AC’s already plugging tonight’s shot.  Yikes.

DC Sniper Executed






John Muhammad was executed at 9:11 EST.  His killing spree lasted 3 weeks back in the autumn of 2002.

For those who don’t remember, this guy drove around Washington D.C. in an old car randomly killing ordinary citizens.

OMG.  AC on AC.

Jeanne Meserve spoke about her interview with Muhammad.  Muhammad apparently tried to intimidate her with random bits of knowledge.  She called it intellectual bullying.  The one thing that he refused to talk about in the interview was the murder.

The Shot

I missed most of it.  A drunk woman fell in front of a train and the train stopped.  Nothing like Wesley Autrey, however.

AC Follow – Randi Kaye

So sick or Randi Kaye.  So sick of Carrie Prejean.  Prejean has a book out now.  Prejean dropped a suit against the Miss America pageant due to the “coming out” of her sex tape.  In the book, Prejean wrote about how mainstrream pornography has become.  “Outer beauty can only get you so far in life.”






Lisa Bloom came on to talk about it!  What does a legal analyst have to do with Carrie Prejean.  AC only asked her about the allure of Prejean.  Lisa Bloom, socialite!!  The question now is whether or not Prejean’s privacy was violated.  Be careful before you track down Prejean’s tape, she was only 17 at the time.

360 Bulletin – Erica Hill

United Airlines pilot pulled from a plane for being drunk on duty

A Florida judge finds against two teens arrested for burning another boy

The Letterman extortion plot begins to unravel!

Madoff’s personal belongings are being auctioned off on Saturday, including an $87k watch


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