The World Is Amused at “Tea Parties”

We can’t sugarcoat the truth — there are racist Americans, and for some eerie reason, they all seem to be in the so-called Bible belt where they defend Jesus and guns and they hate Barack ObamaJimmy Carter was being polite when he told NBC News :

“I live in the South, and I’ve seen the South come a long way, and I’ve seen the rest of the country that shares the South’s attitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly African-Americans.”

Before Obama was elected there were pretty petty (alliteration!) issues that some people–particularly who vaunted themselves as “real rednecks”; ” Moral Majority Christians”, “Patriots” and other weird phases of referring to themselves — brought up. They banged their keyboards and their heads over their concerns such as :

1. Obama was going to bring about the Apocalypse.

2. Obama was out to kill babies and he was a buddy of abortionists and fanatical Islam.

3. He was born in Kenya. He was also born in Indonesia. He was later again born in the Philippines according to some crackpot named Shelley the Republican :

Shelly, the Republican writes : “Can we allow a negro to occupy the White House? I say it’s our responsibility to check the background of the American Negro. Good patriots often said that Barack’s true allegience lies with his African tribe rather (than) with the American people. The allegience to its heritage is stronger than any ties to countries and flags. Barrack grew up in the Philippines, the largest Islamic nation on earth. In addition to being a negro, he was raised to believe in Allah and Shairia Law”.

Here’s that horrendously dumb blog entry – CLICK.

4. Obama would start another Holocaust.This was an email sent by so-called Evangelical Christians to 70,000 Jewish voters. Fortunately, most Jews seem to have a sense of humor and dismissed the letter as spam.

5. Obama’s birth cerificate is a fake. His Hawaiian buddies made it up for him.

Jimmy Carter was correct, but what he didn’t add was that most of these racists are hardly educated, though that is no justification for being forever stupid.

Obama, seems to be their “anti-thesis” — a black man who went to Harvard, was elected to the Senate and made it to the Presidency. Now, that hurts the feelings of Shelley the Republican and many people like her. Tragically, there are hundred of thousands who THINK like her – not that they were born retarded – just that they take pride in their being THE “real” Americans because they happen to be white. Aside from that, most of them breathe and live on these words : “patriotic”,” The Second Amendment”, “Moral and Family Values”…. and all of these phases are GOOD, unless the same words are “twisted” to suit their “Obama-hatred”.

Thus, Obama MUST be that beast set out by aliens/the devil/terrorists/tooth fairy to destroy America. If you ask them WHY they THINK this way, they’ll tell you that you’re an unpatriotic immigrant totally undeserving of ALL the “benefits of America.” Yet, they’re MAD over health care – not realizing most of them need the mental cure. But the TRUTH is that it is Not about health care. Carter was right : “It’s deeper than that”. He clinched it when he said : ”  I think it’s based on racism. There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.. ”

So they go to “tea-parties” (how British!) calling the President a Nazi, a socialist (as if it were an evil word) and a chum of abortionists.

As the world watches this comedy with amusement, they begin to have second thoughts about the claim that America is the haven of democracy. Canadians are finding it funny that “socialism” has become an EVIL word.



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9 responses to “The World Is Amused at “Tea Parties”

  1. journalisticadventure

    “Fortunately, most Jews seem to have a sense of humor and dismissed the letter as spam.”

    LOL…I just can’t stop laughing at this…

  2. Diane Cross

    This person quotes Shelly the Republican in saying Obama was later again born in the Philippines. She then goes on to say that Barrack grew up in the Philippines, the largest Islamic nation on earth.

    I think she should check her facts. The Republic of the Philippines is 85 – 90% Christian and it is the ONLY Christian country in Asia.

    • debugs1

      Hi Diane 🙂
      I love seeing you as usual. Yes, that’s why I said Shelley duh Republican was “horrendously dumb” The Philippines is of course a Catholic country having been colonized by Spain for 333 years…then by America from after Spain. It still remains a predominantly Catholic country. Yes, you’re right! You can ask Benny Hinn… he keeps having crusades there. lol..

      • journalisticadventure

        The Benny Hinn comment…that was very hillarious…

        • debugs1

          Diane is a fan of Benny Hinn ((grins)). Also, there is no “bobo” or “toto” tribe in the Philippines that “eats people”. Of course, I found no need to delve into that because it was too hilariously stupid. Ask Michelle Malkin… she also has Filipino me!

    • journalisticadventure

      Thanks for bringing this up, you’re very observative…yes she should check her facts better.

  3. journalisticadventure

    I wanna make clear that not everyone who calls himself a christian is one. I absolutely don’t judge anyone who watches Benny Hinn and other christian ministers. Everyone has the right to their own faith and beliefs. Before we judge something we should understand it. I don’t think everyone who’s a christian is an extremist at all…this is not about bashing christians at all…it’s about exposing the false ideas that some christians extremists can have…funny enough it doesn’t even lign up with the Bible nor Jesus’ teachings. I don’t know why they keep mentioning the name of Jesus…Jesus was so against all that these extremists stand for.

  4. I loved all the comments, Great!

    • debugs1

      Tina (Jeb?) — I saw your blogspot site and I found myself laughing too…. But what amused me most was your multiply video.. hahhahahahahah!

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