Not Covering Last Friday

Sorry guys but I’ve been in bed for the past 3 days. Coughing, swollen eyes, weak, sore muscles, headaches. Who gave this to me? I’m going to the doctor on Monday again. Me typing this is a real miracle and I just need all my energy to just drag my fingers through the keyboard.

I had all the shnapshots ready but now I’m not feeling up to it…can’t push myself, sorry.

Monday will get covered if I’m better and the other days for sure since Aaron is doing them.

Until next time, you know the drill: Go to AC360 or CNN  for all the most recent news.

Also, just for your info Anderson didn’t have Swine Flu, he told so to a politics website just recently, either Politico or Daily Kos I don’t remember.




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18 responses to “Not Covering Last Friday

  1. Carmela Kelly

    Hey, you are a class mate or on the paper? Who are you? No ‘about’ page.

    I hope you are feeling TERRIFIC soon!

  2. The News Machine

    I’m not ‘terrific’ yet, as you say but thanks.

    Why should I be one of your classmates, are you the center of the world that everyone should know who you are….

    • Carmela Kelly

      No but I found your blog through the Puma Press (student newspaper) interface so… my blunder.

      • The News Machine

        Puma Press? Never heared about that…give me the link to it, someone probably linked to us there. Thanks for visiting our site and your qsts now makes sense. Sorry I’m snarky bc I’m tired and sick and doped on medicine to help me get better.

        Anyway, you’re pretty. What are you studying ?

        PS: I don’t reveal my identity bc I’ve had stalkers and harassers on the net before. Never will go through this again. Plus, this isn’t about me but about Cooper and the news.

        Abous us…look on the right hand side…says ‘welcome’…We had so many pages we needed for the top section that I deleted the ‘about us’ and on the right you’ll see all the writers names as well….

        But since you brought this up, I’ll consider making an ‘about us’ section


        • Carmela Kelly

          Snarkey is cool even attractive lol. 🙂

          I think I clicked on Anderson Cooper at the bottom of the page under tags.

          Thanks for the compliment. I need to update my pic but needed one on the fly.

          I understand about stalkers but decided the only way to gain credibility was to use my real name.

          I debunk the media amongst other things.

          Please feel free to write me off line. I am sorry you are feeling so horrible.

          • The News Machine

            Well, our writers’ names are already visible, to that’s all we’ll need. You want to put your name out there. Fine. I’m not stopping you to do otherwise. Feel free to do whatever you want, and so will I….
            Our experiences are probably not similar so I won’t judge you on something I don’t have enough details about.

            About feeling ‘horrible’, I’ve known worse. But thanks.

            So you write about Britney Spears…wow. I am not the least interested in Britney. I respect her but I don’t like her. I do feel bad for her but I won’t start crying over her. I cry over third world children.

            Why don’t you write for TMZ ?

            • Carmela Kelly

              Gosh. I hit a nerve without meaning too. I never meant to imply that you are not credible or that that is the only way to try to gain credibility. Sometimes I feel quite insecure using my name.

              As for following a celebrity? It’s not what you may think on first glance. There are underlying stories and use and command of media is one of the more intriguing.

              I’ve never followed a celebrity in my life but I am beyond embarrassment now and the lack of understanding why I was following this particular story.

              I don’t write for TMZ. I debunk TMZ and you might know how much of an edge TMZ has right now in “legitimate” media. We have Anderson Cooper and others using TMZ as their primary source on stories such as the homicide of Michael Jackson.

              Murder is murder. I still do legitimate news for the paper and would love to walk away from what I am uncovering with the media including the Associated Press but the story hasn’t ended. Meanwhile I am honing skills in courtroom reporting, getting documents, talking to attorneys, court officers and so on.

              I know you said you were in a snarkey mood but this is just one project I am on and says nothing about my wider world view. You have an opinion on what you think is news. Are both of us being a voice for the voiceless as journalists? It’s media manipulation that fascinates me. I am done apologizing to others for trying to learn this one story before moving on to more cherished and traditional news subjects.

              • The News Machine

                You hit no nerve, beautiful lady.

                What you said is what you said.

              • The News Machine

                I agree with you on many things…I don’t judge you for doing stories on Britney and I agree that every form of journalism is important. I love TMZ for what it is. We need all kinds of reporting. TMZ makes me laugh I always check their stories and ‘Just Saying’ sections, hillarious. I know CNN uses them as a source, they did an incredible job with the Michael Jackson stories.

                The reason I sometimes call TMZ ‘trash’ is because they sometimes write nonsense and the last post they had about Michael saying that Michael was ‘wobbling’ during his last performance was just nonsense.

                TMZ can sometimes be very good and sometimes very bad.

                I am actually very interested in celebritie’s breakdowns…and would love to help some out. People don’t realize how much these people can suffer at times…money doesn’t make happy indeed…

  3. Carmela Kelly

    One tries to understand what lured David Samuels of the Atlanta Monthly in investigating Spears.

    I know he too got flack for it but something drew him in. It’s crazy I know.

  4. Carmela Kelly

    okay handsome. 🙂 I am off the Net until tomorrow.

  5. Carmela Kelly

    p.s. and while I am saying what I am saying, I have called TMZ in the recent past to get their side of the story — you know that thing of getting both sides?

    When a defendant goes to court and there is a safety issue specific to a particular media outlet, I want to expose it and shed light on a source quoted by CNN and others as “legitimate.”

    ok, now I am off the Internet for 24.

    • The News Machine

      I wrote you another comment…read it…you are great…and yes both sides are always important to check…

      • Carmela Kelly

        I read it in my in-box but don’t see it here.

        You sound chipper today. Feeling better? I didn’t want bring up swine flu which I am doing a story on. Hospitals are now restricting kids 12 and under from hospital here from visiting here in Phoenix.

        When it comes to TMZ I have a different take that I would rather not talk about here much. Have you seen this?

        It’s just the tip of it. If you were serious about the occasional helping someone out I have an issue with the Associated Press and fair media. It is not ok to break the rules when it comes to a celebrity. Fair news is fair news. They have denied any wrong doing. I would actually appreciate your opinion? I might be doing a story quoting some journalists on why it’s not worth pursuing. Nobody cares? That’s just one demographic, one reporter but I think he speaks possibly for many “serious” reporters like you.

        My advisers at school are not of the same opinion. They followed the story to it’s present “conclusion” which to me is the big guy v. the “little” girl. I mean who would actually listen to me? So far they are right but there is something to be said for justice, tenacity and ethics in journalism. You have my email through WordPress I believe.

  6. Carmela Kelly

    Did you drop me like a hot potato? This is the story I have an issue with in terms of the AP.

    Everything to do with that case had to do with Spears capacity to testify. And it was concealed. Why it was even mentioned is beyond me save one of the largest (500,000 hits a day) fan sites carried the first part of the story.

    I said there is more than meets the eye. That particular fan site is watched by the conservatorship camp. They tried to shut it down earlier this year. The owner is a 21 year old journalism student in Las Vegas.

    That girl (Britney) may be a celebrity but what is this mischief? Be sure to see the updates at the end of the story. They summarize dealings with the AP. No way am I backing down for my “correct” version of the story.

    • The News Machine

      I didn’t drop you like a ‘hot potato’ simply because you don’t look like a potato to me. 🙂 Ha ha. But I’d drop you like a hot girl. Nah…wouldn’t do that…

      I need to actually sit down and read that whole thing you sent. I just looked through it and read a couple of paragraphs.

      You say I’m a ‘serious journalist’…thanks for the compliment, flattered but I doubt about my own strengths way too much so I feel uncomfortable when people say this to me. Plus, I’m not Anderson Cooper so…so much for ‘serious’

      I know you are right with your story though.There is a lot going on in the background that a lot of people are not aware of. If people knew of all that’s happening, they’d probably stop listening to the media so much. So much is controlled and we don’t know that.

      Don’t back down of your own correct version of the story. I never back down when I know deep down that I am right.

      500,000 hits a day is a lot of hits. No wonder you’re covering this.

      So give me some time to just read all this in more depth and do a little research

      and yes I have your e-mail…

  7. Carmela Kelly

    ha ha you are sounding more chipper each day. You in the clear now?

    Take your time on Hollywood. I went into it with resistance. It took time to accept the way things are or seem versus what I wanted. A fair world where people played nice. Money and ego can be ugly things.

    If you do decide to fact check I am glad to share a byline or you can write your own tale. I have documents to back up my claim but you can also contact public affairs at the LA Superior Court.

    p.s. I did say that was an older picture right? I haven’t had bangs in years but I was on the fly for a gravitar and just wanted to get it done.

    If you don’t decide to check anything out that is cool too. Yes 500,000 is a serious base. The number comes from an article in the Las Vegas Review. The posters are scattered around the world. BritneyExclusive also picked up the original story. I don’t know their numbers. The thing is that without the two sites’ publicity no one but a handful knew about the conservatorship review scheduled for Aug. 3 so I must have struck a nerve with the “image people”?

    BH is notorious for poking holes on the c-ship. If you visit that site you’ll see B at the top wearing handcuffs. No one bought the story that the site was in violation of copyrights etc. The journalist student lucked out in finding an attorney pro bono.

    So on the surface it’s a celebrity story but underneath there are all these people some of whom will and can talk while others can’t or won’t.

  8. Carmela Kelly

    Fully recovered? Will you glance at this please?

    This time it’s the LA Times and the AP that I am knocking at. I respect your thoughts as a journalist?

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